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What to choose - yogurt or kefir? We drink useful drinks

Let`s understand advantage of lactic products. Whether so they are miracle? And what it is more preferable to drink: traditional drinks or new? Even children know that these products are useful and with pleasure drink both kefir, and yogurts.

Properties of fermented milk products are studied long ago. The founder of modern microbiology and immunology Frenchman Louis Pasteur the first found their microflora. Researches of the scientist caused a great interest to this subject. After Pasteur scientists - microbiologists began to study not only physiology of microorganisms, but also the biochemical processes of fermentation and rotting caused by bacteria.

The famous Russian biologist I. I. Mechnikov came to a conclusion that one of the reasons of presenilation is constant poisoning of an organism with products of disintegration of food.

The use of fermented milk products - guarantee of longevity. They normalize digestion, clear intestines of toxins, promote weight loss, lower the level of cholesterol and sugar in blood, interfere with emergence of stones in kidneys and heart troubles, positively influence a metabolism, strengthen bones and normalize a dream. These are the main useful effects, and all others cannot just be listed.

Let`s talk about traditional dairy drinks at first. They are divided into two groups:

1. The products received as a result of lactic fermentation (curdled milk, acidophilic milk, etc.).

2. The products received as a result of the mixed lactic and spirit fermentation (kefir, koumiss, ayran, etc.) .

Recently there is an opinion that in traditional dairy drinks useful bacteria are destroyed even in the course of preparation or their storage. Usual strains are very delicate and gentle and often interactions with bile or gastric juice perish from body temperature.

However, having addressed researches of scientists, it is possible to tell with confidence that bacteria in the final product are live, quite conform to the international standards, meet the requirements of dietary and medical impact on a human body and keep the biological activity during all expiration date.

By the way, live kefiric organisms and the Bulgarian stick of I. I. Mechnikov for a long time in a human body are not late, but even at a short-term stage their advantage is huge. And special pleasant sourish relish which is impacted by lactic acid stimulates appetite, causes plentiful salivation, improves secretion of gastric juice that promotes the fastest digestion of contents of a stomach, strengthens a vermicular movement zheludochno - an intestinal path and improves work of kidneys.

At chronic diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path kefir is one of the most reliable not only medical, but also nutritious means: language is cleared, vomiting stops, pain and pressure sense in pancreatic area disappear. And activity of intestines is normalized, improves food of a body, strengths of the patient get stronger. Kefir has useful effect and at the general frustration of an organism, an anemia, a scrofula, after a serious illness.

Often intestinal microflora is broken at reception of antibiotics which kill bacteria necessary for an organism. The same phenomenon is promoted by stresses, an adverse ecological situation, low-quality drinking water and food. Dysbacteriosis develops. Fermented milk products help to prevent a disease. First of all, kefir and biokefir and a bifidok made on its basis. These drinks, equivalent on structure, represent the improved kefir with additives of bifidobacteria - microorganisms which help digestion process.

It is necessary to notice that along with all useful properties, there are also small contraindications . Kefir is not recommended to be drunk at the general a polnokroviya, obesity, rheumatism, gout and rickets when introduction to an organism of excess of acid is undesirable.

Along with traditional, the consumer market and our tastes won new fermented milk products. Yogurt concerns to them . Tasty, nutritious, refreshing and extremely useful. Whether so it actually?

In Russia this drink appeared rather recently and quickly won popularity at a wide range of consumers.

It is known that now yogurts include more than 3% of the population of the globe in the diet. Now and we use it not just as a dessert, but also for prevention of intestinal frustration and strengthening of immune system, first of all, thanks to exclusively useful properties of the Bulgarian stick of I. I. Mechnikov.

Scientists claim that they with yogurt live in jars especially resistant lactic, specially removed bifido - and lactobacilli. At hit in an organism they meet other bacteria making intestinal microflora why the effect of useful influence considerably increases. And really these dairy bacteria help the weakened intestines to restore own microflora and full functions.

As any fermented milk product, yogurt, certainly, is useful (especially with bioadditives), but live bacteria remain in it, as a rule, no more than 1 - 2 weeks.

Distinguish “live“ yogurts which are not exposed to heat treatment, and “lifeless“ which pass heat treatment. This process kills live Bulgarian sticks and streptococci. And the physiological role of yogurts is just connected with existence of live cultures.

Separately It is necessary to tell about bio - yogurts. Bifidobacteria are added to them, besides the Bulgarian stick and a streptococcus, that does a product much more usefully. Such yogurts especially positively influence intestines of a children`s organism and promote normal digestion.

And as yogurt is useful to women! It is an irreplaceable product for weight reduction. Today there is a set of effective yogurt diets, but it is already separate subject.

However, there is one moment in production of modern fermented milk products causing alarm of scientists. Recently many producers bring to the market products with own live bacteria. Their impact on a human body finally is not studied. Certainly, they will not do essential harm. But surplus even of very good and useful bacteria is not always shown to an organism in which intestinal microflora is created since the childhood.

To you to solve to what drinks to give preference. But do not forget about need of a variety for food. I only want to remind that fermented milk products of different ferment exert different impact on intestinal microflora. Means, for health of children it is necessary to combine yogurt, kefir, curdled milk and fermented baked milk, and koumiss, ayran, the thane, etc. will be useful to adults.

Use those products which to you to taste both do not cause discomfort on health, and receive not only essential advantage for an organism, but also huge pleasure.