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What tea is more useful?

“Drunkards“ of fans of tea were called by one famous performer. He sings that tea is a drug. In some degree indeed if to consider as drug the caffeine entering it. 90% of inhabitants of our planet drink tea, but not all know about its useful properties. It is possible not only to satisfy with tea thirst and to enjoy taste, but also to cure many diseases or just to carry out clarification of an organism.

Tea - natural antioxidant which promotes prevention of oncological diseases. It helps to postpone terms of aging of skin. Well influences on warmly - vascular system, a thyroid gland, supports a condition of muscles and bones in a tone.

In the ancient East the doctor and Ibn Xing`s philosopher spoke about tea: “Tea refreshes a body, strengthens spirit, softens heart, awakens thoughts, banishes laziness“.

But what tea it is better to choose?

Simple red Chinese tea which in the people all call “black“ - the richest the content of caffeine. It gives to a cheerfulness organism.

Real black tea is a Pu-erh. He is stood by several years in special conditions. The longer the endurance of tea, the is more valuable than its quality. Pu-erh - the only tea which yazvennik can drink. It possesses saturated taste and a specific smell of the earth. The use of Pu-erh first of all promotes removal of cholesterol from blood and clarification of walls of vessels. If to drink pure tea without sugar, then it possesses diuretic properties. Pu-erh contains minerals which help an organism to fight against cancer cells, promotes decrease in acidity of a stomach and reduction of sugar in blood.

White tea - the first which became known to the person. These are the top leaflets of a tea-plant mixed up with kidneys. There is a set of kinds of white tea, the most known and widespread it: silver needles, white peony, longevity eyebrows, white Egyptian tea. White is the most popular and most useful type of tea. It is not exposed to intensive processing therefore keeps a maximum of medicinal properties at the expense of vitamins (With, B1, P) and useful substances of a fresh leaf. It contains a large amount of antioxidants, is useful to strengthening of walls of vessels, helps digestion of calcium, interferes with emergence of caries and a dental plaque.

Traditional Chinese green tea is a source of immunity for a human body. He relieves of a depression, restores a dream, strengthens nerves, speeds up work of heart and brain.

Ulun is a drink which some carry to red teas, some to turquoise, and some allocate in a separate look. Uluna are between green and red teas. Set of kinds of an ulun: honey, zhen - shen, lemon, Those Guangyins and Hong Pao, dairy, “a wild orchid“. Ulun helps to cope with obesity, slows down aging processes, has the all-strengthening effect on an organism, improves a condition of skin, increases immunity.

Rooibos is, in fact, not tea, and the South African drink. The bush rooibos belongs to family of bean. Rooibos does not contain caffeine at all and therefore it is useful to the people suffering from pressure. It contains a set of minerals: calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, fluorine, sodium, magnesium. Contains C and E vitamins. Reduces cholesterol level in blood, helps to improve memory, to support healthy teeth and bones, to improve appetite, at the same time and a metabolism.

It is possible to add rose-petals to tea, a jasmine, mint, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, grandmother`s jam. It is possible to drink it with pancakes or cake. Tea - a traditional symbol of hospitality.

In India there is a kind of the hot warming drink “masala tea“ . It is drunk at diseases for warming of an organism. Recipes of such tea a set, each person puts in it something special, but four of his obligatory components: black tea, spices, milk (1/4) and sweetener (for disclosure of aroma of spices) as which sugar or honey can act. Try, you will not regret!

And what would not be sung there by the Russian performers, tea has no effect of intoxication! It only helps to support an organism in a tone and treats for diseases.