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Teapot in the Emirates. How to be prepared for a trip? Whether

are Known by you what is a teapot? Stop, it is not necessary to remember a vessel for water boiling. The teapot is a beginner, chechako which tries not to lose face and not to lose self-esteem.

According to unchecked data the beginning mountain skiers generated this neologism. They cannot take pleasure from flight on a steep run yet and therefore long stand on the mountain, kartinno with arms akimbo and leaning a hand on a stick. “The teapot - it is also a teapot“, - with good-natured contempt experts of ski slopes drop, bending around clumsy figures on dashing bends.

There is no wish to be a teapot. There is a wish to be sure, competent, there is a wish to enjoy the speed, feeling of flight, new impressions. “Diskaveri“, of course, the cool program, but so most wants to try.

Means, it is necessary to risk.

Professionals help to master new, as a rule. But for them, confident in the superiority, your problems seem exaggerated and a little ridiculous.

Here and I fell into such state, having arranged myself week vacation in foreign countries. Indulgently - the indifferent attitude of “skilled people“ towards me, to a teapot, scratched painfully. Especially as in everyday life the feeling of own competence pleasantly warms soul.

Therefore if my councils help you to adapt, avoid quicker feeling of uncertainty in a trip to the United Arab Emirates - I will be very glad.

Who told that summer - rest time? It for lucky with hard purses. The summer is a season of work on “fazenda“, time of preparations and repairs. It is possible to sunbathe and bathe between times in the summer, without leaving far.

Holidays to overwhelming number of average citizens with the depressing constancy drop out in the fall and in the winter. It is possible to lie down, of course, at the TV, enjoying the dropped-out opportunity to luxuriate in heat when others since morning splash on dirt in “offices“ a bit earlier. But it - not rest. The daily household routine will quickly poison any pleasure, days will fly by without any trace.

Active recreation - the shake-up to your nerves - is much more useful also to a body, and as a hobby, and any trip - an important milestone in your life.

The Emirates, perhaps, travel most available today for our brother. Many already visited this fantastic country and not once. For shopnik it is a home, and for the cool businessman - the deaf province. But as neither you, nor I belong to these categories, - we go to the Emirates!

Question first: in what this pleasure will manage?

I Think, at least: 500 dollars on the person. It without excursions and shopping. In itself it is exciting to be bought week in the warm sea among winter - but appetite comes during a meal. Therefore take with yourself more - you will not be mistaken.

Probably, it would be possible to keep within also the smaller sum if … Unfortunately not to do without travel agency. The Emirates - such country in which to receive the visa independently, without intermediary - business impossible. The number of persons interested to drive in this earthly paradise is high, but also the number of persons interested there to remain is not less high. This country more than an eye observes the interests. The tourist - please, it is the welcomed income source. And the parasite creating problems - my God. Therefore to receive the entry visa, it is necessary to find the one who will be charged that through 7 or how many - that there days you from this earthly paradise will safely leave for native Penates.

Such service to the foreign tourist for 40 dollars is rendered by the registered local (emiratsky) firms. Our travel agencies contact them, requesting for you the visa. It is necessary to tell, it becomes quickly enough and without special red tape, especially if you there were not yet and did not manage to sin. Violated at least one of laws of this Islamic country of the entry visa not to receive - computers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs work without failures.

Question second: to what travel agency to address?

of the Announcement in newspapers dazzle with offers. However having rung round them, you are convinced that there is no big difference in cost. Everything depends on seasonal ticket price and on a class of the hotel chosen by you. Than it is cheaper, will take those from you travel agencies for services less. As a matter of fact, it is less three-stars to you will not offer. But they too different.

That on a class are brought closer to four-stars - with a garden the pool on a roof and other conveniences, place cost can reach per day 100 dollars. In hotels it is simpler - to 20. But the conditioner, the refrigerator and the TV is in any number. Not to mention a bathroom with a shower and, I`m sorry, ideally pure toilet bowl. (I know hotels in the neighborhood of the southern Kazakhstan capital where 20 dollars take the same for the place in number in which not only the soul is not present, but also the toilet is in the neighboring building.)

The bed linen, by the way, in any hotel changes daily. Only in cheap hotel it will be synthetic that, frankly speaking, is a little unpleasant.

Question third: what hotel to choose?

In travel agency to you will be offered at choice by avenues of several, proceeding from your wishes. The choice of hotel depends on the purpose of your trip. If you want to have a rest just well, to take hotel more expensively better. If you want to make favorable purchases, choose the hotels located closer to the western part of Deyra - the trade city.

The matter is that there is no city transport in Dubai in our understanding. Either taxi, or own legs. The taxi is expensive. Landing - 3 dirhams (nearly a dollars), is farther on the counter. For 5 dirhams you will not agree to the taxi driver. And the movement on very narrow trade small streets only unilateral, on highways instead of traffic lights - traffic intersections. To drive up to hotel which here it, on the neighboring street, the car often takes a detour in kilometer. And the counter - that ticks. Also considers dirhams, and everyone - 0,27 dollars.

In this case it is more preferable than a leg. However at a local temperature each excess quarter is, I will tell you, quite big test. So, just in case, ask the map of Dubai in travel agency to find out where you will live.