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Who your elect on zodiac sign? Advice to women. Part 2

Before establishing a family and to build the serious relations, it is worth understanding accurately with whom it is necessary to deal. For this reason many women address astrology. Let`s understand what for the person your beloved?

If your elect Vesy , expect romantic evenings and long talk under the moon. Even in marriage he will pay you beautiful words and compliments, to promise to curtail mountains for the sake of you. Though not all words of Scales should be trusted as words - and business can wait for the word.

Also you should not ask it to help you about the house as to this sphere of life he will not want and will not begin to interfere. This purely female occupation, on a deep belief of Scales. He can meet with any woman as he possesses very appeasable character. Here only for Scales it is very important to get public approval of its choice. If you were not to the taste to his mother or friends, then be going to pack suitcases.

The scorpion does not like to tell words of love, and from him precisely it is impossible to wait for oaths in eternal devotion. If he is going - to make all to you the proposal, then for a start he will discuss with friends as it is awful to let in the woman the barchelor nest. But eventually you receive the treasured ringlet and will reap the fruits.

The scorpion will be very jealous and exacting. Can begin to be jealous even of a column if it occurs in your path. Can often suspect you of incorrectness and try to expose you. For the Scorpion it is very important to feel that you completely divide with him a grief and pleasure.

As for Sagittarius to define whether he is ready to make you the wife, it is almost impossible. He carefully hides the intentions. For the Sagittarius it is important to know that his beloved not only is beautiful, but also has a rich inner world. He likes to see in the wife of the colleague and the interesting interlocutor.

So if all this concerns to you, can be sure that the Sagittarius will love you all the life. The Sagittarius loves comfort, luxury and purity. Therefore you have to possess good taste and be able to take household efforts in hand. The Sagittarius has to feel that you are proud of him and support all his undertakings.

it is very simple to b to calculate a goat. If he wants to make you the proposal of a hand and heart, then his behavior cardinally changes, he begins to behave is noisy, nervously and is unrestrained. When the Capricorn becomes your husband, do not wait from it for hot declarations of love and attachment. He is rather laconic and does not waste the words.

But you can be sure that the Capricorn is faithful to you and the soul in you does not hope as Capricorns are the most faithful husbands among all zodiac signs. It is important for it that you were honest, reliable and not whimsical. The goat often prefers to have the woman in wives is more senior than himself, skilled and reasonable which will run all household chores, will not row and arrange a hysterics. Goats practically never get divorced unless in very extreme case.

Aquariuses are very freedom-loving. For them the personal space is not an empty phrase. If Aquarius begins talk on joint plans for the future, it means, he decided to connect the life with you. And if you are going to get married, then it is necessary to be ready to following to its principles. The Aquarius can even not carry a wedding ring because a ring - a symbol of conjugal ties, and it means unfreedom that contradicts its character.

The Aquarius provides to the spouse as much freedoms how many it is necessary also for him. He will not try to find out at you where you walked or what were engaged the whole day in, but also will not want that you inquired it at it. It is important to it to spend some time alone.

And do not touch at all personal belongings of Aquarius because it can put an end to your relations practically at once. If you control each its step, to keep ringing and try to find out about its affairs, then be sure, it will just leave. The statistics says that at Aquarius the highest percent of stains.

If your darling Ryby then to define when the offer to cast in the lot arrives, it is possible on gifts. Before important day he will present irons, coffee grinders, spoons and forks, that is all that is required in joint life.

Fishes have good intuition and can adapt to any person. As the husband it will behave very changeably: it is ardent to make a declaration of love, to look at you absolutely indifferently. But it is not connected with his love to you, just Fishes keep everything in themselves. He does not show the jealousy, does not know how to begin the relations, and does not know how to interrupt them. Fishes are very indecisive and therefore most often not they choose to themselves the companion of life, choose them. To make such person happy, it is necessary to show that you love and you support only him one.

Thus, we considered zodiac signs with all their merits and demerits. Of course, it is not the accurate plan for a gain of heart of a certain sign or its deduction.

Each person is unique, and astrology only draws the general tone of some similar traits of character of people. Therefore do not look for ready decisions, and love and trust the intuition!