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What to pay attention at the choice of children`s camp to?

From the memorable response of the teenager who spent month in Druzhba camp last summer: “Group in camp - as small army: with the prospering hazing, poor and tasteless food, with orders which are not discussed with the leaders considering that they - that know better that I want and it is interesting“.

Not to spoil to the child summer holiday, parents should take care of a right choice of children`s camp. For a start to collect reliable information about the place where you want to direct the child, - find data on history of camp, responses of the people who already visited there.

Pay attention what is brought the program as the daily routine is made. You remember, the nature does not suffer emptiness and in case of the big gaps left for free time is unpredictable as children to themselves will organize leisure.

The best rest, as we know, is a shift of kinds of activity. And in the competent schedule always offer at choice, than it is possible to be engaged in intervals between occupations and the regime moments, - for example, volleyball or soccer, studio of drawing, swimming, rest on the beach etc. of

From what children will eat, depends directly their health and good health. Therefore a question of food, especially at the become frequent cases of food poisonings, one of paramount. Studying of the menu, the main thing which is usually beautifully made, unfortunately, does not reflect - look at a variety of a diet, weight of portions. Portion four times food is often widespread though the advanced dining rooms offer a buffet.

It is desirable to consider also conditions of accommodation. There is placement elite - 2 - 3 persons in the room with conveniences; improved - 4 - 5 people in one room with the conveniences located on the floor and the standard, assuming 6 - 8 people in the room with conveniences on the street. The final choice of how there will live the child in camp, of course, depends on the size of a parental purse.

According to what programs work with children is important. Whether use old, rolled at the time of a pioneering, or every time unique, developed by a concrete camp season. The first option is interesting only once, repeatedly it becomes boring for children to celebrate Day of the Neptune according to the habitual scenario. And it is always joyful, children actively participate in new games, occupations, actions.

An important role is played for successful experience of visit of camp by personnel - employees of camp. At a standard set of pedagogical personnel with children students - probationers are engaged, and it is very difficult to foresee their “quality“. Perhaps, to your child will carry, and the leader will be kind, sensitive, intelligent, loving children. And if is not present? Then the moneybox of children`s memoirs will be replenished with such: “As our guide was able to shout... I never heard earlier it, membranes in ears were inflated from wild cries “Rise!“, “Sit down to guzzle!“, the most flatter response in our address was “What all of you - freaks“.

It is possible to feel much more surely during the work of constant staff or pedagogical group as generally it is professionals of the business with positive responses, with rich history of progress and achievements in a field of education of younger generation.

Certainly, it is necessary to pay attention to how in camp communicate with parents. Since that moment as you contacted representative office of camp, visited its site, communicated by phone - note how answer your questions, for example, about existence of certificates and the license, on additional expenses, except payment of the permit whether pass on the territory and as it is protected.

Usually the institution is more closed, the it is more than those moments which try to hide from eyes of parents. One of proofs of it is such case: “Could not phone two days running to the twelve-year-old son, and itself went to camp. On the central entrance I was met by the unfriendly protection protecting children not from uninvited guests, and from own parents who are forbidden to look where the child sleeps that eats where spends free time whether the medical office works.

It seems to me, new rules are not care of children, but attempt to hide what parents cannot see. Having violated rules, passed on the territory and saw: young leaders instead of to take care of children, sunbathe in bathing suits. Children are provided to themselves, have a good time as can. All territory in stubs, in bedrooms - a mess full: on a bread crumb floor, beds are not made, a lot of linen is scattered everywhere. Glanced in leaders` - on a floor basins with oranges, packings stand juice near. The son showed a dry ration for a campaign for days - kiriyeshka, chips, a pack of cookies and sparkling water. Took away the child, and there was a resistant feeling that he the son not from rest house returned, and from a jail“.

Probably, not for nothing in the modern comedy “Vacation of a High Security“ with Sergey Bezrukov and Dmitry Dyuzhev in leading roles the former prisoners very comfortably feel in camp with its tough rules: “At the end of the day to add verification for check that nobody ran away, - and will be, as on a zone“. And they quite agree with the motto of leaders: “Nobody becomes the good person incidentally - we will bring up!“

to Good-quality camps nothing to be afraid, they with pleasure meet parents - in fact the clients, understanding the importance of their enthusiastic estimates and responses for further productive functioning.

So, it is quite possible to find the ideal camp suitable for rest of the child meeting your requirements and corresponding to requirements of “the young adventurer“. Only for own tranquility it is necessary to be sure that it will be always possible to talk to the child and his leader (considering the regime moments of camp). Because if dithat does not answer, and tutors speak: “Everything is all right“, is a serious occasion to become agitated and visit.

Surely involve in process of discussion of the choice of the place of summer holiday of the child (eventually, to it to be there) - whether he wants to go to camp according to the tourist program, to visit day camp without accommodation, to go to camp for all season, in rest house whether wishes to get to camp only for boys (girls) or mixed on structure?

Proceeding from wishes of the child and financial opportunities of parents the children`s camp can be found by means of the Internet, to ask council for “gossip hotline“ among acquaintances and relatives. Often options offer at school, the centers of additional education, public associations, it is possible to address also to travel agency.