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What to do if you were filled in by neighbors?

you made repair in the apartment and enjoy the updated interior and purity. But here you come somehow in the evening from work home - and you see wet stains on a ceiling and walls and the laminate which is filled in with water. Neighbors from above filled in the apartment.

If this trouble happened - of course, the desire to run upward will be the first feeling which captured you at the sight of such picture and on high-pitch tones to find out a situation.

But, it appears, neighbors can just be here and. For example, broke through system of heating which was repaired last year by your management company.

However all most often are guilty - the top neighbors. Electric heaters will change, without having coordinated work with management company, in a strut cheap spherical cranes will put. In any of these cases not you should define the guilty person personally, and the technical commission.

So to do if from above filled in the apartment moreover after its repair?

It is necessary to begin nevertheless with visit of responsible for a leakage. Perhaps, the problem can be solved on the place if your neighbors are people adequate. If they are out or do not want to talk to you then it is necessary to work in a different way.

Immediately cause emergency service. Plumbers will testify the leakage fact, will block for a while water before elimination of a cause of accident. Further you should file the written statement in management company (condominium, DEZ and so forth) with the requirement of creation of the technical commission. She, this commission, will establish the reason for which filled in your apartment, responsible and the extent of the caused damage.

The commission within three days (leakage traces are still fresh) has to record time, the place, responsible and a cause of accident in the act, and also to reflect extent of damages of an interior of your apartment. But there is more to come. After drying of the apartment one more statement which is in detail describing the extent of the caused damage is drawn up. Not only the walls and the painted ceiling, but also expensive household appliances, and even antiques which are pasted over with new wall-paper can suffer.

Holding the mentioned acts, it is possible to make a written claim and to send it together with copies of acts to responsible for accident by the registered mail or to hand personally. We remind that it not necessarily there will be your neighbors from the top floor. The management company which in time did not make preventive repair of system of water supply or heating can be responsible also.

With the normal neighbors who filled in the apartment it is possible to agree about compensation of damage quickly. With management company process of settlement will take more time. The company has to report to you in writing within a month only about that, it will pay compensation or will do repair.

Well and if neighbors refuse to pay compensation?

It is necessary to appeal to court in the place of residence of neighbors. The court by all means will take an interest whether you sent a claim to the defendant and will ask to show the receipt of a mailing and a copy of a claim with a mark if it was handed personally. If the neighbors who filled in your apartment challenge compensation sum, technical expertize can be appointed by court. By the way, costs of it will lay down on a guilty party. Before decision of court it is undesirable to put the filled-in apartment in order.

Now you know where to address if neighbors filled in the apartment. Of course, and to the enemy you will not wish it. However nobody will give a 100% guarantee of impossibility of similar accidents. Therefore give you God of normal neighbors - not only from above, but also from below.