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As well as than we lived in 90 - e? Old letters of

Further and further leave us 90 - e the years which became critical and for the country in general and for all those who passed through them. Now, after two decades, a lot of things began to be forgotten, to seem not such important and significant as saw then.

Whether so it? I do not know. Time, probably, will show. Also will place everything on those places on which it also has to stand. Especially as will already judge it, probably, without us. People whom all that occurred then did not concern. They at hand will have different archival documents according to which it will be possible to judge that time, to draw some conclusions and the generalizing conclusions.

And if all - not to shelve this business, to seize the given opportunity, to look back and to remember - as, what cares and we lived in hopes then? If at someone the old turned yellow leaflets of letters on which envelopes there is a postage stamp - “90 - e“ suddenly remained.

I have them, strangely enough, despite many moving, remained. And here the other day, having incidentally come across not really thick pack and having begun to sort it, I suddenly unexpectedly plunged into what, apparently, otbolet long ago and died. No, did not die. Yes, probably, also should not die because it not only a part of history of our country, but also ourselves.

Yes, now we any more not such what were then. But in it is big if not to tell - the defining role was played 90 - e. They melted us into those whom we on a result became.

And that it is better to understand it, maybe, we will remember, we will get a grasp of the lines written by different handwritings on the pages which turned yellow from time pulled out from school notebooks?

“I will write nothing about Tbilisi. Nobody knows anything about it (allegedly). And at all - to understand nothing.

I will tell only that rumors about the conflict between Army and Georgia are strongly exaggerated. Operate with some cheap facts, like the fact that in three last months in Tbilisi physical insults to 15 servicemen were caused. The devil and in ***** for a week of a muzzle hit into our cadet stay to, at least, 30 servicemen. And anything, nobody spoke about the conflict between Army and Russia. And Tbilisi much more the city of our cadet youth. But, in spite of the fact that our brother here “is physically offended“ in much smaller quantities, the conflict, appears, takes place to be. To whom it is favorable, - itself understand.

******, in / h ********, the Georgian SSR, June, 1989“.

“Mishkin the namesake, only Sergeyevich, on the sixth year of reorganization decided to improve a standard of living of the Soviet people. Took and raised the prices. You represent? After that I suggested Mishka on new to enter CPSU for the only purpose, - that once again from it to leave and enjoy it! By the way, mother too in March returned the ticket.

Tomorrow, maybe, the future of Russia will be solved if choose Yeltsin. No, and we will rush further with the socialism as the simpleton with a mortar. I will pray to God tomorrow, though I do not believe in him. With pleasure would go to the Russian professional army as he (Yeltsin) suggests to make.

You know, all - probably, it is necessary to adopt Christianity, to be exact - Orthodoxy and to be christened. Both, and to children. It is necessary to trust in something.

*****, Vologda Region, on May 27, 1990“. “Very long did not write

. Already thought, this time and I will not be chosen. Took heart, sugar above any norms rose. Now strenuously I drive it. Six months did not take analyses, and have to take every month. Physicians do not go. There are no cars, gasoline. Any order. And most to me not to reach hospital in any way. I on the room and that am hardly I shuffle. Here also drank all this time according to old analyses.

To us cut off meat on coupons. There were 800 grams, and now, since April, on 500 grams on the person. It already out of the common! The only hope for hens, but try, get them …

With products, in general, it became absolutely bad. Hardly we get sausage and that is expensive. Cheap is not present at all. Cheese - already and the smell was forgotten. Butter - with interruptions. Well, about a market and there is nothing to speak. Potatoes are our scourge here, especially in the spring. The unknown phenomenon - apples now as in Norilsk - 8 rubles for kilogram, and are the only fruit which I can eat.

****, Tajik the Soviet Socialist Republic, on June 10, 1990“

“Was reached by me normally. In Moscow was till 21 o`clock, of course, loafed for a while on shops, but nothing can be bought since all according to passports with the Moscow registration and everywhere turns awful. Besides creams, at all, children`s acceptable - did not see anything. Was tired strongly, hardly reached the station.

To Stary Oskol arrived with delay for 15 minutes, but it was enough that I did not leave by bus. It turned out that it to the best. I walked on the city and which - that grasped. Managed to get to an epicure while sold rice, at 2 kg on a nose. Of course, at once bought so home arrived loaded as the dump truck.

the page *****, the Belgorod region, on July 30, 1990“

“To Russia and nothing to suspect an exchange, nobody wants to go to us now. And without the corner where you will live? Now, if only is impatient, everything we will stop and - running, increasing number of refugees. With light baggage! Then already will think once - where and where we will live...

****, Tajik the Soviet Socialist Republic, on August 28, 1990“

“Weather at us does not indulge. Number 5 - on March 6 there was the real spring: snow completely melted, was warm. And then became cold and it is very strong, at night the frost was to - 15. Even in senets in buckets water froze. Also it is still warm is not present. Last night snow dropped out.

I on heat sent you potatoes, and now I grieve, as if it did not freeze slightly. It will be a pity, there was a wish that you had the potato, but, probably, nothing left.

page *****, the Belgorod Region, on March 20, 1995“ “At present I too you write

this letter already from the new place of work. Generally, I passed into Bar and now I work in legal consultation. Us here two - I and the manager.

Fulfilled week, but to the people goes a little - there is no money and think that it is not necessary. And when, for example, their children get divorced, run and shout that as so, the ex-wife took away a half from the native sonny, or it is more, the property acquired by back-breaking toil of parents. And here you speak to them - and where you were, darling,s when your only thing was given walls, the car and other? And they take offense, say that they “you bought and you do not want to help“.

But all this, of course, nonsense - we will live further. I do not know what will turn out, but also it became impossible to work at the old place as it is not got paid since March, 1997.

And here so far I go under the 49th article Criminal Procedure Code to court - and I protect the murderer and other robbers that though department of justice which - what pennies paid. Well, all right, will be enough about me.

Learned from your letter that you in logging enterprise. To tell the truth, thought that nevertheless you as - nibud will hook on something in the city, well and it is fine, to teach you that...

Serege called before calculation from work., It seems, everything at it is normal, but complains that also money is heavy a little. And what to do?.

*****, Vologda Region 05. 03. 98 g“.

Yes, here so we also lived. Without cheese, sausage and gasoline. With two kilograms of rice per customer and meat half a kilo on a nose. Without salary which was not paid for months, almost for years. Passing to self-sufficiency, a pasture and the potato which is grown up if not by the, then the family to us hands. Without understanding an essence undertaken as then it seemed, the national conflicts from nowhere, but feeling that it is obviously favorable to someone. And hoping … Sincerely hoping for what behind a black strip will be obligatory light, and from - for clouds the sun by all means will look out.

Probably, it is support of those who were near, and sincere belief in the best, allowed us to stand and worry 90 - e. And if today as well as then - not the best times in our life, then at us are already a certain experience. Which with confidence allows to tell: “And it - will pass!“. Surely will pass

. Near us - people whom we love. And who love us. And behind a black strip it will be obligatory white!