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Why to fry the video card in an oven? We eliminate artifacts of

After working week which seemed infinite, the long-awaited days off came! How many plans and ideas for these days of rest!

But as it usually happens under one famous law, someone or something surely interferes with our plans. So was also that day. Since the morning there was a rain, besides the unpleasant penetrating wind blew. What to do, than to occupy itself?

And here the disk with game bought for a long time, but which is not using for designated purpose caught sight.

The toy is established, curtains are curtained and here it, the truth moment - fascinating process of game!

Bang! On the most interesting place on the screen baddies - beeches“ in the form of color strips - horizontal and vertical went “, from time to time on the screen the fantastic mosaic of all flowers and a rainbow started gleaming. At the same time all labels of steel of the enormous size. Reset did not help.

Already later from the acquaintance I learned that it is so-called artifacts of the video card. On the picture you see that I beheld that day on the monitor. And as I could not use the computer normally with such image, it is natural, I aimed to repair its (video card).

Rang round all possible so-called “repairmen“. Having learned about artifacts, they for some reason chorus suggested to carry it on a dump. Repairmen are good.

Well, it was necessary to go round all officially working service centers for repair of computers and accessories. Result - all refused repair. In exchange suggested to buy new, and this, say, you can crack nuts. In one place told that can make my video card, but at the same time jacked up such price about which it is even ashamed to write.

The representative of service, having seen my reaction to their “modest“ price offer, probably, took pity over me. He took me aside and explained that even they cannot guarantee 100% of success of repair, and money, of course, all the same will take.

“Therefore, the guy, thrust it to yourself … into an oven! For about ten minutes. Also fry thoroughly at a temperature of 200 degrees“. I, of course, thought that he jokes - about it to him and told. What he answered me that I risk nothing: either I will make, or is not present. “He plays me“, - I thought and went, as wise as before, home.

The extinct screen of the monitor frightened by the darkness, and I decided: here goes!

Took the video card, disassembled it, removed from it all that it was possible to remove (all metal surely), unstuck numerous stickers, wiped heat-conducting paste. Placed in an oven on a baking sheet.

Included. Also began to wait long (as it seemed to me) for 10 minutes. Continually ran and looked in an oven - whether my beloved “vidyukha“ burns? And here time to take out “dish“ from an oven came. I allowed the video card to cool down, having placed it on a balcony.

Further, at detailed survey of the cooled-down video card, it became clear that there are no visible results of a zharyokha at a temperature of 200 degrees -. With doubt in soul I applied heat-conducting paste, assembled the video card, fitted it on the place, turned on the computer, narrowed eyes...

I open eyes - that?!! Works!!! Hurrah to Russian “kulibin“, hurrah sharpness! Etc. The pleasure was not the end! Still, I saved considerable money on repair or maybe on purchase, in case of failure of repair in service, the new video card. Farther it is more, included the game - everything works! Ooh, thanks to you of “People from service“!

Fry, companions, on health the video cards, but do not forget that you do it at own risk! Good luck to you in fight against artful artifacts!

P. S. After assembly the excess detalka was found. But everything works! A question - perhaps, it is really superfluous?