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To whom to trust in Venice? Day of first

I planned to Visit Venice years fifteen. Since that moment as in the childhood read Fenimore Cooper`s novel “Bravo“. Action of the novel happened as it is easy to guess, in the territory of the Queen of Adriatic Sea of an era of doges (“the glorified slaves“ as Petrarch called governors of the city). The hero of the novel - the hitman (is “gallant“ in Italian).

Usually I travel independently. I prepare from And to I. However, I travel generally around Russia, and I go abroad time in five years. I do not know what such cycle is connected with. From the near abroad - it is Sngoviya, and from distant - England, Finland, Morocco and - this spring - Venice.

No, not Italy, namely Venice. 4 days on one city and a couple of islands. Whether it is enough? If to travel in the mode rising - a decline - that yes. Maintenance and excursion did not take, but received them on the place and it is free. However, about everything one after another.

The choice of travel agency was simple. On affairs information more than a year worked with them. I to them a discount - they to me a discount. I will note that for the first time understood how the first impression of the company for the new client strongly influences. Having found them according to the announcement and having visited office, for anything did not entrust money and rest to them - do not make due impression. Managers vanish somewhere, are ill, booking systems hang, the Internet falls off. Know that lose from it clients! A bad connection - make “doubler“. Start to yell on the wireless modem. Yes, 3G and 4G work from wons of hands badly, but though some saving circle.

Nevertheless everything is made in time, for the acceptable money and completely according to the client`s wish. Only remark already post factum: know about Venice what I know now, would take hotel on the suburb of the city (cheaper) or even on the mainland - Mestre (saavsy it is cheap!) . And so for cozy hotel with neighbors - French it was necessary to give 100 euros in a night. I paid a breakfast, but even if would not pay - all the same would include in cost. And accounts at restaurants and cafe? Submit you the account where tip for the waiter - 3-5% of the order is already included. But it is official tip! From you wait also for informal. Mafia. Cosa nostra.

Day of an arrival

Marco Polo`s Airport is located

on the continent in nine km from the city (if on water). It is possible to reach Venice from the continent and by bus (it is ten times cheaper), but pardon - to refuse a water trip to the water city? What to hell economy?

It is easy to decide on a carrier - it is one. The Allilaguna company is engaged in regular flights from the airport to Venice and back. Still there is a water taxi, but it is really expensive - from 70 euros and above.

At the airport there are indexes - a sign with the boat. You go on a sign and you will get to the small mooring. In cash desk it is necessary to buy the ticket (cost 13 euros in one party this spring). Routes there four, but if all roads conduct to Rome, then all ships float to Venice. Council on the future: Italians will not help - they are the same tourists here, as well as you. Ask the road ticket collectors and seamen.

The ferry puts out to the Adriatic Sea. In the spring it dark, green is also not similar to the sea from tourist booklets about Morocco, Turkey, Egypt or Thailand at all. What me incurred here? But I look around, I get a camera and gradually I plunge into other, fancy reality of Venice. By the ferry boats scurry about - “the water taxi“ finds passengers, despite cost. On such boat Angelina Jolie`s heroine in the movie “Tourist“ came to Venice. Waterway columns, small islands, birds, seaweed, a set of the ships of all types and the sizes - everything rushes before eyes.

To Venice the ferry will pass by several islands, including the largest - Murano. Exactly from here the well-known Murano glass which at all times who only did not forge went. It is possible to identify the island on a beacon. The stop and is called Murano Faro.

On many islands desolation reigns, the garbage lies. Silhouettes of half-ruined structures, including some churches, chapels are seen. Venice dies - its population consists of pensioners and tourists. The sad joke contains the increasing element of truth. But any more you will not find the operating churchlet standing on an earth bit in the middle of a boundless water smooth surface anywhere. The ladder goes down directly to water. Alas, so was fond of a landscape that did not manage to photograph.

There now, came - San Marco stop (so was at in my case). With a tourist bag especially you will not take a walk therefore at first in hotel. Where there will be yours, do not know, and mine appeared in one hundred meters from the place of unloading and near a main square of the city - San Marco. It exactly here is the palace of doges, a basil San - Marko and a concert hall of Vivaldi. Every evening was going to go to listen to live music, but did not gather. I do not exclude that from greed - the entrance ticket of 25 euros. Let`s return to hotel. But only to be registered, drop the ballast in number and to run to look, look, look...

So to whom to trust in Venice? Definitely not to the author of your guide. Well they, guides, amicably advise? A dignity - Marko, the Grandee the Channel, the Grandee the Channel, San - Marko. Run from these tourist tracks! Where to run? Zhardini`s station (banal “Gardens“).

Smart park with sculptures in a bedroom community. There is a chapel with the inscriptions “Russia“ and “1914“ pleasant to looks. Where ours did not vanish? Ours vanished everywhere!

Here, in “gardens“, Biyenale is carried out, but it needs to be guessed with date, and not month, and even year. Russia participates in Biyenala since 1914, and the building on a photo - the exhibition hall. The architect Shchusev constructed it, and reconstruction of the pavilion has to come to the end next year. Itself the Biennial takes place by odd years from June to October. So in 2013 it is necessary to visit! Within the program there is also the international film festival. It lasts two weeks, and movies twist day and night.

Walk on park, you will come to Vialle Vittorio Veneto and you will get to the most natural dormitory area on east suburb of Venice. Here have a rest after day of work, walk with children, with dogs, just walk. Dogs in the city a set. And what is written at you in the guide? I have following information: “There are a lot of cats“. Cats two pieces are revealed. The first, Basilio`s cat, lived in seaport. Why Basilio? The stop vaporetto near seaport carries the name San Basilio - at once Basilio`s cat on mind and came. The second cat was found in the ragman`s bench. The cat lives in a gondola which is loaded by books and any junk which remained from the Great flood of 1962.

On the embankment I come back to San - Marko. Already darkens, lamps are lit. On streets there are Blacks with bags - fakes (pseudo - Gucci and quasi - Kardena). If in a narrow side street where - nibud on Valaresso`s crossing and San - Moze, on you such here seller will jump out - be not frightened. He only wants to sell a bag, but not to take away yours. There is practically no crime in Venice. But there is a police on boats, ambulance on boats and even collection on boats! It is possible to walk and it is necessary all night long. Also be not afraid of streets - traps. So I called those streets which terminate in descent in water. It is necessary to come back. Existence of channels does city routes twisting and confused.

I strongly recommend all to get before a trip a support for the camera. Even if you remove once a year on an unpretentious soap tray. Easy supports cost not much, but how many the most beautiful shots you receive from night streets of Venice or in dark interiors of ancient cathedrals and buildings! It is practically authorized to photograph everywhere. Sometimes it is necessary to leave a donation. The ban on shooting meets only in the museums, but the operating churches and basilicas concede nothing the tourist - to the focused places. For me and remained a riddle as Venetians choose buildings for the museums. They everything equally ancient and equally interesting!

But day and walk come to an end. In total - three-hour flight, a difference with Moscow and long foot walks have an effect at 2 o`clock.

The unknown word “âŕďîđĺňňî“ means only the small passenger ship, “the water tram“. It is the main (and there is a wish to write only!) a type of transport in Venice.

These ships will become yours guides to one hundred islands of the Queen of Adriatic Sea.