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How to avoid having a snack?

“According to a classical Russian diet, are it is necessary once a day. But all day long“ (Mikhail Zadornov).

Reliability of statements of Mikhail Nikolaevich at anybody does not raise doubts. But we have a right to check it. And we will use it.

We will consider results of two experiments made in one of hospitals of Washington.

Experiment 1. the Studied nurses have breakfast as usual. But with one exception: to them added a glass of sulfate of barium with sour milk. Each 2 hours illuminated them the x-ray device. Thanks to barium sulfate the food was clearly visible in its beams. It was revealed that stomachs of nurses became empty in 4 hours.

The second stage of researches was same in the beginning. But 2 hours later nurses gave out on one glass of ice cream and on one banana. As a result in 8 hours after a breakfast its remains still were in stomachs of nurses.

Experiment 2. After a breakfast the person was given out on small oil sandwich. With an interval at 2 o`clock. Did not receive a lunch of people. As a result even in 9 hours in a stomach of the person there was more than a half of a breakfast. whether

is So right Mikhail Nikolaevich?

according to doctor Volmer making these experiments, excessively working body (i.e. a stomach) cannot normally carry out the functions. It causes delay of digestion in everything zheludochno - an intestinal path. What, in turn, leads to deterioration in food of an organism and, as a result, to diseases...

Hardly the our system of digestion differs from the American. And hardly it makes sense to us to have a bite.

Alternative to having a snack

Thus, is necessary for a stomach for digestion of a standard portion of food 4 hours. Then, after a hard work, he (as well as all of us) has to have a rest hour or so - another. And to begin to produce gastric juice for the next portion of food. Therefore, the interval between the main meals has to make not less than 5 hours.

And what to do if we got hungry ahead of schedule? Did not manage to have breakfast or for other reason?.

That any having a snack is harmful we already understood. And to hold on “to the airfield“, i.e. till a lunch, it is necessary to use the help of water. Especially as in days it is necessary to drink it 6 - 8 glasses (depending on weight and a state of health of the person).

Water does not demand digestion. And therefore the habitual rhythm of system of digestion does not upset. However for half an hour to food reception it needs to be stopped that it did not dilute gastric juice. After meal it is possible to drink water 2 hours later.

Further that there was no swagger such “hungry“ - mazhor, it is necessary to bring the organism to the healthy mode. For this purpose it is necessary to have breakfast densely. At breakfast and about a full-fledged night dream we care for appetite since evening. For what the dinner has to be a lung. In 3 - 4 hours prior to a dream. But the people occupied with hard physical work pregnant women, teenagers, children have to have supper more densely.

Except the case described above with premature hunger there can be other extreme: lack of appetite during meal. How here to arrive?

We will listen to a wise advice of Socrates: “The best seasoning to food - hunger“. There is no hunger - also the food is not necessary. Strong emotions and weakness, pain and heat lead to lack of appetite too. The most reasonable in that case - to refuse food and to replace it with water.

the Conclusion

So to provide to a gastrointestinal tract (and to an organism in general) sufficient rest, it is necessary to satisfy three conditions:

1) not to have a bite between the main meals;

2) to maintain time between meals not less than 5 hours;

3) it is easy to have supper, in 3 - 4 hours prior to a dream.

Carry out and good luck!