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The credit for “urgent needs“ of

As often to us to have sometimes to borrow money at acquaintances to “ salaries “ or to take the credit for urgent needs in bank. Why does that happen? Really we cannot save and accumulate the blood? Or we are infected by other consumer society of everyone and everything that we not in forces already to resist to thirst to the next requirement which often arises in the form of a spontaneous whim. But from where?

If to understand it climbs to us from everywhere - from acquaintances, relatives, neighbors, advertizing on mass media. How? At communication one tell as if between times, sometimes with the hidden boasting that they bought or issued the credit for urgent needs for this or that thing, that urging on us not to lag behind them in material acquisition (we will look then poorer than them!) and here already us have no place to disappear especially - if it (at them) has it - the car, the dacha, the house, god knows that else, the fact that I am worse? Then, it can even be remembered that you also wanted to get long ago a similar bagatelle. We are especially protected by nothing from such revelry of beautiful and necessary things and we remind those whining children who having come into shop with bright, beautiful toys begin to ask to buy something. We of course do it not so openly as they, but all these images “ necessary “ as it seems to us things, perfectly are engraved in our memory, leaving an indelible deposit of sorrow and loss there on something that could be ours - to the family and darlings, but for the present nobody cancelled your dreams - we could issue the credit for urgent needs or a car loan and to buy the foreign car, at the worst “ » Zhiguli; of which dreamed so long ago in which it would be possible to go to the country on the nature, fishing, picnics with the wife, children and a dog and the best friend in addition … but would never make up the mind to a similar step if not our neighbors, friends, acquaintances. They - that already have it! And at us both was not and is not present! What nevertheless disappointment and injustice! The following standard reaction - we reflect: and why at me is not present?? And? Still! And me already 30 - 40 - 50 years! At us boils “ kettle “ we think where to take us money on “ urgent need “ - the car, giving, belongings and cruise with a salary in 20000 rubles? And time can pass from several days to several months, heavy conversation with relatives, you are rested and hold the ground, despite their excuses “ do not communicate! It is not necessary! “ your internal voice too quietly mutters something (a reason voice), but you already learn traffic regulations (traffic regulation) or ask the price of sites with pine plantings where you represent yourself on a verandah of the wooden house, sitting in a rocking-chair and sipping strong fragrant coffee, or begin to study business, new to yourself, to thumb through catalogs … thereby as if motivating itself even stronger to purchase, circles beat around the bush, yet do not get to the credit consultant. At that time weight of your future burden is not visible under the dazzling brightness of the thing acquired by you, and as a result you do it - make out the credit for urgent needs, for many years, but you are happy as the young young man, feel even that you dumped years ten - and speak to yourself with relief: “ Now and I have it! “