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Diabetes: life in special circumstances?

For a start - a case from practice of Ambulance, one of many. The person of years of thirty behaved extremely inadequately, was violent, aggressive also krasnolitsa. On his face plentiful sweat streamed.

Business happened in large grocery store. Protection caught the nuisancer, took away away and seated on a stool for further trial, however in the course of a lively conversation the troublemaker somehow became silent, rolled up eyes and fainted.

In those days, and business was about twelve years ago, crews had no glyukometr yet, that is a priborchik for measurement of content of sugar in blood. All hope was on professionalism and experience of the doctor.

This patient with us was lucky. After introduction of glucose to a vein he recovered, told that he has diabetes for a long time and usually does not make such mistakes. But here it happened that insulin to itself pricked, and did not manage to have breakfast.

So the hypoglycemia - a state at which the content of sugar in blood sharply falls looks. Very much often such sufferers are selected by militia, sometimes they are taken for alcoholics and leave to lie on the street.

Therefore, citizens if you can pass by own sweat lying in a pool allegedly of the dropout - do not take a sin on soul, call an ambulance. Perhaps, you will save life.

Normal level of sugar in blood - one of basic living conditions of the person as biological object. And at a deviation it in this or that party the organism experiences very serious difficulties.

It is clear, that the whole internal biochemical laboratory normal works for maintenance of such indicator - I will not paint a formula, take the word.

However it happens that for various reasons the stable and reliable system glitches. The serious violation of a metabolism called by diabetes develops. Glucose level in blood increases.

First the organism just tries to dissolve with water excessive sugar therefore one of the first signs allowing to suspect wrong - painful, almost constant strong thirst. At this stage of people it is simply obliged to attend to the state and to ask for the help. Quite so, in a directive way. It is obliged.

There is a lot of patients of diabetes, also becomes more and more every year. Reasons for this purpose darkness. The matter is that exists several of kinds of diabetes .

The first type - insulin-dependent when special cells of a pancreas cease to produce the hormone called by insulin. Such trouble happens to a thicket at young age. In developing of this kind of diabetes hereditary predisposition plays a role, it is frequent - the viral infections postponed in a severe form.

Children`s endocrinologists well know that each flu epidemic brings several cases of a debut of diabetes at children and teenagers. Epidemic parotitis, in popular speech - the mumps, too annually increases number of insulin-dependent patients.

Dear parents! Show consideration for the offsprings! And if you see that the child weakens, grows thin and drinks water buckets - do not wait that it will pass. Urgently you drag the child in policlinic and if necessary stack in a hospital.

Diabetes - a serious chronic illness. It is impossible to cure it, and to learn to live here in the offered circumstances and to minimize consequences most often quite on forces. And do not try to treat the child different useful grasses at all - do not waste time, did not make any person of a lump healthier or happier.

In not too old times when there were interruptions in insulin supply, we saw a lot of very heavy young patients. The twenty-five-year-old young man died from the renal failure which developed against almost uncured diabetes. The young woman who was passionately dreaming of the child spat on admonitions of doctors and still became pregnant. As a result she died in few months after the delivery. The child was born the patient too and lived very little.

I do not want to intimidate anybody. But very bitterly and offensively to observe how people perish from - for own ignorances. Do not hesitate to ask for the help in time!

people usually nayedat diabetes of the second type to themselves independently. The inactive way of life, addiction to fast food, that is to the food rich with digestible carbohydrates and animal fats, excessive weight not to tell obesity, - all this logically leads to development of the situation in which an organism not in forces to develop necessary amount of insulin for utilization of consequences of “dolce vita“. Usually large women suffer from such form of diabetes.

Diabetes of the second type proceeds, of course, easier - at such patients happen diabetic a coma less often, the content of sugar is corrected not by daily pricks, but reception of tablets. But from - for slow, to all appearances not really heavy current people pretty often treat an illness absolutely devil-may-carely, and often do not know at all that at their life there is already diabetes.

With a frightening speed such interesting things as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, arterial hypertension progress against uncured diabetes. And treatment of these illnesses becomes extremely difficult and if it is honest, ineffective occupation because changes of vessels have almost irreversible character.

Certainly, I simplify a lot of things. The diabetology develops very quickly, and in respect of approaches to treatment, and in studying of the reasons of development of diabetes.

Prevention of diabetes about which endocrinologists and therapists are not tired to speak is actually simple and even, at emergence of reasonable useful habits, is pleasant. It only is called a healthy lifestyle.

Culture of food, exception of a diet of sugar, white loaf, cakes and cakes; the frequent use of the vegetables and fruit which are whenever possible minimum processed kulinarno; mode of a dream and rest, reasonable and feasible physical activities; refusal of abuse of alcohol - these simple actions very significantly reduce risk of a disease of diabetes. In total in your hands, dear citizens, - well, at least, a lot of things.

Speak, the countries in which diabetes is considered not as a serious incurable illness, but just special circumstance of life exist. From the category of those circumstances which demand, of course, the attentive relation to themselves, but do not put an end neither to career, nor to love, nor even to professional sports at all.

And routine calculation of grain units, control of content of glucose in blood, correction of a dose of insulin or other sakharosnizhayushchy preparations and other procedures necessary for the diabetic do not become the tragedy turning the person into the disabled person, and are just carried out automatically, somewhere between visit of a toilet and toothbrushing.

They say that at such approach to the health heavy complications of diabetes - such as gangrene of the lower extremities, damage of a liver, vascular pathologies, problems with a retina meet much less often. And life expectancy having diabetes practically does not differ from average.

They say that in any country it is possible reasonably, quietly and without panic to treat the health. And to cope with problems in process of their receipt, at that stage when they are still solvable without special losses.

Diabetes is not a sentence. It just a statement of the problem which is called life.