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How to go to shish kebabs and to grow thin?

It is known that a meat shish kebab - a dish high-calorie. But this statement belongs to a traditional shish kebab - with a fat, from “heavy“ mutton. And actually there is a lot of shish kebab options! Besides, you can prepare very useful, simple and low-calorie dishes for picnic not to break a diet and not to feel hungry during rest.

Now in large shops are sold by very convenient sets for a shish kebab - the folding brazier made of thin metal and skewers. The cost of similar things is low. Such disposable brazier will help you to solve many problems at once - for example, with the choice of the place for picnic (sharp legs of a brazier easily pierce to the soil therefore it is not obligatory for you to look for the place with the friable earth), with prevention of the fires (the fire will be reliably localized in a metal box with openings for ventilation, and after their cooking it will be possible to fill in quickly with water). It is convenient to bake potato and tubers of a girasol in a brazier, at its edges skewers will steadily settle down. And after use it will not be a pity to throw out all this - so you will avoid long and tiresome washing of ware. By the way, do not forget to take with yourself enough disposable plates, tableware and capacities for drink, and also paper towels and packages for garbage.

Never buy ready “shashlik sets“ - in advance cut and pickled meat which can quite often be seen in large shops. Unfortunately, some not really conscientious sellers use low-quality meat for preparation of similar semi-finished products, beating off an unpleasant smell vinegar and spices. Such shish kebab easily itself can get poisoned and spoil all pleasure of communication with friends outdoors. Be not too lazy and make a tasty, fragrant and useful house shish kebab!

the Shish kebab from mix of potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, champignons, sweet pepper, eggplants, onions

(80 kcal on 100 g)

Vegetables it is possible to take

in any proportion (but be not fond of potatoes). The recipe of preparation is very simple - to wash mushrooms and vegetables in advance, to peel potatoes and carrots, to cut all components small pieces (that they could be strung on skewers and quickly enough to bake over hot coals). Eggplants usually cut in advance, salt and leave for 30 - 40 minutes that bitterish juice managed to be emitted. The formed dark liquid should be poured out, and to use pieces of eggplants for preparation of dishes. Such shish kebab can be watered with mix of any vegetable oil, lemon juice or natural vinegar with salt and seasonings.

the Shish kebab from fresh young veal

(about 90 kcal on 100 g)

Such meat will be not really cheap, but from it it is possible to prepare very useful dietary dish containing many proteins and other substances necessary for our organism. Wash up meat, cut small pieces, pickle in apple or grape cider vinegar (it is also possible to take usual table), having added the onions cut by large rings and your favourite spices. In several hours start preparation. String meat pieces on skewers, alternating them to onions, and bake over coals, periodically saucing, remained from soaking. Together with onions it is possible to string tomatoes and any other vegetables on skewers. by

the Exotic shish kebab

(160 kcal on 100 g)

Choose from seafood what will be pleasant to you - mussels, shrimps, combs. They prepare quickly enough, the smoke of a fire gives them wonderful aroma and very pleasant taste. For acceleration of process take marinated seafood which is already completely prepared for frying. It is possible to water such shish kebab with marinade, grape or apple cider vinegar, lemon juice.

the Shish kebab from chicken

(170 kcal on 100 g)

Chicken meat very useful, inexpensive and tasty. For a shish kebab you need fillet (breasts without bones). Pickle it in vinegar, the fat-free kefir or any other sauce to your taste, having added the onions cut by large rings and spices. Pieces of fillet have to be small. In 2 - 3 hours string them on skewers and start preparation. If you do not like fillet, it is possible to take wings, hips or shins, but consider that large pieces will longer prepare and can remain dampish in the middle. Besides, they contain much more fat, than in a breast.

