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What expects a baby in kindergarten?

do not choose Municipal kindergarten, get to it. In it I learned by own experience. The motto of modern kindergarten was read at the first PTA meeting by his manager: “We do not take bribes, but we do not refuse the help“.

What offers the pupils the best municipal garden in the area, with the best responses of parents, with artly - an esthetic and sports bias?

all taught Us gradually

In a garden there is a pool (probably therefore also sports specialization), but children only since three years and at most two times a week will visit him. For me it is surprising - it is known that swimming strengthens the immunity which is so strongly suffering especially in the first months of visit of kindergarten. Besides, the earlier children begin to swim, the better and quicker at them it turns out. For example, my child swims since a year (and at some since the birth) and very much loves occupations in the pool that could facilitate considerably accustoming to kindergarten, stimulate interest in its visit.

Musical classes are given for a nursery no more than ten minutes, and that after a month of adaptation. At the logopedist even additional paid lessons with kids begin only after new year, and it conducts a casting in the group independently. For me it is strange, occupations with the logopedist are necessary not only for correction of the speech, but also for its development.

Walks begin to practice not at once - difficultly to dress all - to undress, and then behind all to see.

Upon it turns out that during the most difficult adaptation period the kid is deprived of what could motivate it to visit of kindergarten - the pool, fascinating musical occupations, interesting games in the fresh air. Remains - coaching for the regime moments, “training“ of skills of self-service, acquaintance and communication with peers, tutors.

Surprising row

From phrases which amazed me: “In a nursery there will be one holiday - New year, but we do not invite parents. Children will cry. What we will teach by this time to - look at video if you organize shooting“.

During the holiday - children`s tears, instead of fun and pleasure. For whom then “demonstration performance“, for the next tick in uchebno - the educational plan is arranged?

Also tutors set thinking: “Do not make scandals on trifles - bruises, cones, scratches. And in case we put on things of your child another“.

Then systematically hackneyed, scratched kid has to be perceived by mother as a commonplace, a trifle. It is clear, that the little man can fall or fight, but same it is necessary to try to avoid and, at least, to tell parents why so occurred.

The relation to someone else`s clothes as to public confused me: in - the first, it is not hygienic and unhealthy. For example, to the child, knowing about his sensitive skin, I erase special powder, from any other - the irritation is provided. In - the second feeling of property and understanding “others - the“ in the kid such approach kills, and subsequently children also take that they want “all around collective-farm - all around mine“. Parents are surprised - why at elementary school often children`s theft blossoms and smells why the child of a difference does not understand where his pencils and where the neighbor. Obviously, the small chest just opens - all of us it is from kindergarten.

“Podpishitetapki of the child, and that to us is heavy to find his locker that on walk to collect“, - to a no - Hau of tutors. Why to ask the kid and a name it to remember when looked at a sole of footwear - and everything is all right. with

the phrase from the category “unexpectedly for communists there came the winter“ Most of all shocked, you judge: “According to the list 23 children in group, there will only be enough beds on 21, more physically does not hold, but do not worry - children never everything come“.

And if come, quite possibly, will sleep with someone together why sanitarno - hygienic conditions to observe - checks already took place. There were precedents in other garden, according to stories of eyewitnesses, - one pupil of kindergarten got on well in a week at five others beds to have a sleep until parents made scandal and the folding bed to the game room was not bought.

Everything it is clear, to care what huge role is played by those people who will be near the kid in group for him, to bring up, train. At all times children with great pleasure went to kindergarten if there was a teacher loved by them and the nurse. Certainly, happiness for parents and the child - to find “the“ tutor, especially today.

The scanty salary, lack of privileges, prestige of a profession, bureaucratic red tape at certification on increase of category led to a sad situation: often the best teachers of early development work in private gardens and as governesses. With assistants to tutors the situation which was even more depressing - they or at all are absent, or parents to arrange the child in preschool institution, go to work tutors, or wives of guest workers.

Reading this joke, you understand - it would not be so ridiculous if it is not so sad: “The former prisoner from maximum security penal colony could not find work, except as nurses in a kindergarten anywhere. In two weeks there comes the commission with check and sees that in all groups a mess, the dirty, fighting children, and only one group it is model - indicative - purity, an order, children on walk walk around, one after another, and the nurse costs in the center and observes:

- Ivanov, you what, peed the pants?

- Why to me you sew murder, the chief?“

So, no doubt, the parental decision - whether to send the child to kindergarten - in many respects is defined by their personal experience and an everyday situation. It is worth remembering mission of kindergartens which, according to their founder Frebel, consists in strengthening a body, to develop a brain, to temper spirit of children.

Whether the modern kindergarten will cope with an objective - life will show.