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How to fight against milk? We prepare from cottage cheese

I Bring to attention readers practical, and, above all tasty council on “how to fight with … milk“. “Why it is necessary to fight?“ - you ask.

It is admissible some harmful production, and for harm - that milk. In a week can collect liters five or six! Something with it should be done...

There is no problem if you love milk and milk porridges. And if is not present? It is possible to take a milk pan as the queen Cleopatra, but I am not a fan of such doubtful exotic.

Therefore I vote for cottage cheese!

It is absolutely simple to make it - we leave milk for day without refrigerator that subsour, we pour in a pan and we heat. Then we cool and we pour out, filtering through a multilayered gauze or a napkin. Turned out a lump we put on a dish. Well as? It turned out a little? But it is the real house cottage cheese!

Is known of advantage of this product much - it is rich with calcium, and it is “cement“ for bones and, therefore, is important to children - for formation of a skeleton and strengthening of teeth.

Still cottage cheese is a part of many medical diets, is recommended at such diseases as gastritis, stomach ulcer, a hypertension, diseases of kidneys and a gall bladder.

Cottage cheese - the source of vitamin A and B2, and is visual acuity and regeneration of fabrics, resilience to infections and normalization of a metabolism.

Besides, the cottage cheese use well affects nervous system and work of a brain.

I think, from medicine it is possible to pass to cookery already. As many different delicacies can be prepared with cottage cheese use!

For example to add to cottage cheese granulated sugar to taste, vanillin, egg for a sheaf and some fruit loved by you - the crushed prunes or dried apricots, to stir properly - and tasty curds will turn out! Also is not worse at all, than in shop.

And here still example: the cottage cheese dumplings, raisin and a chocolate crumb prepared by kind hands with good mood! Unless they can compete with store production? Labor-consuming, of course, occupation, but is checked on itself - it is worth it!

Personally I most of all am pleasant to be engaged in pastries, here also the recipe in a subject:

of Khachapuri


So, for the test we take: a cottage cheese pack (200 g), one egg, 125 g (half-pack) of oil or margarine, are a little salt and sugar (approximately on a teaspoon), soda on a knife tip (to extinguish vinegar), torments one and a half glasses.

All components are well mixed. We knead dough. It turns out soft on a consistence.

We divide dough into two parts, carefully we roll on slightly greased baking sheet. We put at first one rolled flat cake, then we display a stuffing and we cover with the second flat cake. We fill edges. We do by a fork numerous punctures. We grease a surface with egg and we put the furnace in the warmed oven. On an average to heat for about 20-30 minutes.

For a stuffing we take: cheese - 150 g, not necessarily firm, will approach also sausage, and even fused (it it is inconvenient to rub on a grater, but it is possible to cut small with pieces), 2-3 small garlic gloves (too to rub), a sour cream tablespoon (if is not present, it is possible to take mayonnaise) and egg white (a yolk we will grease a product). Well everything we stir

. The stuffing is ready!

Ah as it is pleasant to sit behind a cup of tea with such tasty pie!