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For whom you kind, madam Udacha?

Speak, risk - a noble cause. This is true when the person knows that he can fail or even to die, but tries to change an adverse situation. Or the sir, or was gone! Heroes usually and arrive. And thrill-seekers, thrill-seekers, endanger themselves for the sake of adrenaline. Risk, but always hope for a favorable outcome. We take off hats and I will eat the song to madness of brave!

In any cases connected with risk, the luck has crucial importance. And how to define who can count on luck and good luck?

What risks the ordinary person?

Life, as a rule, does not set heroic tasks for it. Just someone has a desire to increase the spirituality or temptation to improve a material state, to change the marital status.

To sell the apartment and to go to live in the Indian ashram or to Siberia to Vissarion. To enclose all cash in business or to give them for fabulous percent some to the nice fellow Mavrodi, the financial hero of our time. To throw the house, the spouse and children for the sake of new, more perspective love.

Risk? Of course. Having pursued a crane in the sky, it is possible to lose a titmouse in hands, and even in general to appear at the bottom of life.

And what is done at this time by guardian angels?

It is considered h2 that each of us has one or several guardian angels. How to define, whether hard-working they whether are always ready to provide desired success? Life experience prompts what is among them and such which, it is possible (who knows it for certain?) watch to themselves soccer on TV while their ward sinks in a bog of the problems. Atheists, be not nervous! Guardian angels - only a metaphor.

The author of the modern book about numerology A. F. Alexandrov so explains good luck and luck. A symbol of that and another the numerology appointed figure “sem“. The subject, whose date of birth and numbers, derivative of it, contains two seven and more, has special mission, considers Alexandrov. At this historical stage it should convey certain information to people. The more the semerok, the is more important information.

Therefore the Nature (God, destiny, guardian angels) preserves the elect against unpleasant and dangerous accidents. It is called luck or luck. All other his fellows “have a rest“. Fill to themselves cones in a pursuit of good luck, will not understand yet that it is necessary to work, but not to count on “freebie“.

Number the semerok decides on the help of special calculation. we Will count

is simple to Make numerologichesky calculation.

We write down date of the birth. For example: 21. 06. 1987. By the way, the author suggests to lower zero, that is to write down so: 21. 6. 1987. (And if you were born, let us assume, on June 4, then we will write down number of birthday as follows: 4. 6. 1987).

We put all figures: 2+1+6+1+9+8+7=34. It will be the first derivative number. Now we will put figures: 3+4=7 (second). We will calculate the third, having subtracted the doubled first figure of number of birthday from the first: 34 - 2õ2=30. We will receive the fourth by addition of figures of the third: 3+0=3.

We will write down numbers thus:

21. 6. 1987

347 303

wrote down in the First line date of birth, and below - derivatives of number from it: the first with the second, then the third with the fourth. Now we will count total a semerok. In this case their two.

the Loser, “lucky“ and others

the Loser - that at whom in his numbers are absent the seven . For the present historical situation the Nature exempted it from a task to enrich mankind with new knowledge. It is released in “free floating“. And his guardian angels click nutlets and spit in a ceiling. Would like to help, but it is not necessary. Its hour of triumph - in other life. For now let flounders independently.

In search of the purpose the individual who is not supported from above encounters a set of obstacles. The villain - destiny does not feel sorry for it for punches. Obstacles, but not keepers, play a role of traffic controllers of its movement in the right direction. The risk in any business is categorically contraindicated to such person. the Owner of the only figure 7 is not really protected by

from vicissitudes of life. Therefore he should not agree to risky offers, to gamble or hope for a big prize in a lottery . At best as a prize it will get the ten-ruble note or a ball pen.

It is characteristic that the people suffering from a game addiction, rare small prizes push to stake again and again. Passion, hope for a big prize forces them to risk illogically. They do not know that those who are really lucky receive much and at once.

To the subject with one figure “sem“ only call of duty, persistence and diligence will help to achieve success in life. There are those qualities on which he has to stake.

“Lucky“ - the owner two a semerok. This lucky can risk as the Destiny will push him to the choice of the right direction in time. Failures come only from - for wrong behavior of the person - laziness, alcoholism, obsession with material pleasures, irresponsibility as it sometimes happens to the talents showing once promises.

The chosen by fate who is marked out by three and more figures “sem“ , does not depend on a case. He is an organizer of the life and life of people around himself. His plans are always realized as they are programmed on it by the Nature. The risk which he takes is always expedient and leads to success.

Well, at least the numerology gives the answer to a question to whom good luck is favorable, and removes claims to our guardian angels who are forced to become for a while fans of soccer or others senseless, but amusing (from the point of view of the highest beings) human hobbies.