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It is time for the child in school. What to learn and what to prepare for?

to the Child soon six years. For parents there comes the busy season. Isn`t it time to send him to school? In what school? In private? State? In a gymnasium or usual? The next to the house? Or let far away, but it is better? How to prepare the child for school?

These questions concern parents, and it is correct that concern. Because in a certain measure it is the choice of destiny for the little person.

As to the teacher - the professional, me it is necessary to answer such questions quite often. But before giving advice, I suggest to decide on a task.

to Send to school - what for?

1. To create a small screw of state machinery? To make the person convenient for life in society?

2. To provide it with the knowledge necessary for the civilized person?

3. To create full-fledged functional system of a brain?

If you send the child to school, being guided by the first two purposes - I to you not the adviser. If the third - I can share information.

Council the first

the Highest mental functions develop everyone in due time. It is useless to demand from the kid that he asked on a pot if he is not able to control the physiological functions yet, but it is necessary to accustom gradually, anticipating requirements. Sensible mother not will neither shame, nor to punish for wet panties. And just after food will remove these panties and will put on a pot. Moreover will praise if all as is necessary it will turn out. And if it does not turn out - we will try again.

Till seven years at the child of speech the contour develops (according to psychologists). Also it develops in communication with adults. Not by me it is noticed: once you send the developed child to kindergarten where 20 - 25 people in group, and he “loses“ identity of the speech. Begins to speak “as all“.

The bright, figurative, expressive speech - a gift to the child for the rest of life, but it is possible to give this gift, only when it did not begin to be trained in the diploma purposefully. Then the contour of formation of the speech is closed. You speak with the child, read to him, you learn with him verses, play words. You want - you learn to read, only do not turn game into a duty. And if there is the slightest opportunity - do not send the child to school from 6 years, he is not ready yet.

In preparatory group of kindergarten of occupation no more than 20 minutes last. To sustain 45 minutes moreover in one pose - for the child penal servitude. Especially in a gymnasium, where since the first months on 5 - 6 lessons. Even for seven-year three lessons - a maximum, apart from, of course, physical culture, dances or singing. And homeworks! Same mockery. Especially, if mothers, trying to obtain ideal performance, force to rewrite work several times.

Council of the second

choose by

For the seven-year-old little man not school - teachers. The school is closer to the house, the more conveniently and to you, and the child. Usually stronger teachers work in gymnasia classes, but it is not obligatory. From personal experience I know that the best teachers for administrators those who carry out everything “under are“.

Somehow, being absolutely still a young teacher, took the cool management in 5 - m a class. Or rather, I it was given on protection. My elder sister was the director`s friend, and that, employing me, chose a class which was conducted by the best teacher: children sang, danced, took even prizes in the area and the city. But to work in it … It was the nightmare. It was impossible to lead lessons. Children, antsy, excited, did not perceive anything, except shout at all.

I would run away, having believed in the unsuitability for a profession if not a parallel 5th class. At elementary school in it the “worst“ teacher worked. It was “erased“ on each teachers` meeting, on each short meeting. But the class was as well adjusted body. Quiet, hardworking children, explanations took the hint and if something was unclear (I worked the first year), raised hands and politely asked “to repeat by the own words“. They perceived me as the friend with whom they do common cause.

Therefore be not too lazy, at first talk to neighbors (better with several) whose children graduate from elementary school. Whether they are happy with the teacher whether her children love, whether they go to school with pleasure, what is the time do homework what she demands first of all? What progress? As call the teacher whether she has a nickname (at favourite teachers of nicknames usually does not happen). Parents should not protect “official authority“, and they will lay out everything as is.

Talk to acquaintances if you do not find the suitable teacher in the nearest school. I remember several examples when the child was specially sent to school earlier or, on the contrary, later that he got to a certain teacher. And nobody was sorry yet.

By the way, private school it is more difficult to choose. It too depends on the number of pupils and rushes with them as chicken with eggs, often indulging in wishful thinking.

It is better if you have not one, but a two-three of options. The administration does not love when parents dictate what teacher is necessary to them. There were cases when the director, having been frightened of the number of statements, did not give to the “elected“ teacher of the first class at all. So if decided to give the child to someone personally, hold the ground, up to withdrawal of the statement.

And the last. Come into school. Talk to the teacher, pretend to be full laymen, ask for suggestions: reads - does not read; loves - does not love … Yes you never know at parents of questions. And, by the way, on the road glance in a toilet which elementary school uses.