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How to feed the poor eater?

Many mothers face a problem of children`s unwillingness is. The reasons of it are covered in several areas: does not want, does not love, tastelessly, the ware is not pleasant, the place is not pleasant, it is not pleasant how the dish looks, the stomach hurts, is afraid of new tastes and so on, and so forth … When mother told

stories from my childhood, constantly mentioned that she fed me on a car cowl. I thought that it did it just for fun. And it turned out that in other places I just refused to eat.

I grew up, now I like and to eat, and cars. But here my son, apparently, repeats mother`s experiment and opposes to habitual feeding at a table in kitchen. Replaced already three stools for feeding, thinking that the reason in it is mute. The seat behind a table d`hote bored the boy too.

We have no car therefore it is necessary to invent every time everything new and new places for meal. We have the apartment small therefore the imagination ran low long ago. And what else ways it is possible to cope with this problem? Let`s try to understand.

During long experiments I came to a conclusion that to feed the child is violently useless, as well as to organize performances or to try to push into the kid at least couple of spoons of food during viewing of advertizing, the animated film. Calm down, leave the child alone even if all day he will drink only water. It is sure, next day or later he will surely get hungry.

If your heart is covered with blood, looking at how your child runs all day hungry, put near the playing child a plate with the cut vegetables, fruit, pieces of cheese, sausage. The child himself will approach and will take that it is necessary for him.

Get the diary of feedings and write down each crumb eaten by the kid there. Perhaps the child “picks“ and gorges on cookies and bread.

Very often children are interested in the fact that adults eat and strive to try food from your plate. Do not interfere with it, prepare something suitable and put as if yourself. Suggest the son or the daughter to exchange plates. I think, they will agree with pleasure.

Cut or lay food beautifully. Now sell a set of figured graters or special devices for cutting. Connect the imagination. I, for example, well remember how my mother drew rosettes jam on porridge, and to the brother built the cruiser “Aurora“ of mashed potatoes with guns - sausages.

The kid should be interested in food. Suggest it to make together a tasty lunch - participation in process induces to try then that it turned out. Turn food into game: feed toys, other family members. You sit down to eat together with the child.

Do not forbid to smear mashed potatoes, porridge or soup on a table at the beginning. Do not abuse for the spilled compote, juice or tea. The child is a little researcher. Of course, it is necessary to accustom him to accuracy, surely. But you will make it later when yours at least has not enough “nekhochukha“ - malsk regular process of meal will be adjusted.

The main thing to impart to the baby the healthy relation to food. Therefore do not force it to eat violently. It will cause only hatred to food. Do not force the standard phrases: “A spoon for mother, a spoon for the father …“ and all other family members. You do not hurry the child even if you very strongly somewhere are late, and especially do not arrange competition on eating speed. After such “runnings“ at the kid the tummy from insufficiently chewed food can ache. It is also contraindicated to develop in the child greed: “You eat, and I will eat that now“ or “The uncle will come (the father, the grandfather, a babayka) and will eat“.

We had whole weeks when mine for a long time not the baby ate exclusively breast milk. And then began to eat normally. But not for long it lasted. Then 2 more years were required to begin to eat quantity of food, normal for its age, in days.

Therefore have patience. Time will be required to accustom “poor eater“ to “table“. As they say, look for ways, you find solutions. To whom, except you, parents, the nobility of need of your child!