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What is “Copywriting“ or How to earn from ability to write?

“Bought tables to them, chairs put - sit, write to the pleasure! And we also money pay them“, - the head of one of mass media in which I happened to work, said about the employees. Approximately so - “write to the pleasure, and also money pays them“ - inhabitants represent work of toilers of a feather and the keyboard, whether it be the correspondent or the copywriter. However, often two of these forms are combined in one person.

If in newspapers and magazines of federal scale usually there is division of labor: journalists write an editorial matter, copywriters - advertizing, - that in city and regional mass media correspondents (and at times and editors) are engaged in both that, and another. Moreover, in many editions the most part of a salary of the journalist is made just by the fees for commercial articles. And advertisers quite often address the fallen in love correspondent with orders directly - and also directly pay. And the journalist (he is a copywriter) very not bad lives on the fees - there would be an ability to write and desire to work.

U me was (and, hope, remains) both ability, and desire - and, as a result, were and customers, and the fees. And if all of you still want to know: whether the copywriter can write to the pleasure and receive for it money, - I will answer you. Can. But infrequently and not for long. First of all, the pleasure needs to be given to the customer of material. Here it is only not necessary to remember about “the second the most ancient now“! To “the first the most ancient“ it all - has no relation. But the law of the market works everywhere: the client pays for the fact that he wants to receive. And it not always what you want to write. Therefore … Forget

about personal interests

Be ready that you should write about everything on light: about reinforced concrete products, about board games, about compound feeds for pigs, about wooden furniture, about the bank credits, about tinned corn … Generally about everything that is on sale and bought in your region. Do not refuse a subject even if it seems to you uninteresting, differently next time the potential client will address your less choosy colleague. Also look at a situation under such corner: you will know everything about reinforced concrete products, about board games, about compound feeds for pigs soon … And expansion of an outlook disturbed nobody yet. Write


Banal, apparently, council, but not to do without it. Surprisingly, but it is good to write the advertizing text much more difficult, than editorial article. You will try to make it - but will disturb you all the time! Mainly, you will be disturbed by the customer. He will forget that he wanted to tell and to remember it only at coordination. He will carp at words, offers and paragraphs. He will think out nonexistent words and inconceivable turns of speech. He will ask you to find room on a newspaper strip of 20 thousand characters with spaces and pictures. Generally, it will do everything to damage your text.

And what will be done by you? You will accept changes which it is obviously possible to you to accept and to correct the text - possibly, up to delivery of number in the press. But at the same time - and it, undoubtedly, more difficult art - you will politely refuse to the client corrections if they contradict standards of Russian, rules of imposition and common sense. And never - at all never - you will do what your conscience objects to. For example, if you precisely know that pigs die from compound feed, - you will not advance this compound feed.

No, of course, you can renounce the principles … But in this case do not read my article further - it not for you, and I do not want to know you any more. The desire of the client, of course, the law, but quality of a product and purity of information - is more important. As well as your reputation. Take

a pseudonym

I do not think that this council conflicts to previous. Whatever pseudonym you took, it will not save you from a shame if you write bad article, and will not hide you from glory beams if you write good. Why then it is necessary?

In - the first, for differentiation of responsibility. For what you write in editorial article, you answer and your editor. For what you write in advertizing article, the advertiser answers. You need foreign responsibility? If is not present - do not take. And take a pseudonym.

In - the second, the pseudonym is necessary not to lose trust of readers. If you on one page tell about city problems, and on another praise highly compound feed (and, obviously, it is not free) - who will believe you? You never and will prove to nobody that you do the work honestly. The reader the not turbid look will see on you the brand “is on sale“. Even if you and the truth do the work honestly.

In - the third, the pseudonym will bring a variety your life. So you will be able to tell, for example, a story which never happened to you - but there were with your the second “I“ from advertizing article. Remind

to clients of yourself

After a release of article be not too lazy to call back to the customer and to ask several polite questions. Whether he saw the publication? Whether it is happy with result? Whether plans to continue a subject? “Well, if that - address!“ - the key phrase for the sake of which all this communication is also necessary. And if by preparation of editorial material you remember the customer who works in the sphere interesting you, and will involve him as an expert - it will be the additional pleasant moment in your relations.

you are on friendly terms with colleagues

your main colleagues in fight for the income there are advertizing managers, commercial directors, heads of all editions in which you ever worked. They not less yours are interested in that advertisers were happy, means they will recommend them that copywriter who is respected. Colleagues are journalists - not only competitors, but also sources of orders. Often happens so that the copywriter has no time or desire to undertake the offered material - and he with pleasure transfers him to the companion. Representatives of advertisers (specialists in PR, marketing specialists, a press - secretaries) - too your friends. And they remain potential clients even if change the place of work: with them there is always a notebook in which your phone is written down.

It was necessary only to make so that all these people at the right time remembered you. How to achieve it? Very simply: do not forget about them too. Well, and, of course, try to deserve them respect - first of all, desire and ability to work.