the Shish kebab from fish

(from 170 to 300 kcal on 100 g)

the Caloric content of this dish depends on a species of fish which you will choose. “Heaviest“ - a humpback salmon, follows it a tuna, then a carp and a crucian. Small fish can be baked in scales, previously having drawn. Clear large copies and separate fillet. It is possible to pickle fish not for long - hour or two. As filling take lemon juice and olive oil with addition of spices. The fish shish kebab prepares very quickly therefore you do not depart far from a fire.

make for

of Cutlet on a lattice any cutlets In advance - according to your favourite recipe. Wrap each cutlet in a food polyethylene wrap and freeze (or cool if you have an opportunity to bring them to the place of picnic in a cooler bag). Do not forget to take with yourself a special lattice which can be put on a brazier. Fry cutlets over hot coals, periodically overturning.

But one shish kebab you will not be full. Usually on picnic take instant food or prepared in advance (the thought of sandwiches comes at once). Not to stand at a plate on the eve of a trip, try to make original dishes according to simple recipes. to

Useful hamburgers


to you needs a baguette with bran or any low-calorie bread of sufficient thickness which dietary fillers can make an incision and fill. And further connect your imagination!

Stuffing 1: low-fat sheep cheese, garlic, salt, seasonings, easy mayonnaise, the cut parsley greens. Crush the blender sheep cheese, pass garlic through a press, add other ingredients (proportions - to taste). Dense fragrant weight has to turn out. Put it in the disposable container and already on the place make tasty sandwiches.

Stuffing 2: lettuce leaves, fennel, parsley, olives without stones, easy mayonnaise. Wash up greens and sort on branches, having removed the rigid ends. Cut olives on halves. Make an incision pieces of a baguette or a roll with bran, put inside lettuce leaves, place in them olives and branches of greens, add a little mayonnaise. It will be excellent addition to any shish kebab!

Stuffing 3: the hard-boiled quail eggs, small fresh tomatoes (for example, “cherry“), sweet pepper, onions, any greens, dietary salad sauce. Cut the peeled eggs circles, crush tomatoes similarly. Chop pepper ringlets, previously having removed a core, cut the peeled onions half rings. Cut a roll with bran on two halves (lengthways). Put layers egg, pepper, onions, tomatoes and greens, water with salad sauce, close the second half of a roll.

Stuffing 4: low-fat ham, tomatoes, lettuce leaves. Slice ham small thin and slightly redden over fire fire, having strung on skewers. Make an incision dietary hamburger buns, put inside lettuce leaves, place pieces of ham and small chopped tomatoes in them.

Stuffing 5: cheese feta, olive oil, lettuce leaves, spices, green and black olives without stones. Crush the blender cheese and olives, add a little oil and spices to the received paste, put the salad cut by thin strips and mix. Use for a pasting of sandwiches and preparation of hamburgers.

the girasol Baked in a foil

This unusually useful and tasty dish! Tubers of this plant contain very few calories, but there are compounds of iodine, vitamins, mineral substances, valuable cellulose. Wash up rather large tubers, make an incision, salt, strew with spices and turn in a food foil. On picnic you will be able to put the prepared girasol in hot coals, and after a while to enjoy unusual taste of the softened pulp. It is the most convenient to eat a girasol with a teaspoon.

the Fried bread

Cut low-calorie bread (grain, with bran, etc.) small pieces, string on skewers and take 1 - 2 minutes over the burning fire, quickly turning. If from any party pieces char - it does not matter, all of them equally will remain tasty and useful! Finished bread can be used for preparation of sandwiches, sandwiches, a canape. The fragrant crust with a smoke will become excellent addition to your meal outdoors!

That the increased appetite in the fresh air did not become the reason of an overeating and receiving excess calories, do not take with yourself sweets and sweet drinks. Take more greens and fresh vegetables (in advance wash up them and lay in containers). From drinks mineral water, unsweetened fruit and berries compote, natural juice without sugar addition, usual drinking water are preferable (not less than 3 l on the person in day). And it is better to refuse sparkling water and alcohol - they stimulate appetite and cause strong thirst.