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Why “Right cause“ in Russia has to be left?

In Russia new political force - party right, led and financed by the large capital appeared. To tell more precisely, right at us were earlier, but it is somehow so very imperceptible. And here the power decided that it is time to participate also to oligarchs in a party building. Not all to them on resorts foreign to walk about and the sizes of yachts to compete. Also for the homeland something useful to think up is necessary.

Having changed Mironov for Prokhorov, the Kremlin obviously decided to make political system steadier. At the left - loyal Zyuganov, on the right - not less faithful oligarch, it is obvious to them to have plenty to lose at any incorrect deal. In the center - the Popular front which absorbed the “United Russia“ which made the business.

The design of the political car is clear. But whether it will move in the necessary direction?

Right in Russia never were in power. And now their support in society is minimum. Well do not love at us oligarchs! In the country of officials, pensioners and Tajiks there is no place enterprising and vigorous. Even if they earned the state not from mortgage auctions.

The creative producers working for “Right cause“ clearly understand it and try though somehow to draw parties other person. From here and the name of party sending us at the time of Iosif Vissarionovich. And the choice of the flowers of a flag reconciling party right with extremely right. And appointment of the oligarch as the main thing with a simple Russian surname.

But all this is obviously not enough that the electorate from Kukuyevka or Uryupinsk went to vote for right.

That Russia won right, they have to become at least for the period of elections left!

But everything is engaged at that flank by the United Russia party members and their younger partners in political business who entered the Popular front - communists.

Remains to time before elections less than nothing. To gain 7% in October for passing to the Duma it is almost unreal. If, of course, not to throw into fight hundreds of millions dollars on belief of electorate. And most likely, it will also be made.

Opponents “Prokhorova and To“ can remember such moments, unpleasant during elective fight, as binges in Courchevel and picnic on “Aurora“.

And if the landing of girls in the fashionable resort as - nibud also swallows electorate (which of us is not guilty and there would be such means, as at the oligarch, …), the cruiser befouled by oligarchs and officials will be very difficult to be explained.

Anyway, us very fascinating duel of political image makers waits. And if those from them which “untwist“ pravodel manage to prove that in Courchevel there were students learning languages, and on “Aurora“ - shooting “Beat bourgeoises“, then at right there is a chance to fray languages in the Duma.

And a canape with an ikorka under “Madam Clicquot“. So, modestly to celebrate seven percent. More they will hardly be given.

Yes it is also not necessary to them. Business at them though right, but the fact that the helmsman sits in the center is clear to any hedgehog from “Right cause“ without explanations.

People - that clever. Fools of a state in Russia do not do.

Fools in Russia go to elections, enter popular fronts and live at the same time from a salary to a salary.

And this their business. And right it to call somehow difficult.