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The tale of how two generals of the tsar deceived.

All the fairy tale in which it is told about the man who supported two generals is well-known. And here the tale of how two generals of the tsar deceived, is hardly known to you. The Azerbaijani storyteller S. Akhmetov who, being a candidate of historical sciences, works the historian part-time wrote this fairy tale.

If to consider that those generals about whom the historian Akhmetov told are generals of the Russian army Yermolov and Madatov, and the deceived tsar - this is the emperor Nicholas I, this fairy tale has to interest the people who are interested in the Russian history ….

… In the military chronicle among victories of the Russian weapon also Shamkhorsky fight is written down.

Shamkhorsky fight - this battle between the Russian troops under command of the general V. G. Madatov and parts of the Iranian army under command of the prince of Persia. It occurred 3 on September (15), 1826 at the settlement of Shamkhor (nowadays. Shamkir, Azerbaijan), on the river Shamkhor - tea (Shamkhork), during Russko - the Persian war 1826 - 28 also exerted huge impact on the general course of war.

Here that the historian V. A. Potto in the book “Caucasian War“ writes about this fight:

“ Shamkhorsky fight lasted not for long and was simple. It terminated in one prompt blow. Resistance of the enemy was so weak that a brilliant victory, defeat five times the strongest enemy, - cost to the Russian troops only twenty seven people who left an operation while losses of the enemy were enormous. On consciousness of Persians, they lost in this day, fatal to them, over two thousand people one killed. The Shakhsky guard participating in business did not exist any more, - she almost all laid down under blows of the Russian cavalry. The space from Shamkhor to Elizavetpol, throughout thirty just over versts, was covered with enemy corpses. Also the Paskevich passing eight days later, through a battlefield, &ndash testified to it, by the way; and Paskevich cannot be suspected of addiction to Madatov in any way or of desire to exaggerate value of a shamkhorsky victory.... “

on the basis of the conclusions the historian S. Akhmetov, came to a conclusion that shamkhorsky history is completely forged and stated results of the researches in article with the intriguing name: “Shamkirsky battle“ “ or As Armenian Madatov “ smashed “ governors of France, Turkey and Iran“.

echo - az. com/archive/2007_07/1607/istoriya01. shtml

Turns out how the historian claims, so-called “ Shamkirsky battle “ was the small skirmish of vanguards which is in every possible way inflated by Madatov and his patron Yermolov. It appears, Madatov, having numerical superiority of forces, attacked group of the Persian troops under command of prince Muhammad Mirzy.

“On flanks horse fight ran high. At this time in the distance, behind the back of the Russian troops the dust column seemed. It the wagon train of group of Madatov approached, but Muhammad Mirza took it for the suitable main forces of the Russian army. Holding the instruction of the father not to engage with the main forces of Russians, he ordered to recede. However retreat turned into flight so troops Kadzharov quickly came off Madatov`s troops, having come to Elizavetpol. Muhammad Mirza reported about approach of the Russian troops and the direction of their movement to the father“

the Most terrible, - S. Akhmetov, &ndash writes the conclusion; is that “ Shamkirsky battle “ got and in our, Azerbaijani textbooks on stories which authors mechanically rewrote the corresponding paragraphs of textbooks of the Soviet era, even without having worked to check them.

“Woe from Wit“ of Griboyedov is involuntarily remembered: “Listen, lie yes know when to stop!“ “ Historian “ turns generals of the Russian army of Yermolov and Madatov into some sharpers, and the general Paskevich presents some silly person who could present small skirmish as serious battle in the form.

There is a special form of lie - concealing. Slinging mud at generals of the Russian army, “historian“ S. Akhmetov considers excessive to remember that in that territory which those years was won by Russia from Persia years later present independent Azerbaijan was formed.

In the historical opus “historian“ of Page. Akhmetov held back also that respect which rendered command of the Turkish army to the general Madatov, died from a consumption in Bulgaria in September, 1829. Paying a tribute of respect to memory of the brave general, Turks suggested the Russian command to bury Madatov in a fencing of Christian church of the city of Shumla which was besieged then by the Russian army. Gate of unapproachable fortress and a coffin with a body of the general Madatov accompanied by a guard of honor from a platoon were for a while open the hussar was brought to the territory of Christian church. A conclusion arises that generals of the Turkish army knew the general of the Russian army Madatov much better than modern Azerbaijani historians...

P. S. Having hurried to throw a stone into Armenian Madatov, the Azerbaijani historian forgot about one “kickshaw“. Who was interested in life of the general Madatov, that has to know that the general Madatov accepted Orthodoxy and on the Russian norms was considered not as the Armenian, but Russian ….