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Who your elect on zodiac sign? Advice to women. Part 1

Astrologers say that each zodiac sign differs in a certain set of qualities which influence his life and behavior.

Choosing itself the partner in life, perhaps, it is worth paying attention to this feature of your elect to be ready to his unpleasant qualities and positive lines.

So if your darling the Aries , then it is necessary to expect some difficulties. The main quality of this man - inconstancy. Unfortunately, the Aries quickly enough can grow cold to the woman. For this reason it is necessary to be for it constantly interesting production that he sought to win your heart and soul.

To define at what stage there are relations, it is rather simple - pay attention to his behavior. If the Aries is interested in housing prices, end-to-end is engaged in career and carries on philosophical talk on a family and children, be sure that he is going to make you the proposal.

One more quality of the Aries is a childishness. He at any age is ready to behave as the small child who has to be indulged in all his whims. The aries likes to be in the center of attention, to impudently brag and invent stories where it appears as the hero.

The Taurus is practically always ready for the serious relations. He not the fan to spend time for nothing therefore if he does not see prospects with the woman, will just stop with her any contacts. If your elect the Taurus, then be ready to immense love, reliability, constancy and gentle attachment. As the husband it will think very much of you and will begin to carry you on hands, carrying out all your desires and foreseeing thoughts.

The Taurus does not like to make unrealizable promises therefore he confirms all the words with affairs.

Be ready that you will wake up under its tender look in the mornings, when cleaning on the house, an ironing and another household matters you will notice how he monitors each your movement. No, it does not pursue you, he just enjoys you.

can be told about Twin so: it is very unpredictable. If it is in love, then will care, preserve and carry you on hands. If is not present - that is able to allow you to be present near it, without burdening itself with any duties.

The twin not from those husbands who point to wives to their place in kitchen. No, for it you are an equal partner with whom it is possible to discuss affairs, to share ideas, to consult and make plans for the future.

By the way, the Twin loves not heart, but the head. Therefore he often analyzes your words, acts, actions and if something does not meet with its ideal, it can turn back eternal scandals and quarrels. The twin most often is not limited to one marriage unless will find the wife who will be able to suffer his changeable mood.

It is known that Cancer - the homebody. Therefore if it all - will meet the darling and will be able to interest her, then the relations can promptly develop. Especially if the most part of communication passes alone, but not in the noisy company.

Cancer quickly enough realizes that it wants from the woman. If you suddenly hear from married friends that Cancer sincerely is interested in that in how many imoboshlas a wedding, be on the alert. It is a sure sign of the fact that it is ready to connect the life with you.

For Cancer it is very important to spend much time with the spouse even if they spend this time in front of the TV or in silence. He does not love when the wife leaves where - or the house: even walk on shops can strongly disappoint Cancer, it wants that the wife was always near. Cancer will become the quiet, peace and faithful husband if you divide with it his domosedsky interests.

If your elect Lev , then have patience. Because the enchanting spectacle, noisy parties, gloss of spotlights is its elements. And it is very important for it that his beloved was a standard for other men. He has to feel that it is envied and try to imitate.

If Lev prefers your communication to a noisy party - it is a sign that it is madly in love with you and you can look narrowly at wedding rings and wedding dresses. Only consider that after a wedding such generous and prodigal Lev at once will begin to count money. Forget about flowers and unexpected gifts because your holiday from now on The Eighth of March.

Lev can sometimes allow to direct in house walls himself, only if it is sure that this information will not go beyond your family nest. Remember that Lev is very persistent and insatiable therefore you should spend for him a lot of energy.

The maiden in konfetno - the buketny period becomes very careful, gallant, gentle. It will win your heart small pleasant trifles, but not magnificent gifts. He will become a romantic, will admire your beauty and to make mad acts: to pick flowers directly from a bed, to write love recognition under a window, to compose verses and to recite them only to you. If everything so, so you won his heart.

When you with the Maiden get married, will notice his love not in words, and in acts. For it it is important to have in the relations not only corporal communication, but also the deep spiritual relations based on honesty, attachment and chastity.

In this article we considered men under zodiac signs the Aries, the Taurus, Twins, Cancer, Lev and Deva.

In the following article you can study other characteristics on Scales, the Scorpion, the Sagittarius, the Capricorn, Aquarius and Fish.