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Why become vegetarians?

Vegetarianism are a difficult vital choice. Only the person with extremely developed will power can refuse meat. What induces people to take so decisive step and to refuse the use of meat?

In the beginning I want to tell about types of vegetarianism.

Vegans are people who entirely refuse all products of an animal origin, whether it be milk, eggs or medical

of Ovovegetariantsa - people who do not eat meat, fish and dairy products, but eat eggs and medical

Lacto-vegetarians do not eat meat, fish and eggs, but eat dairy products.

Syroyeda exclusively crude fruit, vegetables and nuts which did not pass thermal treatment eat.

Vegetarianism arose and developed in the countries where dominate the Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism. In Russia vegetarianism appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century.

One of the reasons for which people cease to eat meat is the state of health. For most of people instructions of the doctor on a vegetable diet - strong blow to mentality. Not all so just are ready here to change the priorities. But it is useful to practice vegetarianism not only for sick people, but also for absolutely healthy which care for a condition of the organism.

For example, a rawism - a fine way of preventive cleaning of an organism which yields excellent results. Food by crude products facilitates a water exchange in an organism, makes medical impact at renal diseases, and also at gout, atherosclerosis, skin diseases, rheumatism.

In “The magazine of the American association of doctors“ for 1961 it is told: “Transition to a vegetarian diet to 90 - 97% of cases prevents development warmly - vascular diseases“. And this is true! The modern medicine claims that meat-eating is dangerous by risk of development of oncological and is warm - vascular diseases. According to many scientists, vegetable protein is 68% purer than an animal, it is not polluted by a liquid component.

The ethnic origin, religious beliefs is one more cause of failure from meat. Such religions as the Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Rastafarianism do not welcome causing sufferings an animal, their operation and murder.

Meat for many people is not a good reason there is a moral and ethical aspect. Most often from vegetarians it is possible to hear the phrase: “I do not eat meat because I against murder of animals“.

Now researches which have to confirm or disprove the assumption that vegetarianism is connected with considerable continuation of life are conducted.

Allen Karr, author of a series of books “Easy way... “, in the work “The easy way to lose weight“ says that the person by the nature a predator, but in the course of evolution our organism adapted to food which passed thermal treatment. Our teeth any more not such sharp, but gastric juice does not cope with a large number of animal food. Therefore the vegetable food is easy “diet“ for a stomach.

But anyway everyone chooses for himself than and how to eat. For someone on the first place a simple instinct “to satisfy hunger“, and he does not disdain fast - foot. Someone puts priority the health and keeps up with healthy nutrition. Someone prefers separate food. One keep to diets, others do not eat some meat, the third are engaged in a rawism.

We live in the free country which religion does not forbid murder of animals for this reason the choice only for us!