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Hysterics, or Why to me it is necessary that life fell to pieces? (Layf - coaching)

- the Washing machine broke for the fourth time for the last month! And I cannot already wait week for the master! In a stake - the center lost my application! My cash card is blocked, and I was left without kopek! The damned “Amerikan the express“ is not accepted anywhere! And sales began! Going out of the car, I broke a nail till it bleeds! Swore with the husband to tears in the evening. Descended on “arrangements“ and, performing “highly paid easy work“, ached so that I could not get up in the morning...

I have the most real hysterics.

- Yes what is it, eventually?! For what to me all this? Or for what?

The back hurts. I am deeply offended for the whole world. Around one freaks. Sick country.

- I … What in all this is such valuable to you? What is such valuable received by you when your life collapses, and situations drags on a loop on a neck more and stronger?

- For me? I what, absolutely clinked glasses what I want to be left without money, with the bleeding leg paralyzed from pain by a back plus writhing in hysterics at communication with the next dispatchers of the center of repair of washing machines?

- And still? Why to you it?

is what, a lesson that I learned something?

- Of course, all our life - a lesson. Also it would be quite good to draw the necessary conclusions and in this situation. But, except a lesson, there is still something very valuable to you in the circumstances - for the sake of what you twist this field around yourself.


- What you want - that?

- Well … It is clear what. That the machine worked, money was. I was healthy, the husband loved …

- Well … And just a moment that you want? All this time of hysterics and indignations of what wanted? It is so strong what just wet is not present?

- Yes wanted to kill all of them! Here that! Both the master, and dispatchers, and banks, and the husband at the same time …

- wanted to Row, perhaps? And the more loudly, more brightly, the better? And what, there were strong reasons for all this?

- Probably … The rage in me collected much. Aggressions plenty.

Ya what, wanted to swear, just looked for with whom?

- Perhaps. The world is very sympathetic on our inquiries.

- Still wanted that regretted, sympathized … with

- And now how many in you aggression and rage - and how many desires, “that sympathized“?

- Well, is still …

- And what you could make to realize the desire to utter aggression and to receive sympathy?

- At a forum I will write now - what are urodskiyedelat by washing machines what goats sell them and what morons repair.

- Perfectly. At a forum I wrote

. There both sympathized, and our forums gave the chance to swear, - they are friendly. It became easier for me much more. In half an hour called from a stake - the center, apologized, and the master came next day.

When it came and, having looked at three completed warranty cards, refused to repair the machine, I presented to myself the river and in every way concentrated that I want from this master actually .

I do not want to row, accuse him in all that happened to my machine. I do not want to press on pity and to ask sympathy for sufferings of the woman erasing hands. I do not want to pose as the cool feminist and to threaten it with laws on the rights of consumers.

I just want that the machine worked and washed clothes. what I also told

O to it. In sense, the second part.

“I just want that it worked and washed clothes“, - I told tone of the river which just flows. Flows, without proving anything to anybody, without accusing and without threatening. Just flows.

It replaced the necessary details, long checked whether well everything works. Told me about the difficult life, about a stake - the centers, about dispatchers and that it is the good master. Left to me cellular and long gathered before leaving.

It is good to be the river.

And it is good to know precisely what it wants when it is going to flood banks.