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Fighter “Pastor“: motocross on future heathlands?

I Believe that only true, not turbid existence of reason and critical perception the film fan will be able to appreciate the juicy picture of the new “masterpiece“ which left from - under Scott Charles Stewart`s feather. As appears from the name of article, it is about the apocalyptic comic book “Pastor“ which appeared on screens of Russia and other world in May, 2011. Alas, such audience at the movie was taken a little while the absolute majority of target audience without a moment`s hesitation ignored it, having hammered the next thick nail into a genre per se and a film career of the remarkable actor Paul Bettany. We will also talk about the reasons of so disrespectful relation of film fans to the entertaining 3D project.

… Near future. Or very far that, in fact, is unimportant. We describe the world with what we know it, and even more precisely in comics, finally failed. Eternal fight of the good and evil where the parties are presented by people and vampires, ended for interested persons (though what there persons, vampires in the movie have just disgusting ugly faces) with an inconvenient compromise. The church top at last reached the comprehensive power, having corked mankind in the cities - reservations under very plain slogan “Work, Pray and Sleep Peacefully“. About existence of vampires from whom the civilization was fenced off by the Iron Curtain in literal and figurative sense, it was forgotten.

Nevertheless, the vampires preferring to sleep in the afternoon and to eat at night, the smell of human blood was remembered well. In the abandoned suburbs where the remains of the population try to lift a radioactive virgin soil, desolation and a cock-a-hoop reigns. On the one hand, bloodsuckers it seems as are and even actively devour locals by the principle “who did not hide, I am not guilty“. With another, according to the general line of party in the person of the uncompromising priest monsignor Orelas (Christopher Plummer), life is fine and panic moods are dangerous. Who not with us, that against us, and with us God, so you have only yourselves to blame.

The only weapon against an incalculable horde of monsters - an award of pastors - was written off in junk. The group was dismissed, allegedly, as superfluous, and his former members are interrupted by casual earnings or just loaf on the cities, frightening by characteristic tattoos on a forehead of the peace and very cowed inhabitants. The best fighter of an award, the sinewy and stubborn Pastor (quite so, without name and a surname) after his niece - the daughter was kidnapped by spiteful Chernoshlyapnik (too I do not joke), spits on bans of the Supreme Council of church and goes to heathlands to show to all vampire spawn couple of deadly focuses. It is helped with it by the close friend of the girl, the sheriff Hicks (Cam Gigandet). The fellow is not able to fight in style of pastors, but shoots straight and seriously wrinkles a forehead from what creatures die from laughter and a casual ricochet. Together they are fated to save the world and a clear sky over the head …

of “Pastor“ needs to look at least to understand that there is “absolutely rectilinear plot“. Comics, especially in the Hollywood execution (“Batman“, “Keepers“ and reflexing “Spiderman“ we do not take into account), were always famous for one-sided vision of reality, let also virtual. But only “Pastor“ managed to bring this stamp to a condition of full “amebnost“. In other words, if now to whom - tovzdumatsya to shoot film even more simply, then the movie of Scott Charles Stewart which only litters with the long surname this article will be a starting point, a role model. And the creativity - cinema.

However to expect that the director rotten on sense and the embodiment of “Legion“ suddenly will reincarnate in the thoughtful creator, only the most naive viewer could. I, for example. Not that I connected some dreams with “Pastor“, but all of us are periodically bought on advertizing, and marketing specialists from cinema precisely not for nothing eat the bread. Other trailers to movies turn out at them much more brightly, than the final product which is grown up, appear, straight from commercials, diluting an action with talk, credits and the offscreen commentator.

Having read all aforesaid, you, perhaps, decided that “Pastor“ does not cost the spent time, and hurry to load with presents not unpacked disk to the friend on birthday. Really, not to throw out in garbage. You do not hurry. All claims to a plot are skillfully compensated by creators by means of computer technologies. Here, friends to carp there is nothing, the movie very much even effectively is shot and partly carries out the entertaining mission. Partly, because in an amicable way authors needed to squeeze all action 10 - 15 minutes of screen time and to let out in the form of a short film. And here with full meter they frankly relaxed, having stuffed a tape with moderate pathos and lingering showdowns.

The debutant Cory Gudman promising “to shoot“ this year one more long-awaited project - a horror film “Apollo 18“ which date of a film premiere is still not designated appears the screenwriter of “Pastor“. The first pancake of Gudman was obviously crumpled to a disgrace though, I suspect that the literary primary source - the South Korean comic book - Min`s manga - Wu Hen is partially guilty of it.

The main and most unpleasant moment is that, okromya severe Paul Bettany as the anonymous pastor, in a shot there is nobody to be hooked. More precisely, actors - that is. And beautiful Christopher Plummer in gray hairs, both young and hot Cam Gigandet from “Twilight“, and combative and eternally unshaven Karl Urban (“Lord of the Rings“, “Pathfinder“). And even the waitress from series “Px Twin“ Medken Emik who changed to unrecognizability in a short and tragic role of the wife of the main character who is broken off by vampires on scraps in the first scene of the movie. The problem is obvious. The casting was carried out, and to the scenario forgotten to be added. As a result all characters received “steps offstage“, having as much as possible simplified a task to creators of special effects. On study of characters of time did not remain.

Paul Bettany, if the speech came about performers, frankly disappointed. Permanently the actor began to act in a similar vulgarity somehow imperceptibly, without the prevention. It was how magnificent in “Stories of the knight“ and “Dogville“, so it is empty in “Legion“ and “Pastor“. A role, of course, monetary, but absolutely to it not on level. There is a wish to believe that I did not overestimate his talent.

We will sum up the unfavourable result. From the point of view of a plot “Pastor“ represents that impetuous express from the movie that all road rushes to an appointment point, but does not reach it. Too plainly, again, rectilinearly, and places it is even boring. Only couple of scenes of an action and final fight which, by the way, is made very skillfully will help to cheer up to the viewer. By itself, heroes beyond any laws of physics flit in a shot, but here to complain there is nothing. Genre such. Vigorous chukalovo under the harmonous chorus forcing emotional peak in a shot.

As for all religious moments, I do not see sense them here to consider in essence. Much more silly this moment was stated in last year`s “The Book of Eli“ where the church, most likely, sponsored for the movie. In our case everything is proved at the “children`s“ level therefore atheists can not worry. Their disbelief will remain unshakable. At least, until they do not face in the subway the real-life vampire.