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How it is impossible to play sports?

the Whole world went mad on a healthy lifestyle. People master new techniques according to which they build not only the mode of the trainings, sports loadings, food, but even a way of breath and views. And meanwhile many still do not know the most important sports bans. So, what cannot be done during trainings.

1. To neglect the choice of sportswear and footwear

the Clothes for sport are not an old synthetic undershirt which it is not a pity, and especially not for shorts which were worn last year. Suits for trainings, as well as footwear, have to be bought in special shop, correspond to your size, a season and conditions in which there take place trainings (at home, on the street, in the gym etc.) . Besides they have to be lungs and not complicate the movement. Experts do not advise to buy sportswear from cotton: she quickly absorbs sweat, sticks to a body and prevents skin to breathe. It is better if your suit is sewed from material which combines cotton, lycra, polyester, an elastane, nylon. Such sportswear does not stretch, well holds a form and is pleasant for a body.

2. To be engaged barefoot

it is better to overcome laziness and to take with itself in the gym the correct footwear. Occupations barefoot, in socks or even sneakers on a flat sole will increase load of a backbone and will have an adverse effect on its state. Such barefoot occupations will do the greatest harm that who has diseases of vessels. For lack of the correct footwear vessels will experience double strain which will negatively be reflected in a course of disease.

3. To use an antiperspirant

during sports loads of people strongly sweats - thus the body gets rid in the natural way of slags. Use of an antiperspirant interferes with this process that can have an adverse effect on health.

4. To refuse water

needs to be Drunk during training. During active occupations the organism loses a lot of liquid which needs to resupply periodically that there did not come dehydration. Even if there is no strong thirst, it is worth affording 2 - 3 drinks of simple still water through small periods.

5. To listen to a MP3 - a player

As the scientist William Hodzhets (the associate professor of pathologies of the speech and an audiology of faculty of rehabilitation medicine) from Alberta`s University found out, physical activities in combination with loud music negatively influence hearing and can lead to its full loss.

6. To run on asphalt paths

Solid asphalt does not absorb the pushes arising when the leg of the runner makes a start from the earth that considerably strengthens shock loads of legs. And it already threatens with serious problems with ankle, knee, coxofemoral joints and even a waist. Therefore if there is no opportunity to be engaged at stadium where on racetracks the special covering is provided, it is better to transfer occupation to park where there are equal (without hummocks and holes) earth footpaths.

7. To run along highways

during running training breath amplifies and the metabolism accelerates. If the runner inhales clean air, then its organism is cleared, saturated with oxygen, and gas-polluted air, on the contrary, litters the organism working during run by the principle of “vacuum cleaner“.

8. To run in the mornings

Unlike the previous points, this is more likely not a ban, and what is not recommended to be done. “ According to biorhythms of the person is the most useful to run during the period from 20 to 22 o`clock in the evening, approximately in an hour after the last meal. After jog it is possible to be supported only in 40 minutes “, - the world class master of sports on artistic gymnastics Dmitry Lvov advises.

9. To be engaged in a condition of fatigue

If the person did not sleep or is tired, physical activity will not yield positive results. Everything that can be received in this case, - emission of hormones of a stress in blood.

10. To talk, watch TV, to think of foreign things and to be in bad mood

All this

distracts principal organ of control - a brain - from training. He ceases to watch closely a muscle work, and they begin “to bungle“. The effect of such training will be minimum. Fitness instructors advise during occupations accurately to monitor the actions and feelings, “to enter with the body psychological contact“.

This basic stop - a leaf each trainer or the instructor can supplement with ten more own laws and bans. But main golden rule only one: sport has to bring benefit and good mood.