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Why “takes down a roof“? The apogee and a perigee of the Moon

Krom of personal predisposition to “kryshesryvaniye“, exist also external factors of influence. One of “culprits“ is the Moon, to be exact - its remoteness from Earth.

“Companion“ of our planet has a specific trajectory of the movement in the form of an ellipse. The closest point of an orbit of a celestial body (Moon) to the center of gravity, that is to Earth - a perigee. Opposite to it - apogee of the Moon - the most distant point of a lunar orbit from Earth.

By the way, our satellite never moves away from the center of Earth more than on 406,7 thousand kilometers and does not come nearer closer, than on 356,41 thousand kilometers.

When the Moon in apogee, at us is increased working capacity, fearlessness. Excessive optimism, recklessness as if “the sea knee-deep“ can be shown. For example, being driving, the driver can lose care and not feel speed, a movement rhythm.

In the emotional plan at this time the person possesses high degree of an involvement, that is can be involved for himself in “a black hole“ of relationship, events. In such days the side legal and possible therefore the quantity of injuries, accidents usually increases is difficult felt.

At this time it is necessary to try not to lose control over itself and a situation, to trace everything “a feather -“, to brake itself, and also to limit reception of any stimulators, since coffee. By the way, when the Moon in apogee, is most removed from Earth, influence of its phases and zodiac signs is a little weakened.

But most difficult Moon, perigeyny, closest to Earth. It is enough to remember the Shakespearean hero of Othello who gave in to jealousy under the influence of the perigeyny Moon. “… To all fault Moon … Immoderately close approached Earth and dements all …“ Under the perigeyny Moon passed also the maximum of the Caribbean Crisis of 1962 which nearly cast us into nuclear war.

For example, biologists it is already proved: when the Moon in a perigee, amplifies growth of plants, and seeds adsorb the greatest number of moisture, especially in a full moon phase. Experts do not advise to carry out crops, landing, change and rooting in days of the perigeyny Moon. Besides can overcome diseases and wreckers, and root crops “will go to a tops of vegetable“ even if were put as it is necessary, on the decreasing Moon.

Naturally, and the person is influenced by degree of proximity of the Moon. At some as if “breaks a roof“, at heart “cats scrape“, pressure upon mentality is felt. More difficultly people with unstable nervous system transfer such days. The perigee combination to a new moon, a full moon and an eclipse is especially dangerous. The statistics shows that in days when the Moon in a perigee, increases quantity of cases of a rupture of the relations and even a suicide. Therefore we avoid any showdowns, introspection and criticism of ourselves and others. We try to appreciate what is here and now. Just we enjoy Life!

It is desirable to write down in the weeklies dates of apogee and a perigee of the Moon for the next months 2011. Time is specified as a kulminiruyushchy dominant. Action - at least, a plus-minus days.

The moon in apogee: On July 21 (22:48, Moscow time), on August 18 (16:24), on September 15 (06:24), on October 12 (11:44), on November 8 (13:21), on December 6 (01:14).

The moon in a perigee: On July 7 (14:05), on August 2 (21:00), on August 30 (17:36), on September 28 (01:02), on October 26 (12:27), on November 23 (23:25), on December 22 (02:58).

Progress! Look in the star sky more often!