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How to learn the future? Tell fortunes at birthday!

If you saw before yourself of an ace peak , then after this birthday you hard times will accompany year, it is necessary to strive on others affairs. The ace of diamonds foretells reduction of problems and improvement in financial affairs. The ace of worms prepares you for the fact that all year of the relation with a family will be on the first place, and single the wedding expects. Of clubs tells about diseases an ace.

If among the extended cards is

the peak king, know that you will have ill-wishers. If you see of the king of diamonds - reliable partnership and success in the material sphere. The Chervovy king says that you are expected by big light love. And here the king of clubs , on the contrary, promises changes and various family problems.

The queen of spades predicts diseases and emergence in your environment of some cunning woman bearing failures. The lady of diamonds speaks about support in a type of the good friend or the girlfriend. Strong marital status the lady of worms prophesies . If you see before yourself the lady of clubs , be careful as you are expected by theft.

The peak jack foretells diseases of children, grandsons or other family problems. The jack of diamonds speaks about health of your children and grandsons or about pleasant events in a family. The jack red drops out in guessing to progress in work or study. If the jack of clubs got to you , then you are expected by small troubles in affairs.

If you laid out before yourself peak ten, means, someone from your environment will seek to follow at you ways. Ten shows a tambourine to you that the loved one will be ungrateful in the future. Chervovy ten promises the mercenary relation someone to you. Unforeseen pleasure, love or friendship prepares for you of ten clubs .

The peak nine speaks about problems with health or problems with relatives. The nine of diamonds predicts emergence of attachment and higher feelings from some wealthy person. The nine of worms prophesies change of the attitude towards the person who near you at present, perhaps, disappointment in it. The nine of clubs shows that in the future there will be troubles from - for reasonable or unreasonable jealousy.

If in guessing the peak eight drops out , be attentive and careful in the evenings, possible assaults or thefts. The eight of diamonds promises you some surprises on a festive event. New problems and chagrin are predicted by emergence in guessing of the chervovy eight. The eight of clubs promises emergence in your human life which will fall in love with you, however will be held down by marriage bonds.

The peak seven prophesies tears which, however, will not be too bitter. The seven of diamonds foretells disturbing news or the sad letter. The Chervovy seven will lead you to loss of finance. And if you see before yourself the seven of clubs, that in the future should regret in many respects.

The six peak predicts parting with the friend or darling. Big loss in life the six of diamonds promises . the Six of worms tells about luck, good luck or a prize. The six of clubs shows you that it is necessary to change the place of work in the future.

Besides separate values of cards, it is necessary in guessing to birthday to pay attention to combination of certain cards .

If you extended four aces from a pack , expect good luck unprecedented hitherto this year. Enemies and envious persons four kings foretell . four ladies tell About gossips and a gossip behind your back. Four jacks prophesy you problems and concerns in the future. Four tens predict for you year which will be filled with tranquility and a cosiness. Four nine mean that you will have new close friends and the loving person and if you already possess such godsends, then the nine to respect, love and devotion. Four eights speak about loneliness this year. Four seven advise to see to it about children or dumb animals as they are trapped by dangers. Four six will attract to your house news from distant relatives or acquaintances.

Having defined what expects you next year, draw conclusions. If guessing promises you failure or any adversities, then it is an occasion to be prepared and foresee all possible difficulties. And if guessing speaks about good luck and about something good, then too you should not relax as destiny - piece whimsical.

Good luck!