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How without excess expenses to update an apartment interior?

it is possible to Update an interior of the apartment rather simply and much quicker, than it seems at first sight. Also it is not necessary to be bedaubed with paint and to tear off the bothered wall-paper. Refusal of stereotypes plus is a little imagination - and your dwelling will look already absolutely differently.

What the main thing in an interior? Of course, furniture . Therefore if not to do repair, for fast updating of an interior of the apartment it is necessary to change scenery. Look narrowly attentively at the available furniture. Your polished wall darkly - cherry color of Soviet period became morally outdated for a long time. In fashion now the modular or built-in furniture of light bright tones. It is also done with effect of polishing as such furniture surface, reflecting light, visually expands room space. Therefore, for example, the new glossy light furniture will instantly change perception of your dwelling.

And as the mentioned expenses, you ask. The modular furniture is very expensive now. Actually too it is possible to leave your old wall. Just break it into elements and place them separately. And emergence in an interior of the room even of one, but rather large object of light color, a table, a case or a carpet, for example, will make the real revolution here. Your room will be filled with air.

The same effect will give also a big mirror in an apartment interior. Now many do not hang up it on a wall as in fashion floor mirrors. Or add a graceful little table to a mirror - the console. It will decorate not only a hall, but also a bedroom. By the way, in a corner of a bedroom the little table - geridon will perfectly look, and on it is mute a favourite figurine. Here to you the ready answer to a question how to update an interior of the small apartment without excess expenses.

We will continue survey of the apartment. Let`s look critically at posters, photowall-paper or of a picture if they are available. You are sure that they create a cosiness? If over a sofa the copy of a “ picture Pompeii hangs the last day“, such plot is required to be replaced urgently. Flowers, the forest clearing which is filled in with the sun or a sea landscape - here that will be required to you.

And it is possible to go on another, fast, ways too. Remove the bothered carpet which is hung up still by your parents old from a wall. Cover a sofa with a cover in a large cage, throw it small bright pillows. However, it is so best of all?

Excellent idea of updating of an interior of the apartment - completely to change house textiles . Covers of a sofa and chairs, pillows, curtains and tulle - everything to take new. In this summer season in fashion light fabrics of various iridescent shades with a flower ornament. Lime, orange, violet, aquamarine … Choose color which to you is nice.

The interior of the apartment can be updated, having even picked up old curtains wide bright tapes. Attach to them or just hang up on a wall of a figure of dragonflies, butterflies and birdies who are on sale in flower shops. Establish a small little table near a window and put on it houseplants. Wrap up flowerpots the same tapes with which you decorated curtains.

Chandeliers in an apartment interior play an important role too. Replace an old chandelier. Now very wide choice of various lamps, it is possible to pick up for every taste and cheap. It is not obligatory at all that the chandelier hung in the center of a ceiling. Perhaps, it is better to move it and to suspend over a table?

To gather on kitchen which is filled in with the sun, all family on Sunday for breakfast - there is nothing more pleasantly for the hostess. To decorate an interior of kitchen, change a cloth. Let it will be as in summer cheerful. It is possible also without cloth, it is simple to spread out bright napkins on a table-top. Put a small bouquet of wild flowers in the middle of a table. Do not forget to put motley pillows on chairs and stools. Well and the table has to be served by all means by bright ware.

As you can see, there is a little imagination - and everyone can update with ease an apartment interior without excess expenses. Experiment more safely, and let your house will be cozy and attractive!