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Grant for presidents. p. 8, the last.

of the Technician of public safety when carrying out socially - economic and political reforms.

Any large head, and the president of the state especially, has to understand that the relative provision of public elements, i.e. certain people and various associations in which they, and it is conscious, and are not present function, is in the continuous movement that rest can be only relative that the position in space of interests of the head depends on his ability to correspond to the movement of public masses. It is difficult to judge the reasons of failures of political, economic social and other reforms under the leadership of this or that head, but one remains an unbiased fact - the people can be stirred to action against the existing power always whatever good or bad it was. In the nature there is a certain regularity of transformation of one type of matter in another. It is possible to call observance of a certain sequence of the actions leading to change of properties and functions of matter, in a broad sense this word, in particular, technologies which change the current situation of the states and other associations of people.

There are two options of maintenance in the country of the stable public relations which are a necessary condition of prosperity of the state and good life of the people:

1. Government has to be unique, unpredictable that nobody understood true sense of actions of the leading center, and could not anticipate them. At the same time activity of the head has to be stage-by-stage and balancing on a side of general discontent, without bringing a situation to social disasters. As soon as opponents organize dissatisfied in effective force, the notable improvement of life of the majority answering the initial purpose will be necessary. In this case, from the head the huge tension of forces, nerves, a delicacy of non-standard decisions, repeated overcoming of the difficulties caused by various coordination and compromises, and, above all, peculiar fiskalno - a power preemptive control system is required.

2. Completely “to open cards“, to make policy available to everyone to exclude interpretation of actions favorable to oppositionists that the people knew and saw the purpose of actions of the government, then reforms can be corrected quickly., such policy when the coordinate amount of human desires turns into quality of life, into compliance with rational laws of the nature, truly democratic. In this case, transparency of reformatory policy is shown, possibilities of an abuse of power to the detriment of the state decrease, the reasons udach and defeats, also as responsible for defeats and organizers of victories will become clearly visible. But at the same time the control center has to have a convincing reason to arrive quite so. The new knowledge which fundamental basis can be, for example, can apply for a role of this reason bezortodoksalny the Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe (TOSU) - hardly in the next century its worthy alternative will appear.

Practice of management of the states, most often, represents something between these options and is followed by serious difficulties. From the point of view of laminar, quiet, developments of society, the second option is preferable. So far the purposes of reforms, literally, will not be clear to the people, i.e. until the people want them, they will provoke revolutionary situations and revolutions are inevitable., during the periods, losses by people of communication with the future, i.e. during the periods of absence of confidence in tomorrow, are possible any changes - revolutions, wars and various socially - public instability.

In Russia there is no really national idea therefore it is possible to forget about stable development of the state. Anyway, actions of the government have to correspond to desires of the people, but not be opposed to them therefore creation, at first, of the certain psychological atmosphere preceding the beginning of reforming is so important.

To everyone, I emphasize, the opportunity of definition of own role in the course of the movement of the state to personal prosperity has to be given to each citizen., to such result metainnovative TOSV allows to come. However, for today, modern democracy - all - only the instrument of management justifying any actions of its center. What, actually, with the greatest distinctness became possible to observe on the example of the politician - military events in Europe, Central Asia and Africa. In such conditions, the control center opposing one people to others and receiving from it tactical dividends has some temporary advantages. Anyway, artificiality of action leads to self-destruction, in this case, of all Mankind.

Any actions of living beings are connected with impact on them of external factors of space of dwelling, and change of a relative arrangement of the components making their internal contents - with quality of the response corresponding to concept of predetermination of the future. Time from the beginning of registration of external influence before reaction of an organism characterizes degree of its rationality, i.e. any live organism reacts on external to it influence by own response - the being is more reasonable, the for the bigger period of time it is capable to foresee the future. Indisputable leadership on Earth in the field of knowledge of the future is occupied by the Person.

From here follows - to define future prospect of changes of any organism, it is necessary to know, at least, sequence of last changes of the corresponding parameters of an organism (changes of conditions of its functioning) in time and the end result of improvement of an organism, i.e. the purpose to which the organism stremit the existence.

Studying of laws of functioning of organisms as which it is possible to consider also any associations of people, even a human civilization, on the basis of knowledge of historical events does possible not only studying of the remote past, but also studying of the far future.

As the proof of generality of laws of development of the Universe it is possible to carry out the comparative analysis of a public way of existence of insects and people. Similarity of the principles which are been the basis for the organization of autonomous habitat of any organisms indicates their participation in a uniform way of a survival in nature. It is explained by unconditional operation of the immutable Law of the Uniform Universe with which in compliance the space samoorganizutsya in time, and, eventually, stremit the development to quite concrete state. In that case, a social status of people and insects, everyone as a part of the civilizations, it is possible to consider from uniform positions of the Organic structure of space of dwelling of all live on Earth.

The organic principle of functioning of space allows any person to be guided easily literally in all fields of knowledge, even in of what he has the most vague idea. It on the fact that the principle of improvement of real matter is uniform for all Universe and its knowledge - the serious application for creation of the future at will in the present, i.e. this most effective management. Now became possible to speak about emergence of the methodological principle with which in compliance all processes in the Universe and, naturally, on Earth proceed. And it means, - the Person is capable to change significantly the Universe, but in compliance with it, but thought up not by it, the law of the movement!

It is only, as they say, iceberg top, the most general principle of the solution of universal problems, but society needs the successful solution of private tasks, whenever possible, with immediate result, and to it fully and there corresponds new, Organic, the principle with which in compliance, in a bit different light problems of management of social, economic, political and other processes appear. In modern Russia a lot of things are in a formation stage. To minimize wrong actions of control center of the state - an important paramount problem of domestic science, but its decision, hardly by perhaps old methods. Therefore the fastest reorganization is necessary for the Russian science - delay will allow third-party forces to deprive Russia roles of the leader of the initiator of world progress.

