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Whether there are cats - housekeepers? What everything began with...

Once upon a time there was Varvara. No, once upon a time there was I, and Varvara existed in another dimension - in a family of my distant relatives. The family it was made by three women. Mother was dozens years more senior than me, the daughter, respectively, on is as much younger, and for the latest I was considered as godmother. It, of course, imposed certain obligations, generally financial: the goddaughter, sometimes, needed new boots, or figured skates, or still something like that, but absolutely necessary. But special common interests somehow were not, and I did not abuse their hospitality.

If it was necessary to visit family, then talk was carried on mainly around Varvara. In three voices I was told in eager rivalry about her unusual talents. Varvara ignored me. Meeting in the doorway, defiantly turned away, haughty passed by, and her back exhaled cold and absolute contempt. I repent, I paid it in the same.

She received the name for excessive curiosity and aspiration to be constantly it is aware of all events. For as paid. It had unnaturally short certain part of a body: pinched a door and surgery was required. Over the years Varvara lost curiosity a little, but got reinforced concrete self-respect and amazing confidence that all are obliged to arrive according to its ideas of life around. It was incredibly clean and differed in maniacal passion to an order. For the shoes which are carelessly thrown off at a threshold or the thing left not on the place punished cruelly and inventively.

Generally, I, the person careless, was happy that our courses of life were not crossed, and was sure that will never be crossed.

But the person assumes … Finding of sovereignty by Kazakhstan very noticeably struck on “ethnic Russians“, steam of centuries considering this blessed earth as the Homeland. Pomykavshis without decent work (two higher educations - the geologist and the patent engineer - were unnecessary), having lost the friends and the family who decided on emigration, having taken problems with the Kazakh which was inevitably becoming state the family decided that in Alma - Atya has nothing to do more and it is necessary to move to St. Petersburg. Having gone on investigation, Marina sent things the container, took away the daughter who should be defined in school, and mother left to sell the apartment and to obtain citizenship. Antonina Georgiyevna for few months lodged at me.

It was extremely purposeful and organized woman. Every morning it began with hour charging, the kitchen and all apartment shone, upon return from work I was waited by the most tasty lunch. I, probably, never tried such culinary delicacy in life. And this with the fact that daily she ran on various establishments, collecting necessary references, and to the empty apartment, expecting possible buyers there. However the process of sale of the apartment was closer to end, the it became more gloomy. Varvara was the cause. What with it to do? To carry three days in the train... and where? There is no housing - that yet.

Me it is hard to say to the person “no“, but in this case I refused flatly to undertake for it responsibility.

Antonina Georgiyevna and so rose to me with this problem, however I was unshakable. The barbarian to me it is not necessary, I do not want that it appeared in my house.

At last, the apartment was sold. Having come back home, I found Antonina Georgiyevna behind curious occupation: it recalculated money, displaying them on small groups, probably, thinking as it is better to dispose of them. She with enthusiasm began to tell how successfully everything developed, but from me hid eyes.

- And how with Varvara? - I felt invincible desire to glance under beds.

- It … left.

- Where?

- To the cellar … You forgive, I could not throw it and brought here. But she did not want to come into the apartment and ran away into the cellar.

- And that now?

- I do not know … From Antonina Georgiyevna`s eyes tears began to flow. - I, probably, should lull her.

It was the blow below the belt. It was necessary to lull an animal to me. Dog. To bring her - it was my first absolutely independent act in life. But in a month the dog to whom I managed to become attached got sick with a nervous form of a chumka. The unfortunate animal fought in spasms, continuously whined from pain, legs were taken away. The consultation of dog lovers made the decision to lull her. I was supplied with necessary preparations and, shedding tears, I entered it sleeping pill, and then stopped heart. Expression of the dog, understanding everything eyes, I will never forget. After a nervous breakdown I solved: it is more - any living creatures. I do not want pain, I do not want to feel guilty, I do not want responsibility for someone`s life at all. Especially, for cat`s. To feed is half-troubles, but to potter with a sand!

Generally, I went to the room, having left in a huff and having provided to Antonina Georgiyevna most to deal with the problems.

Obtaining nationality was late, and Antonina Georgiyevna continued to live at me, admiring with lunches and dinners. Did not speak about Varvara: I stopped any attempts to start conversation about it.

Well I remember that on Sunday I dared to roll about longer and woke up because that at a door Antonina Georgiyevna was scraped.

- Go, look, - she in a whisper called me. Being perplexed, I was dragged behind it in the combined bathroom.

The door was slightly slightly opened and, having dragged up me to a crack, Antonina mysterious whisper told: - Watch


On a toilet bowl Varvara sideways sat. It had an absent look, as at all cats sending natural needs. Having finished the dirty business, a cat, balancing on a sidewall, rose by hinder legs and all over pulled hard on a rychazhok of the drain device. Having watched leave the mass of water which with a roar disappeared in a drain opening it came off on a floor and began to be licked frenziedly.

- You see, it will not bring upon you trouble! - with a victorious smile Antonina Georgiyevna proclaimed. - Well, let it will remain, and?

Shaken, I began to nod the head.

It appears, several days Varvara lived in my house, disappearing in Antonina Georgiyevna`s room, and reasonably did not give a vote. After a premiere she grew bolder, did not depart from the hostess, but did not follow it close, and as if anticipated her movements. It conducted it in the mornings to the hall where that did exercises; having taken seat on a table, fixedly watched its movements. Then went to a bathroom and, having jumped on the washing machine, waited until that takes a shower. Where and why Antonina went, Varvara ahead strode. At any opportunity jumped to it on knees and kindly hummed, receiving the portion of strokings. Antonina Georgiyevna almost ceased to communicate with me - she talked to Varvara. Their touching unification touched also several scarecrow me: citizenship at last was obtained, and I should remain with Varvara who still considered me by a piece of furniture, thetas - and - thetas.

When, having put Antonina Georgiyevna in the car, I came back home, Varvara met me at a door. Having exactingly and interrogatively mewed and having received the answer that the hostess left, she did not believe me, and began to scrape a door claws, demanding to open. Having convinced that nobody is behind it, the cat sadly myavknut and left to the room where Antonina slept earlier.

In the morning she did not leave it, did not meet me after work, and having glanced on kitchen, I saw that nobody touched the left food. Concerned, hurried to the room which became empty now. The barbarian, having stooped, sat on a bed. The mad hope which flashed in her look was replaced by stupid indifference, and attempt to stroke led to what, became enraged having hissed, it was turned out from - under hands and jumped under a bed.

Here result of my weak character. Stirred up trouble, now disentangle!

Be continued.