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Whether there will be “doomsday“?

we Will consider the forecast for 2012 2012 from a position of three levels: spiritual, socially - economic and personal.

Personal level will be traced by consideration of the first two. To dominate and material subjects will concern. But it is an external background of year. Question depth - in need of spiritual transformation. At present there is a long period of transition through “threshold“ of our future “house“ which in many respects depends on what choice will be made by Mankind.

Our world A.D. any more many times so never endured “end“ and, as you can see, it and did not come. And how the Maya calendar, you ask? Believe, life will not stop only because that the calendar for infinity was not written.

However in a calendar of the Maya the major for us is put information. In what its essence? The matter is that everything in our world is cyclic, and according to this calendar our Hera comes to an end in 2012. Means, time to do a new round on a development spiral came. Our world has to change cardinally (these are already many understand and feel).

And here talk on the forthcoming cataclysms is not groundless as if we, including valuable material benefits, do not wish grow spiritually, then to us they, alas, will help … Cataclysms, unfortunately, are possible

, and their probability is high because scientists predict high activity of the Sun. But if the Nature also rebels, then only to show us, who actually “master of the situation“, for suppression of human nonsense and arrogance.

When the person develops psychologically and spiritually “seven-mile“ steps? Yes, in crises, and even more precisely - suffering. People are different. One “shake up cream“, like the frog who got to a jug with milk and wishing to get out of it. Others - give up, go on a bottom.

But while there are at least 2% of the people praying for bright future, leading a righteous life, the mankind will not be destroyed by the Highest Forces. You will tell what Forces which are supposedly so cruel violently to move away people are? It for us important material, temporary, to the Highest is important to keep our Souls, but not bodies from destruction … Know

in what life value in society? In communication. The level of development of society is defined by how with whom and how many we communicate and how many and that we read. The paradox is that the tekhnokratichny society, the is less than real-life sincere communication. Conclusions arise concerning where we go. Technically we develop. And spiritually? All speak about an economic crisis, but it is secondary. Now time of acute spiritual crisis.

However you should not be afraid of crises, they are inevitable and necessary from time to time. Because we and the world which we build / have are not perfect. Crises are rotary points which signal that it is time to change something, to correct that we do something not so or at the wrong time.

And the crisis is more powerful, the changes / changes are required more cardinally. They call us for serious considering of a situation and then already - for actions. There is a haste, and especially panic, are not necessary. It is necessary to avoid a widespread tendency: at first in the general vanity we do, and then already we think. If the person really “reasonable“, and not just so is called, then he will reflect, will place priorities, will be prepared, will master survival methods, that is “will spread straws“. Not for nothing we are told about Noye, about an ark. Example tomuyest. The main thing - to learn to own the emotions, not to panic in crisis situations. Japanese at recent events of 2011 showed us that it is possible to grow in himself such qualities.

Pervo - napervo it is worth investing time and money in himself and in the relatives. To put in health, knowledge, abilities, doing it by the true capital. And then, what you from material would not lose, the most precious - you and your relatives - will remain with you! Knowledge and ability, having health, you will always be able to build / create anew new, the best. So it is better for fears not to give vent, and to live in pleasure, without accumulating temporarily - material values, and being trained, making plans and the relations, strengthening health.

Now we will move to other level - socially - economic. 2011-2012 - a median, culmination point of an economic crisis. And this business, as they say, not of one day, is more right - years. Transformation of economic and political system will go till 2017-2020. Therefore to speak about stability still early. The tendency to inflation, a rise in price, especially food will be observed. Many will begin to understand malignancy of a dependency of the citizen and will stretch “to the earth“, to cultivation of the environmentally friendly products. But the already very few because the consumerism rust deeply already sits in people will be capable of it. And “to receive the principle much, without creating anything“ only will aggravate crisis.

Any innovations will be perceived or extremely positively and azhiotazhno, or is extremely negative, with denial. And social “crackdown“, as well as in 2011, will cause a furious mass protest. The politician, taking often “the rigid offensive“, preferring to punish, forcing to live by rules, will obviously not get diplomacy. And society is still not ready to adapt under new orders. It is necessary to try to stick to “golden mean“, without getting under influence of crowd.

Since fall the tax system and other supervisory authorities will become even more rigid and uncompromising. Therefore everything is better to do in time and correctly, counting the opportunities as the chess player, beforehand. It will not prevent to make secure in material questions, but not the main thing. The main thing - finding of an internal core, will power, manifestation of patience, working capacity and determination. Augment this capital! And still - it is necessary to work, create, be a lot of capable “to catch a wave“ and to remain on “crest“, at height.

But everything it is known that crises stimulate development of technology and sciences. Therefore in science and technologies break, a round on higher level of technical progress, prompt development of the alternative directions, for example, in power is expected.

So you should not wait for something bad of 2012. Treat everything that will be contrary to your expectations, as need of change of to the best, self-improvement. That it happens, all to the best. The main thing - to understand for what, in what to be trained what needs to be changed and made? The reasonable and positive spirit of each person will play an important role in productivity of year in general. As often we speak: “There would be no happiness and the misfortune helped!“ The Universe is wise! And to us came it is time to pomudret, realize the imperfection, arrogance, aggressive ambitions and a distortion in values.

For people active, able to get to necessary “stream“, feeling time and inquiries, year can become very productive. And for whiners, especially those who trust in the fairy tale “About a Doomsday“ he can turn back loss of money, opportunities and Good luck.

The success - means “to be in time“. Only it is necessary to understand where it is necessary to be in time. The choice needs to be made towards improvement of the inner self, that is true values, towards creation, and not just consumption, and towards healthy optimism.

Having suspended thoughtless race behind material benefits, to ourselves we will live - to live yes dobra to acquire - in Soul. Let`s become kinder, wiser and is positive, “are perfected“ creatively / are ready.

So, “doomsday“ is not expected, but changes are inevitable. The mankind has to learn to think: as it lives that does that has to do and where it heads.

All to you kind and light!