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How it is correct to cook jam from apricots?

in the south of Ukraine in July in each yard air are filled with delicate aroma of apricot jam. In days of old this tasty product was cooked buckets. Today in each supermarket all the year round fresh fruit therefore jam lost a leading place of a dessert.

Nevertheless it is not necessary to exclude it absolutely from a diet as it contains many useful mineral substances and minerals. This product is especially useful to the people having diseases warmly - vascular system as apricots contain many salts of the potassium necessary for strengthening of a cardiac muscle.

History of use of apricots as medicine contains more than 5000 years. For the first time these fruits began to apply in China, then they extended in Central Asia, Georgia, Armenia. Fast distribution of these surprising fruit was promoted by a wide range of their application in medicine. Existence in fruits of iron, magnesium, carotene, easily usvoyaemy sugars, vitamins caused their application in dietary food of patients with diseases of anemia, a hypertension, zheludochno - an intestinal path.

Apricots dried with a stone are called dried apricots, and halves without stones - dried apricots. But the most widespread way of preparation of apricots for the future is a jam making and jam.

For jam making fruits use immature, whole, without damages. The apricots which are carefully washed up and exempted from stones stack in the enameled basin and fill in with the boiling syrup.

Syrup is prepared from calculation: on 1 kg of fruits of 800 g of sugar and 200 ml of water. In a separate pan sugar is connected to water and brought to boiling.

The filled-in apricots place in the cool place for 12 hours. Then syrup is merged in the same pan, brought to boiling, fill in fruit then they are left in the same place again for 12 hours. It is necessary to repeat such procedure not less than three times. The more time apricots are filled in with the boiling syrup, the fruit will remain when cooking better.

After triple filling the bowl with jam is put on slow fire and cook minutes forty. Readiness of a product is defined by drawing a thin stream of jam on a plate. If the stream is not interrupted, and jam on a plate does not spread - it is time to remove from fire.

While jam cooks, it is necessary to prepare ware for packaging. Purely washed up jars are sterilized on couple or in an oven. Then in hot ware jam is displayed. The filled banks hermetically are closed by sterile covers. Preparation for the winter is ready.

For very busy hostesses it is possible to offer the recipe of preparation of jam more simply . The prepared apricots in a bowl are filled up with granulated sugar at the rate on one kilogram of fruits one kilogram of sugar. Fruit in sugar leave until apricot juice does not cover them. Then the bowl is put on slow fire and contents it is carried to boiling at careful stirring. We cook apricot jam before boiling, we remove from fire and we place in the cool place before full cooling. Cooking process - cooling repeat several times to full readiness of a product which is checked by the above described method.

The sense of long jam making with breaks on cooling is that water in fruits is replaced with sugar therefore their pulp becomes dense and does not collapse when boiling.

When I cook jam, the children`s rhyme is remembered:

We smeared on Skin

bread from jam,

I as though every day

in the Summer Sunday.

to cook qualitative jam, it is necessary to strive, but the result is worth it. As it is pleasant to treat in the cold, gray winter afternoon house with hot tea with sun pieces in amber syrup! Solar to you days and in a winter icy cold!