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In the wake of memory. You are ready to return to St. Petersburg?

Travelling notes. In the wake of memory. Acting as

already again as the tourist in eternally, infinitely beautiful city, I do not cease to be surprised to its greatness and this rare ability to be always friendly and positive.

I was lucky. Lodged in hotel in historical part of the city. So to speak, in the epicenter. After a fine quiet breakfast I go outside, with obvious intention to be in time anywhere and everywhere, not to lose sight even of trifles which will recur then by all means to the memory.

So, eyes run up. Where first of all? The difficult choice, for one simple reason that St. Petersburg - the scattered city and, certainly, is required not one day to bypass all interesting places.

In hands the card. And I, as well as numerous, actually all the year round, army of tourists, peer into names of the areas, streets. I make the tourist route. Let`s go in the simple logical way what nearby? Kazan Cathedral . Literally several minutes of walking from hotel.

It is necessary to notice it. Improbable style.

Passing through channels which in St. Petersburg an improbable set, I go of the Winter Palace and the Palace Square aside . You are met by a majestic arch which is easy for noticing from far away.

It is one of the main central places of the city where it is always possible to see a huge number of the tourists standing with cameras near Alexander Column which settled down in the center of the area, or persons interested to sweep with excursion. Excursion buses with loud-speaking guides always at your service. It is possible to sweep, for example, to Tsarskoye Selo, to attend opening of fountains that, undoubtedly, a show tremendous, to go to a sightseeing tour in popular places of the northern capital etc. Excursions the great variety will be offered to you.

Every time, being at Palace Square, facing this magnificence, I have feeling of unprecedented ease and freedom. Delight from understanding of importance and scale of the events which are taking place here once. Balls, palace revolutions, movement of Decembrists, inconceivable on scope... Remembering tragic events, the Siege of Leningrad, I take pride for the great city which endured so many shocks for the great people which showed improbable courage and heroism.

Thoughts smoothly go to times of reign of Peter I at which Russia not only became the sea power, but also approached European civilization. Great names, great events and the Great city, stories about which stories involuntarily induce to learn more.

Stay at Palace Square causes in me many emotions. Time as if stopped, and even for an instant can seem that the people who are walking about on the area in Pyotr and Ekaterina`s suits - heroes of that time. Carriages rush, the emperor important gait goes towards the Winter Palace where he is waited by decrees, plans for removal of the country from a “rural“ image, Ekaterina is surrounded with general attention and, being in the center of events, shows the abilities in dance art. These pictures of the remote past as if flash before eyes.

Having a little departed from these thoughts and having returned to the present, I think over the further route.

Hermitage . The cultural property, the old times objects which are carrying away us is far in the past. The periods of origin, formation, development for “centuries“. It is known that the Hermitage possesses the collection numbering about three million works of art and monuments of world culture.

Having hardly managed to step on the museum territory, the first what you pay attention to - it is of course surrounding beauty. Walls, the ladder conducting towards to new opening. You rise and look forward to surprises which were prepared by inhabitants of the museum, and it seems, with pleasure show them every day to the new guests.

Portraits of outstanding persons, pictures which there is a wish to approach closer and to consider each detail. The old times objects giving a reason once again to remember about long ago the left events.

Hall of the Russian history, culture of Spain, Italy, France, fascinating finds of Ancient Egypt … Is what to pay the close attention to. The feeling is such that on these numerous halls it is possible to go for hours. Only for several minutes to sit down to have a rest, drink a cup of coffee and again to be dissolved in luxury of the left era, it is a lot of various currents and directions, creations of immensely talented persons. You as if appear in hands of geniuses of the past which works and thoughts lived up to now.

Infinity of history, a set of talents, desire to plunge into times of these opening. With the purpose to understand, find answers to questions which arise one by one. Why so, but not differently. To try to find a side between genius and madness. The talent is visible in everything, even in a small fragile bagatelle, to understand sense of creation of which at first sight quite difficult, but it is. Everything is impregnated with workmanship around, the soul and, apparently, boundless opportunities of that time is visible.

Other day and Peter and Paul Fortress . Having heard a sound of bells, I go towards Peter and Paul Cathedral. Here all as if is impregnated with a smell of the left era, walls of buildings, apparently, still keep secrets of the whole generations. The belltower towers over the western part of a cathedral and comes to the end with a gilded spike which height of 122 meters.

In 1896 - 1906 near Peter and Paul Cathedral the building of the Grand-ducal tomb in which buried members of an imperial family was built. The building of a tomb is topped with a dome and a gilded glavka.

Last rainy day. St. Petersburg as there is a lot of in this word. Whole set of names, memorable places, beautiful squares and fountains, Neva, canals and bridges. Today last day of my stay here. It is so a pity, time past quickly. But with each my arrival to this amazing city the desire to return only amplifies. Therefore I enjoy the last hours that these memoirs remained in memory as long as possible, up to my following arrival here.

Always loved walks in the rain. Cool, and air especially fresh.

Passing by Petersburg channels, again I stop about Kazan Cathedral. Standing opposite to a tremendous architectural construction, I try to make out each detail. Stir unless slightly indistinct outlines owing to a rain. Water runs on stone pavements, baring a surface of the areas.

After long walk in the rain I go towards hotel. The suitcase is already packed, in a pocket of jeans the ticket for an electric train. Tomorrow morning departure. Already tomorrow. Even more often I ask a question why time cannot be stopped.

Surprisingly, how fast it is possible to get used to an unfamiliar situation, to the city which at first sight seems well familiar, but every time appears for you in a new image. The same houses, streets, but are presence something new. Means, not all is solved, not everything is studied. An occasion to return? Occasions to return here a set. Present and eternal spirit of old times, positive and some sincere relation to all events here. Modesty and courage of architecture, a scope and the feeling of ease pursuing you.

They say that each city has the power. This is true. Coming to other city, we can tell about those feelings which we have. Emotional surge or strange feeling of depression, despondency. From where these thoughts come, we cannot explain, but we can feel. St. Petersburg is the city with definitely good power. It is easy to fall in love with him at first sight.

A meeting it is much more pleasant than partings. And I do not like to say goodbye. I leave an easy element of an innuendo, still it is necessary to return behind new impressions, fresh information on the nice city, the second capital which attracts as if a magnet, people from around the world.

I wish you, the favourite city to keep the cultural riches, to welcome guests, to be always the filled happiness and heat. See you soon!