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Belarusian realities: crisis or “everything is good, the great marchioness“?

Are opened to criticize the Belarusian authorities in Belarus - means voluntarily to climb in a loop. To endanger itself to get penal, to be fined, to be dismissed. Number of journalists, whose long truth-loving tongue brought their owners to places of confinement, not to Kiev at all, grows every day. The irresistible desire to declare aloud what is created around can have all signs of pronounced masochism. Or what other illness, but cannot be recognized as norm in any way. The saying “Fly will not get into a closed mouth“ in Belarus as is actual anywhere. And it can even be paraphrased on Belarusian manners: “The word - a bag and adversity, silence - a harmony and freedom“.

About lie

When you include the Belarusian television, you cannot long understand: about what country and about what citizens there is a speech? Talkative smooth announcers and journalists in the best traditions of Brezhnev`s stagnation vigorously broadcast only about the economic growth, achievements in all areas, stability and that life every day became better. And at the end of each report, each reporting unambiguously repeat about the fidelity elected in the country the politician. And still continually add that “our country“ is surrounded by foes who want “to bend“ us (the term which is most often repeated on the Belarusian TV from the field of science unknown to me).

The first three years of “tuteyshy“ accommodation I fixedly peered into how there live real Belarusians that is told and that think, comparing to how live that is told and that Belarusians unreal, television think. And first was thought that I have something with sight, hearing, and at the same time and with the head: not so I see and not so I think. But, having got accustomed more attentively, I understood over time that on the Belarusian TV tell and show not that there is actually, and how it would be desirable that was. Into the severe truth the thin tape interweaves positive, imperceptible lie. Still. And still. Having intertwined with the gloomy truth, the cheerful lie itself gets all external signs of the truth, thereby positively diluting a sad picture of the Belarusian life. By the principle “We are given birth that to make the fairy tale bylyyu“ and we will force all to believe in it. And who will not believe - that enemy and the traitor.

The average salary over the country in five hundred dollars, growth of economy is higher, than in other former republics, one of the lowest levels of corruption and crime in the CIS - all this forces to be proud and envy itself. Even when your earnings fall short of the level of an average salary over the country. And when you do not understand how such economic growth will be coordinated with a constant increase in prices and a gradual impoverishment of the population. And as every year the increasing number of convicts for economic crimes can conveniently adjoin to “almost zero level of corruption and crime in the country“.

Even now, in days of unknown crisis when the Belarusian ruble depreciated more than twice when the prices continue to grow and when the power proved to be so incompetent and helpless, having got confused in own lie and in general to considerable surprise having found out that the local currency fell off and all country got in one big line, on the Belarusian TV, all with the same slow rhetoric, without changing the chosen course and tone, continue to tell only about “the positive moments“, equating some criticism to tops to change to the Homeland.

Recently on the Belarusian radio declared that the Belarusian labor unions “officially expressed the disagreement with an increase in prices“. I thought that I misheard. Misheard because the Belarusian labor unions exist giving gifts for New year, to arrange cheerful starts and sports contests and to fawn in every possible way upon local government - whether it be the head of plant, factory or other organization. In any case, our labor union is occupied only with what dances under a fife of the employer. And yet never in five years of the work at our nice enterprise I saw and did not hear that our dear labor union dared to tell at least one word in protection of those who are dismissed, reduce and punish. It is one more Belarusian phenomenon when labor unions whose initial and imperative purpose - to protect the worker, actually all understand absolutely on the contrary and observe only interests of the employers.

About inertly current schizophrenia

To put it mildly, frankly not diplomatic statements of the first person of the state on Belarusian, and not only, TV to all - all - all - whether it be the European Union, Russia or a separate visible personnel, ceased to amuse somehow recently. “ of the Trestle of Barroso “, “ lousy Ukrainian parliament “, “ foolish Nordstrim - it what idiots it is necessary to be? “, and also hot assurances “ to put all “, “ to remove the head “ and “to shandarakhnut “ under serious, each hyphen the expressing impatient devotion and hot approval of a physiognomy of those who at the time of such revelations were near on the air, cause burning feeling of awkwardness and shame.

The recent five-hour address to the Belarusian people which reminded an infinite monologue on all subjects more, causes acute sense of bewilderment, mistrust and contempt for the nonsense sounded all over the country. Declared rigidly to all who think differently, “at us is not present of Crisis! We have no crisis! “ the forehead sets thinking and touch deeply to itself: whether you got sick? Something recently acoustical hallucinations began to torment me. If we have no crisis, then how to call devaluation of local currency more than twice and the increase in prices which reached already a point 60 - 100% for last month? If it is not crisis, not crisis of economy, not crisis of local currency, not crisis of the power declaring three days before “not crisis“ that it “ of sharp price increase will not be “ that “the Belarusian ruble is firm , more than ever “, what there is a crisis?

Or how to call baby talk “ you only listen to me, and everything will be good “? It is a session of psychotherapy or the report on a state of affairs in the Belarusian economy? Or how to treat a good initiative at the Belarusian enterprises to put the disciplinary clamps when instead of solving enormous problems in economy, questions with production and sales of products, that is to be engaged in business, heads of all levels are forced to be engaged what to reveal late for work where it is not cleaned in the territory and to punish, punish, punish for it? To scrub the train at full speed rushing to an abyss?

About the parallel worlds

Feeling such that the power and the people live in the parallel worlds. In two different countries. In the country of the power there is no crisis, all under control and life is still fine. And in the country of the people there is both a crisis, and absolute devaluation, and an increase in prices.

Only has the right to talk the true situation in the country for some reason only the power. And the people of such right have still no.