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The good place children`s camp will not be called?

in the period of children`s summer vacation many parents think of how in the best way to organize rest to the child to combine business with pleasure. Options of carrying out children`s leisure enough: and to the village to the grandfather, and on the dacha with the nurse, and a joint holiday on a seashore...

However there is not always giving, relatives in the village and not always time of holiday of parents drops out for warm months therefore the possibility to send the child to children`s camp often is considered as an optimum way to organize vacation.

At the word “camp“ most of parents remembers pioneer ties, drills, fires, summer lightnings, releases at once. Nostalgia on the Soviet past, light memoirs do an image of children`s camp for one category of parents wishing to send there the posterity, very attractive of the childhood. And here for others - opposite: is associated with rigid regime, stateliness, suppression of the personality and own opinion other than the official point of view. Therefore they do not allow even thought of visit by their child of “places of detention“.

There is also the third group of parents - will conditionally call them “doubting“. They are not either ardent supporters, or active opponents of rest in children`s camps and under certain circumstances quietly could release the child, according to one mother, “to gain invaluable experience of communication, new friends, to fill up knowledge base, necessary abilities, to receive a charge of cheerfulness and forces in places specially allotted for this purpose“.

It is clear, that finally each parent will develop for himself an individual approach to a problem of summer holiday of children, but for the help in definition of a right position it is necessary to know that today in Russia there are hundreds of camps of a different orientation for various age categories with the most various conditions of accommodation and a recreation, without speaking about the wide choice provided to us by the abroad.

So represents modern children`s camp?

In - the first , all types of children`s camps it is possible to divide on the carried-out priority activity: thematic, educational (or profile), labor, sports, improving, church, psychological.

Profile camp usually function on the basis of additional education - various circles, sections that allows to organize summer holiday to children who already know each other, pedagogical personnel. And therefore there is no painful adaptation, a stress, the possibility of the conflicts, often inevitable in new collective with different interests is minimized. Children are divided on groups here, considering not age, but preparation level in the studied subject. Undoubted plus of this type of camps is that they are intended for the gifted active children who are fond of one field of knowledge (mathematical, it is art - esthetic, linguistic etc.) . In the course of training pupils of camp obtain new information, fix the received skills in practice, strengthen the friendly relations.

Sometimes such camp make preliminary selection by means of holding competitions, Olympic Games and bring together children from different corners of our immense country. Then there is an opportunity to get acquainted, compare the level to other winners, to communicate to the “science stars“ invited from higher education institutions.

A possible lack of educational camp is congestion of the training programs to the detriment of rest and health of the child. Imagine, the camp is located on the bank of the Black Sea, and the program such saturated that children are forced to admire fine waves, the pure beach, the shouting seagulls only from windows of audiences. Offensively, it appears, to come back not sunbathed and tired at all.

Psychological camp are directed to the solution of internal problems of children, to profound studying of psychology. Group trainings, seminars, individual consultations are held.

Parents of the children visiting Sunday, tserkovno - parish schools positively speak of church summer camps.

Syuzhetno - role camp very much it are pleasant to children as big game (for example, creation of the innovative state or a community of Indians of the Maya) opens actor`s talents, helps to feel the importance of the participation, does life in camp fascinating and informative.

In - the second , camp differ on operating time: seasonal and year-round. For example, work in camps of work and rest has seasonal nature, they sign contracts with the organizations allowing involvement of workers aged from 12 till 17 years. Children work no more than 4 hours a day, and free time is intended for rest. As a rule, they receive a symbolical payment for the work, the rest is spent for free keeping of pupils of camp.

In - the third , nurseries of camp differ on character of a venue: either exit, or stationary, or tent. Respectively, permit cost in camp depends on its placement.

So, modern camp have various focus and can offer a wide range of interesting programs and entertainments, having provided to the child high-quality rest.