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What does the Union of architects differ from the Union of dog breeders in?

we Will try to look at the Popular front which is again created by the power from below. From the point of view of those people which name is called the new front.

So, there lives to itself the ordinary family. Let`s assume, in Uryupinsk. Mother is the employee of “Russian Post“. To tell more precisely, the mail carrier. It is already mobilized by the management for the front though itself about it and does not suspect.

The father is an honourable railroader. The driver with a long-term experience. Too veteran. All Russian Railway full structure entered there where it was specified from above.

The daughter is elementary school teacher. It is mobilized under the decree of the Ministry of Education.

The son is an architect. Only deserter. At first was in the Front together with all the union. Then left also jointly.

The daughter-in-law is a housewife. To the front it is not called because the union of housewives does not exist yet. But she plays music in the evenings, and the Union of composers already all in the Front. So accessory of the daughter-in-law is unclear.

The most ridiculous that all family knows nothing about the front accessory. The front passed the line through it, and the family of it also did not notice. Did not notice yet.

And now it is representable that the power declared war to somebody. And differently - why to create the front if you are not going to be at war at all?

And what? It is necessary to hand over to the father the son in commandant`s office as deserter? To carry to mother death notifications (where you saw war without the victims)? To the daughter to hammer into the heads to younger generation of idea front to a chuchkha? To the daughter-in-law to register in hospital to tie up wounded in battles do not understand with whom fighters from ER?

So, creation of the Popular front at least splits families on “our“ and “not our“. The new institute Pavlikov of Morozov is created. Red and white. Indestructible block of communists and non-parties. All, who not with us, those against us. “If the enemy does not give up, he is destroyed“.

The line of the new front imperceptibly splits Russia in two. It passes literally through each family, through each collective, through each enterprise and establishment.

Soon, probably, the attributes of the Front will be let out. And to carry badges on lapels will become a simple necessity.

The union of composers will compose the front anthem “War National“ which will begin to be executed at all enterprises at the beginning of the working day.

The union of cinematographers will release the movie “The Front behind a Front Line“. About fight against deserters of those, which with clean hands and a warm heart.

The union of fishers will let out a bait from dried worms - “All on a hook“.

The union of gardeners - fans will remove a new grade of roses - “A feat of the intelligence agent“. With Anna Chapmen`s portrait on petals.

The union of dog breeders co-opts to the Front all the bough and dogs.

And only architects will remain out of the Front. They there will not be accepted any more. From now on architects are enemies of the power number one. As soon as military operations begin, will declare all architects the fifth column and will send to bring down the wood. Or in shtrafbat. What war without penalized persons?

And finally. For youth. Come from now on only to architectural. There you will be taught decent business. And you will leave it decent people.

Also there will be to you happiness.