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East fairy tale... About taxes?

What is a tax, you know? What told? Itself understood? Repeat. And, “a tax - the obligatory, individually gratuitous payment raised by public authorities of various levels from the organizations and natural persons for financial security of activity of the state and municipalities“? As learned it only!

Smoke a hookah, I speak to you, a good hookah. Tax-exempt. The offshore can be told, he - he.

And so, the boy, maybe, you will very strongly be surprised, but for functioning of the state as superstructures of the power over society this tax is not necessary at all - the state can be fed from other source easily. You at school would not skip lessons of history, perhaps …

A, went? And what? You know slavery? What is it, know? And, “the slavery is a system of a society organization where the person (slave) is property of other person or the state“? Oh, as …

A still what there you were told? About League of the Nations told?

E, the boy, badly studied, selectively. Listen. There was such organization, League of the Nations, clever people created it in 19-20 years of the last century. Then she in the UN mutated. And so, she formulated the term “slavery“ by which the person is guided to this day. She told: “The slavery is understood as situation or a condition of the person concerning which some or all powers inherent in the property right are carried out“. Attentively listened? Postpone a hookah, flat cake break, drink tea. Good tea, with a thyme.

Understood everything? Ý - ý - e, do not blink, told acquired, I ask? On yourself measure now? What means as? And yes measure.

You think, you are free? And - and - and, the boy, made laugh again!, what adult, years to 40 you already, clever such, and fool fool. There now, for example, right now descend abroad. What means what? Any, all the same. What? The visa - a miza, the passport - shmasport and so on? Here, and you speak “is free“. And who can release or not release you? State, correctly. That is owner.

And the car at you is, the boy? Numbers on it are? And what for? And it is necessary to you? Correctly, so it is more convenient to owner to consider all of you. Ý - ý - e, about traffic regulations to me do not fill in - it is other fairy tale, do not jump. And you have INN? And registration in the passport? That is you were counted, considered and financial plans for you constructed, and you speak again “is free“. Vakh!

At my neighbor, Abu Bey Oglou (the good person, by the way), rams are. It is a lot of rams. It is a lot of rams - Abu Bey rich. It is not enough rams - Abu Bey poor. A ram - in general a skotinka useful: wool can be cut, milk from sheep to milk, useful milk very much, tasty to eat meat. Nyam - nyam. Useful ram. But stupid.

He thinks too that it is free. Thinks that cut it for its advantage - what not hot would be. Thinks that milk his sheep for its advantage too - that milk in an udder did not stand. Thinks, as cut it for its advantage - to let pass to young people, to dilute a ruling mutton clique with new blood. Silly ram. But useful.

And so the boy, rams think too that they are free. Think that to themselves the pasture is chosen. And about respected Abu Bey Oglou think that it as the servant is put to them, well there - to cut, help from a pasture to move to a pasture, to drive away wolves. A problem only that dear Abu Bey so does not think.

Saw parallels? “Allegory“ it is called, the boy. What stood? Tea cools down, drink give. Tea with a thyme by all means we heat it is necessary to drink: for health it is useful. And time healthy you will be, you good - good will have both wool, and milk, and meat...

Hey, the boy, something incurred me not there, do not allow to smoke a hookah to me more, and that the fairy tale will end earlier.

And so, at you too the Abu Bey is, I do not know how dear. And what it from you cuts “taxes“ is called. But do not think that he is what infidel, it an important thing in exchange gives you - “illusion of freedom“ is called. And than it in it is more convincing, you feel like that better: wool at you to a thick, meat is fatter... Again not there incurred the old akyn, clean a hookah, I speak to you, flat cake eat.

You speak, at school studied, huh? well And here tell - to me, the boy, and what is the time the slave in old - old times for himself worked and how many on the owner? Did not understand? Vakh, what silly boy. “Economy“ it is called.

Davny - long ago when owners were still silly - silly, and their rams are even sillier, the owner owned the slave obviously, that is the slave knew that he - a thing. Also worked respectively. About 50% of time spent for work at it left on a pro-forage and keeping of, and the second 50% - already on the owner. “Labour productivity“ - is such clever the word.

All changed when some wise Bai guessed the rams “free“ to make. For fun, of course. Vakh - Vakh - Vakh, the clever person it was, very clever. And here then at it popyorlo: on average on herd wool is better, yields of milk are higher, meat is fatter. And economy: on process administration (write down, the boy, one more clever the word) money began to leave less.

Since then there is a lot of years - passed much, and the system works. The average person in a year only month 2-3 works for himself, and the rest of the time on the owner. What? You taxes pay less? Ý - ý - e, absolutely silly boy, and those to whom you for flat cake, the car, koumiss of money give what, taxes do not pay? Take itself cunning the machine, “calculator“ is called, and count.

Or the old akyn listen: I speak to you, directly you 2-3 months in a year work for yourself, and other money earned by you under different pretexts is withdrawn from you. The slave you though also you do not consider yourself by it. Or ram.

I? And I am not present. More precisely, to a lesser extent. I neither INNA, nor the passport, nor property - have nothing. Does not see me the state, and time does not see, for it me as if and is not present. Free I. Almost. Why almost? Vakh, all - the silly boy: so the owner from me slightly - slightly has. How? Think. It is useful to think in general, do it more often.

Thought? And what? And, how to it then to be, you ask? To whom to it? To the state? The boy, the boy, you strange, chesslovo, clever the calculator machine do not want to use. Consider what the state exclusively sells and on what money? It is a lot of - it turns out much, buy not one horde of rams it is possible. And still it can print money.

What? No, it does not print, it borrows them and loses enormous profit on a senyorazh. What is “ñåíüîðàæ“? Vakh, the boy, absolutely silly, write, however, one more clever the word: “senyorazh - the income from production of money consisting of a difference of face value and cost of production“.

And who prints? Ý - ý - e, it is other fairy tale, give tomorrow come, flat cake, tea with yourself bring. The old akyn and this history will tell, well, you.