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What defines our life?

Everything in life occur for the first time. But the we become more adult, the it is more responsibility to lay down on our shoulders. Sooner or later we get on that intersection at which, having chosen one of roads, we define the direction of the life. This intersection (even not one can) occurs at all and always. Here only one prepare for it in advance, and others can not notice it till that last moment which is called the choice.

In the childhood the choice of our further way is carried out for us by parents. They choose, direct, but sooner or later we mature and it is inevitability the inevitability bearing with itself new responsibility, new views, the new world. Not all of us become that call the personality, but at the choice of a way, at acceptance of circumstances and ability to live among them we, undoubtedly, we go to this tempting definition of the Person. The desire of it gives us strength, opens new ways and proves that everything in this world is possible.

The choice of a way the choice of the purpose - formation of the person. We, based on the fundamental values dictated by a family, mentality, living conditions define for ourselves the new way of development (quite perhaps, as it will become defining for someone). All norms put since the childhood define our acts. Conscience known for all or, maybe, only fear of it forces us to work exactly as our parents, tutors, teachers would like and, at last, did not contradict outlook of those many people among whom we live. Such obvious control, such force, force defining our choice.

And all: conscience, apparently, originally, various norms of morality are hammered since the childhood. We - a product of society. But whether there was our way to the personality if everything was quite so if our consciousness was dictated by someone also all our life - only performance of someone`s desire? There is something initial, inseparable from us! Gena. They are diverse, they in many respects play a crucial role. And even all our morals are defined by genes. These units of heredity and heredity of many people, having various or completely opposite views, are reflected in us. It turns out that in the course of all life we have an opportunity to choose both the behavior model, and the course of life from variety of what is put in us since the birth. Of course, something needs to be developed, not to follow something, and, above all - to be engaged in self-education. And all in a sort have those whom it is possible to call the real personality. And that as not heredity helps us to go to that so called also us.

In conclusion it is possible to tell that thanks to variety of genes, special living conditions, people and education we have the right not only for the choice of the way, but also for its creation. In us the huge potential which is found and realized in the course of a growing is from the very beginning put. Thus, we choose, we create, we go along one of roads to become the real personality.