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What is a seine? It is a little - about fishing tackles of

For the majority of those who, having read the name of article, all - decided to learn that for an animal such - “seine“, this word, most likely, from the category unfamiliar. Though, it is sure, many if did not see, then something was heard for certain about this simple fishing tackle.

Yes, a seine is what with themselves is taken on the small river back to return not empty-handed, and … With a catch!

Tackle not difficult in production. And that to it to start - long it is not necessary to study. Prostenko everything, but with taste. The wooden peg to which the edinichka is attached a thick scaffold, of - is slightly less than width of the small river. Already to it, at distance approximately of a half a meter from each other, firmly, that did not crawl on a basis, thinner leads are attached so that the hook of each of them did not reach neighbors on the right - at the left. Also would not confuse thus tackle. And the freight which is carrying out an anchor role is attached to other end of the main scaffold of a seine. Though the last - not dogma. Quite often seines where on the second end of the main thick scaffold to which leads fasten or a cord as it is called sometimes, not freight (anchor), but the second peg fastens meet.

Under water you stick the first, but is more often - the only peg of tackle in soil on the one hand than the river. And freight - has to be at other coast. Too in water. Therefore also “seine“. “Peremetnuli“ tackle river course. A question only in how to make it? How to “peremetnut“?!

Of course, there are also such masters that really “throw“. The peg thrust, departed on the coast that the main scaffold stretched, swung properly and threw freight as to pomegranate at a physical education class. Only on the grenade one task - that departed far - far. At least, on the standard. And all.

And here … It is necessary that freight flew over the small river. Yes not just flew. And would lay down to that place which is necessary. I … That so far flew, leads did not get confused also live baits, already on the hooks strung from them did not fly. Problem … As tell mathematics - with several unknown. Offhand such problems are not solved. Therefore it is better to take freight in one hand and, getting another, - on the opposite coast. And there - where it is necessary, and nothing got confused, and live baits all on the place.

Water in the evening good, warm. Not pair milk, of course, but nothing, got warm in a day. Here only air at the river already podostyt was in time. You will put freight back, you will cross on the coast and you clatter with teeth, so far from some there fifth or seventh time a wet leg you will get to a trouser-leg … And a seine - not one.

But before to put a seine, it is necessary to get a bait, so-called live baits. Fish, she not such silly, - with interest to glance at an empty hook. And furthermore - to swallow it so that then already and not to spit out. Not - et, the empty hook is uninviting to fish community. Different give delicacies and dainties to it. Here - like live baits.

And them too it is necessary to catch. Bucket, by the way. The most ordinary. With the handle. Better - galvanized. It - is easier.

You undress. A bucket in teeth and - to the small river. There, where already previously reconnoitered the town with oozy soil. You come on a belt, you bend, you deepen edge of a bucket in silt and you pull for the handle to the coast, other hand pushing the galvanized capacity in the same direction. And as it will be filled with precious silt to the brim, breakthrough lifted it and threw out all contents closer to a water urez, on specially prepared flat platform. And, without releasing a bucket from one hand, another hasty you break off dense, pasty gray earth weight in search of a much-needed tebezhivnost. That that so suspiciously reminds the earthworms mutating to more solid sizes. Only with dark-the gray, slightly casting metal gloss sides and a back. Light-a yellow paunch. Two eyes is slightly higher than a round oral opening. And the fins which are poorly expressed back and tail.

This also is - the live bait. It is that and it is necessary to get on a seine hook in the evening. That in a night on it the ide, a chub, a burbot or what another water and what passion a choosy predator was flattered.

Here, as at good small restaurant. It is necessary to please glanced on a seine spark. Therefore we release strongly large live bait at once. Still will frighten off our guest the frightening sizes from already sharply ground hook. Small too - back in water. It will not live on a hook till the morning. And a chub, an ide or who another - only to themselves on a table from fishing kitchen demand the freshest. From the fallen asleep live bait of a muzzle it is turned off and where to other place will splash. With them for the company and hope for a morning poklyovka. Too “good-bye“ will tell all …

Though … In due time the school teacher of biology said that the live bait is no other than a river lamprey. And somewhere it is far - far in the rotting West it passes as a refined delicacy. Some gourmets put this lamprey among fish snack on the second place. Right after black pressed caviar. After caviar!

Of course, do not argue on tastes, but as on me, - and gift of such “calves“ it is not necessary. Where as it is better fresh golavlik. Or ide. And this disgrace … Yes you me it is strong - strongly ask. All the same is I will not be!

We it is better than this live bait - on a hook. In hope that in the morning …

Yes, a seine to get from water or as at us, in the south of Russia speak - to be afraid, it is necessary in the morning. In the morning!

The sun only rose, dew … Mow a braid, so far dew. Only at what braid its steel edge will rise by such beauty?

On this which small transparent glass droplets on each blade gleams. And in them, from the remains of night dark blue, - the sky. And a pink strip that at edge where this inaccessible horizon, in all droplets is wider and wider … More widely … not to understand

I. Here, it seems, the legs a grass, as well as have to have it, green. And a little further, where dew - the continuous carpet which is diligently weaved by glass beads... Dark-blue?

And further … Closer to the river. Pink?.

But here … Carefully and slowly, closing a dense wadded blanket pink … From the river white, thick steam - fog, from which - only tops of a coastal osier-bed.

Ti - ikho. Only behind the back, on other end of the village, the first still slightly tries a voice, uncertain in the correctness, the rooster … Agrees

, to rise in such wound - hard. To dispute even any is not present. And you will get up. A pharynx - it atsya … Half awake the organism lacks oxygen, here he also demands. The. Lawful.

Anything. Holodnenky water from a washstand in palms you will gather, on the person you will smear. It seems also woke up...

What then we sit? For whom do we wait? Forward! On the small river. If not big affairs, maybe, the small fish what rather big waits for us?

But that it is possible to understand, only when you will roll up trousers above a knee, you will come into water. On a perceptible branch or a bush to what you will orient where since evening the peg thrust. A leg in that place to the right - to the left you posherudit … Aha. Hooked on the main scaffold. Now it is between fingers of the bent foot and - up. Closer to a surface not to wet inadvertently in good time the rolled-up shirt sleeves. And further - strong a hand intercepted a scaffold and - pulled on itself smoothly, without breakthroughs … Only then you will feel

whether is that on a hook, freight one - odineshenek reluctantly resists you actively, or so, clinging to a grass, creeps on a bottom from that coast. On a meeting with it …