If to speak specifically, then legislative opportunities of the government are capable to bring Russia out of crisis of the last decades, to give to processes of the state construction, as they say, progressive character. To these tasks it is also urged to serve new, Organic, the methodology of the solution of universal, state and personal problems borrowed the nature - in the Universe is not present anything more rationally than an organism therefore to use the Organic principle for prosperity of people a science duty.

The desirable not always becomes valid, and, apparently, the Mankind is expected by the large social disasters corresponding to change of living conditions of the Civilization. In such conditions, interests of any state, from the point of view of economy of material and other state resources, - are the centralized, address influence on nodal, meaning, the centers of concentration of energy of a people at large. For this purpose it is necessary to know and consider dynamic functionality of the corresponding societies.

It is necessary to understand that the nature comes, trying to deprive of people of already won advantages. It is always easy and pleasant to receive advantages - to leave them very hard, and their redistribution conducts to social shocks, and, the redistributions are larger, the shocks are more considerable.

Not therefore whether the great cause of social justice was not beyond declarations what the idea of the communistic future of the Civilization did not consider the Organic structure of the public relations in the world community, and the new growth, in the form of socialist camp, and remained for other states a harmful tumor which resolves in a world organism now? And be at the leadership of the USSR less orthodoxy in policy, and it is more than common sense, the socialist camp would be integrated with the Civilization organism, and Russians should not have had any other feeling, except pride of the Homeland.

I dare to claim that, from a position of the Organic structure of the Universe, ideas of communistic future Mankind are progressive and make sense that Russia - advanced, in continuation of existence of the Civilization, the state, and its people suffering at once for all people living, living and future - vanguard of the Civilization on the way to the future! Probably, at a distant day there will be conventional a great victim of Russians on an altar of prosperity of Mankind. Already now to the world community the understanding of need of association for stability preservation comes; process of transition of number of the states - contrasts in new quality of the international relations, in unity without which it does not make sense to hope for the better future continues.

Sometime it will become clear to all that world society of social justice - the unique option of the future of the Civilization that socialism errors not a shame of the nation as many think now, and one of unsuccessful attempts of break to the future, to prosperity of Mankind. If to take into account that absence of knowledge forces people to use the only way of knowledge of difficult processes, including lives, a trial and error method, then Russia - the first-ever state which made risky attempt of transition of Mankind on following, the highest, a level of development of the public relations, and Russians - nowadays destroyed protective buffer between the nature and the Civilization protecting this artificial education from destruction. Russian the first tried to bring the world community into accord with a tendency of development and improvement of the Universe, but, unfortunately, all are mistaken, always and in everything.

To be pioneers on the way to general prosperity - worthy the great Russian people - the sufferer national idea, and creation on society Earth with not animal principles of existence, corresponds to the organic principle of a structure of the Universe.

The world should not rejoice to defeat of the USSR, it is necessary to be afraid of it, - the Mankind for some time lost progressive idea of future world order. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the weakened organism of Mankind can be struck dangerous “ infection “ global scale, connotating unhappiness and troubles to billions of inhabitants of Earth - it was clear long before collapse of the USSR.

Continuation of existence out of concepts of the Organic structure is fraught with unpredictable consequences for all Mankind, not without reason we observe not only climate changes of the planet, but also the change in alignment of forces which are earlier representing a certain balance of the interstate relations. Without knowledge of natural tendencies of development of space of dwelling it is possible once again “to commit follies“ not only in policy, but also in all spheres of human activity.

The unity of functional space, according to the Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe, allows to predict events in all areas of human activity, i.e. to solve problems of any scales in compliance with available the researcher knowledge. In particular, it is possible with the raised degree of probability to predict negative reaction of representatives of any of sciences to use of the principles of the Organic structure of real matter - matter in information source belonging to the Organic system called by science. Public reaction - a derivative of activity of media on consciousnesses of people. The special resonance is caused by the duplicated statements of the famous people, even if they are not true. Thus, consciousnesses of people are coded definitely, and the basis which allowed to influence people in this way is historically developed system of division of labor when everyone is forced to go about the own business as part of the general, trusting the wellbeing and life to others.

But and here laws of the nature and, for example, economy, you will tell, - the state the state, and the nature - Wednesday in which there are various events, including, proceeds life of the state and citizens how its contents?, the faith of one people in others, more expert, than they, is the cornerstone of development of the public relations and is the reason of good and bad life of certain people and all Mankind. In life everything is interconnected - ignorance of these regularities does not mean their absence, and the course of economic processes seeming casual, in particular, only proves absence of the corresponding knowledge.

Of what it is necessary to be afraid when carrying out reforming of economy? In - the first, radical actions which are not anticipated by psychologically correctly oriented preparation for changes. It is no secret that even the actions of the government which are obviously worsening situation of the people can be presented under a favorable foreshortening, and at the same time, to cause negative reactions to progressive intentions - it is all about understanding of what occurs. Roughly speaking, now, impose to each participant of social process foreign desires. Thus, the successful solution of any problem requires coding of consciousness of many people what the concrete incentive is necessary for, to all to wish one, in advance planned. Creation of real incentive - the difficult, defining success reformer`s task.

Yes, it is unusual approach and, it the actions similar to a manipulation crowd, on deception, but deception for the good. Similar actions of the power in line with a current of laws of the nature will not provoke public opposition and revolutionary moods - it is much cheaper and quieter, than a post factum to pacify the people incited by opposition to active actions.

Vyacheslav Trofimov, the head Koordinatsionno - analytical center of the Social

P Technologies. S. - article is written in 2002 and published with small additions, as they say. on topic of the day.