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How to make a smart bed of odnoletnik?

Use of flowers in gardening are a true art. Who would not wish to create the hands a smart bed in front of the house, to build a rabatka along a path or to decorate garden corners with accents from bright spots of flowers? Skilled flower growers claim, and we will not argue with them that creation of a miksoborder from perennials is very difficult occupation and beyond its powers a beginner. However the bright flower bed from unpretentious odnoletnik any person will be able to create . How it is correct to make it?

Very first that needs to be executed - it is captious to examine future place for a bed. You should not cultivate very big territory at once. You remember, many flowers demand a permanent care, and the big sizes of a flower bed cause certain difficulties in processing and weeding.

Look at the soil. What it consists of? Before planting of flowers it will be necessary to bring organic chemistry in sandy soil. If you have no such opportunity, it is possible to pick up the flowers which are not demanding “fat“ soils.

For improvement of structure bring sand in clay heavy soil. On boggy sites previously deoxidate the earth lime and build the raised flower bed.

When the way is paved, start a bed marking. It is possible to choose any geometrical form: circle, square, system of triangles, ovals. If the bed is located on a lawn, it is possible to limit it to stones, bricks or a decorative small fence. It will give to your flower bed completeness and will not allow importunate weeds to get to the planted flowers.

Pick up the range of odnoletnik. On small beds most often use from one to three species of different plants. Be not greedy, you remember: the more will be different flowers, the more difficult to look after them. If at you the big bed turned out, segment it narrow paths. It will allow to pass between sectors for removal of weeds and subediting of the planted plants.

You approach the choice of flowers, proceeding from their relation to growth conditions. Attentively look what copies well grow on the next sites. You can land the same types, but with other coloring of petals or different in height, creeping or growing at bushes. If all of you - want to choose not tested types, prepare for different surprises. Bushes can poorly develop or die, and the bed will have bald spots. Prepare seedling which will be able to replace the died copies on this case.

From odnoletnik as the most unpretentious it is possible to consider the following flowers: nasturtium, calendula, aster, poppy, kosmeya, decorative sunflower, sweet pea, barkhatets, lavater, phlox, eshsholtion.

In placement of flowers the firm rule acts on beds - the highest copies have on a flower bed background. If your bed round, then tall types have to be put in the middle.

Well flower beds from plants with petals of different shades of one color look. It is yellow - orange colourings have flowers or inflorescences of the following cultures: barkhatets, calendula, kosmeya, lion`s pharynx, nasturtium, eshsholtion.

Red, it is dark - red and pink flowers: amaranth, aster, cornflower, verbena, sweet pea, space, poppy, nasturtium, phlox.

With blue and it is dark - it is possible to allocate with blue inflorescences the following types: aster, cornflower, sweet pea, petunia.

For a long time blossoming plants are most favorable in registration: ageratum, barkhatets, petunia, sage.

You remember: in order that inflorescences of plants were bright and flowers well felt, they need solar location. Do not transfer the majority of odnoletnik of a dense shadow from sheds and fences. Their flowers become more small there, and plants are excessively extended and can polegat from wind.

Landing of seeds of annual flowers is carried out on well dug over and humidified soil. Notice that seeds of one plants (space, sunflower, an aster, a calendula) ascend at rather low temperatures of external environment, and to others (a nasturtium, barkhatets, a tsinniya) steady warm weather is required.

If after crops of seeds there are no rains and the earth dries up, the bed needs to be watered periodically, otherwise sprouts can not appear or will ascend is very rarefied. Do not forget also that at steady and long rains it is worth providing outflow of water from roots of plants and to make a bed slightly raised.

You should not be frightened if after germination florets look it a little rarefied. In process of growth of a plant will close empty intervals of the earth. It is worse if flowers are planted too often. The sun and food soon will begin not to be enough for them, they will be extended and can lose decorative effect. Such zagushchenny landings need to be thinned out. The correct distances between separate copies of flower cultures always specify on packing with seeds.

Let your bed will be the most beautiful and the look to you and all surrounding will begin to please!