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Atherosclerosis is a sentence?

When you see the age-mate who had a stroke, you understand that “shells“ already lay down nearby, and following can be yours.

According to the latest data, the main reason for strokes and heart attacks is the blood clot blocking arteries of a brain or heart. In this case it - not a clot of the turned blood, but the plaque which came off vessel walls. Plaques are formed from - for excessive the content in cholesterol blood. A supplier of excess cholesterol is the food of an animal origin.

If in the first three hours after an attack to dissolve the come-off plaque by means of medicine, then it is possible not only to rescue the patient, but also to return completely to full-fledged life.

But it is better to avoid similar vascular accidents in general. For this purpose lack of plaques would be an ideal case. Or, as speak, absence of atherosclerosis.

Dangerous delusion

Many believe that atherosclerosis is a destiny of old men. But atherosclerotic plaques arise even at twenty-year-old. Also can close 20% of a gleam of arteries.

During war in Korea 300 died American soldiers opened. At 80% pronounced atherosclerosis was revealed. It was for 18 - 25 years.

At 35 - summer the gleam of some arteries can be blocked for 55%; at 55 - summer - for 70%.

And despite it, the person feels rather well. Runs, plays soccer, goes hiking.

Yet the plaque …

Really everything so hopelessly will not come off? And we remain nothing else how slowly but surely to walk in a grave?

Two enthusiastic examples

When 30 studied monkeys began to feed with hamburgers, chips, etc., cholesterol level in their blood grew from 140 mg/dl to 700 mg/dl (decilitre - the tenth part of liter). In one and a half years their vessels were filled with atherosclerotic plaques.

Then monkeys began to feed with bananas, vegetables, grain again. That is food in which there is not enough fat and at all there is no cholesterol. Cholesterol level in blood of monkeys quickly decreased to 140 mg/dl. And in three years of such diet atherosclerotic plaques disappeared.

Also other experiment is indicative. Suggested to participate in it to hundred men and women.

When your weight approaches 180 kg, coronary vessels are filled with plaques, and an aorta - coronary shunting is contraindicated for health reasons - unreasonably to miss the last chance. And they agreed.

In the program of university of the Scrap of Linda (California, the USA) conducting these researches there were two “fads“:

1) a vegetarian diet, without sugar, animal fats and cholesterol;

2) daily walking, since 15 minutes.

In half a year all investigated grew thin. And in a year all of them did not need any more operation as plaques in coronary arteries resolved. Also symptoms of coronary heart disease began to disappear.

the Conclusion from everything stated

Thus, it is possible to get rid of atherosclerosis. It will normalize blood supply of all organism.

But to reach it, it is necessary to support within not less than one and a half years the content of cholesterol in blood at the safe level (150 - 160 mg/dl).

Business - for small: to begin and do.