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How to attract the tyrant? A bad advice of

the Yellow press dazzles with messages on rapes. Sometimes it seems that it is only worth going outside as right there from - for the next a corner the maniac with very certain intentions will snatch.

But is not present. Millions of women daily go on the cities and villages, without having met for all the life of any tyrant. So, despite assurances of mass media, not so just to find the tyrant. Here it is necessary to try.

The first that should be considered: the tyrant - usually a being timid, afraid of congestions of the people and bright light. Therefore if your purpose - to be raped, avoid the crowded and lit streets. If to your house two roads - one lit, by bright store show-windows, stops of public transport, restaurants, and the second through the dark deserted yards - choose the second. On it there are much more chances to find the desirable.

Remember that business of the tyrant - the intimate, demanding privacy. Therefore do not agree at all that you were taken home. Do not take with yourself even the girlfriend. To the tyrant and - that the woman to cope with one it is problematic where with two. So you will only frighten off the happiness.

Very good method - walks before going to bed. Especially as they are recommended by medicine for improvement of a dream and calm of nervous system. Places for walks need to be chosen dark and lonely, in full accordance with character of the tyrant. Parks and squares are especially good from this point of view. Well and time, of course, has to be not children`s.

If suddenly on the street you found out that for you the man was coordinated, do not frighten off him calling shops, calls by phone and walk under lamps in crowded places. Be convinced that it follows you, and turn on the dark street, or at all at once go to park. Subsequently, explaining to representatives of protection of a law and order the behavior, you will be able to motivate it with the fact that through park the road to your house is shorter, and you hoped to escape from the suspicious person thus.

Trust strangers more. If absolutely unfamiliar man approaches you in the evening on the street and invites to keep him the company on walk, in the bar and so on - agree. Perhaps, it also is the one whom you look for.

But not always lonely walks it is possible to achieve desirable result. Sometimes it is necessary to take drastic measures. As those lonely campaigns to bars and cafe are good. It is necessary to put on at the same time as much as possible provocatively and very clearly to show desire to get acquainted.

Also quite good results are yielded by vote on roads. The taxi is not our method. Sometimes, that among drivers of a taxi the necessary copies come across, but the probability of a meeting with them is not so high. Therefore just it is better to vote in late time, choosing only those cars where driving the man. And - any women nearby. Two men in the car - too it is quite good, there is a chance of group rape.

The behavior in the stopped car has to be corresponding. Any modest seat behind. Only ahead, near the driver. It is desirable - a leg on a leg (if the size of salon allows). If the similar pose is impossible, then it is necessary to take care even when landing that the skirt appeared as is possible above. Competent demonstration of legs can turn into the tyrant even the one who did not think of similar.

Tyrants often need encouragement. Therefore do not forget to say to the driver that from your point of view he is very nice. And here if your former was similar to it though a little, you would never throw it. By the way, the similar technique is good also in bars.

If your newly made acquaintance tries to touch you for a knee - very well, you successfully move ahead to the purpose. It is quite good to encourage it with giggling and draft views.

If after that you are invited to be passed in the direction, to your opposite house, it is necessary to be confused. But do not push away the candidate. Tell that, generally, not too now are busy, and you nobody waits for the house. And in general, you have an unimportant mood, and you would be glad if you were invited, say, to the next bar.

In the bar drink, you pay to your satellite compliments, smile, continue to show knees. If at your dress rather deep cut - do not forget to bend periodically to the new acquaintance. Let will estimate a landscape. Allow several kisses.

And here - as a result of all tricks you at last appeared in the car parked in the dark town or simply in a gate, in bushes. And rough male hands persistently climb under your clothes.

Now it is a high time to begin to beat off and shout: “Force!“