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And you want to try?

I was lucky to appear Once in the right place in due time and, the most important, - in the necessary mood. Thus in my life one more most fascinating occupation appeared. Now you learn about what I.

Once, since morning a bit earlier, we with friends came out to the dacha which is in the Vladimir region. It was day off, the end of May, - the sun, birds in the sky turn, warmly …

On the road needed to come around on gas station - here and it, here and the city of Kirzhach so almost already arrived.

Yes not here - that was. One my friend unexpectedly remembers that he is in Kirzhach so-called tracks - the zone is a place where athletes and fans have an opportunity to jump with a parachute.

All for a moment reflected, began to exchange glances. And, I without wasting time, I begin to gesticulate and show actively to all the look that about giving can already and be forgotten, we are not going to fry today shish kebabs at all, we want LE - THEY are T! The most interesting - the others quite support me! The plan for day is finally forgotten, and we turn on tracks - a zone.

“So - so, and here - that everything is serious …“, - we reflect, watching how the trained athletes gather on the first in this output jump, and at the same time we undergo registration procedure.

There is a lot of persons interested to jump for the first time. Around - girls, young men, people at respectable age and the whole families. It is interesting to watch not only those who just made the first jump, but also behind reaction of relatives and friends of parachutists. Emotions overflow one and all!

While I stand in a queue on medical examination before instructing, with the questionnaire in hands, I notice the interesting phrase: “… within extreme 24 hours“. Hm, why extreme? “Children, who extreme?“ - at this moment the young man who approached turn asks. And, means parachutists people superstitious too and go not to “last“, and to a “extreme“ jump. Everything becomes clear.

One by one with whistle athletes with “foresters“ land - it is more high-speed parachutes in the form of a wing, than those which we will have, beginners. They dexterously get up on the earth, collect a parachute and, of course, go to be photographed. And we are called on instructing.

Within three hours we should learn about a parachute structure, (and in particular, a landing parachute D - 6 with which pervoraznik), rules of management, safety measures jump and

non-staff situations which can occur during a jump. It is a lot of information, the head should work quicker and quicker … with

“521,522,523,524,525 … a dome!“ - we consider as chorus for the instructor and we make the imagined jump. “Legs together, legs together!“ - the instructor when we already “land“ reminds. By the end of occupation we already know for what the free ends are necessary, slings, the stabilizing parachute …

the Following stage - we follow equipment and we receive a sixteen-kilogram parachute (together with spare), we send also the last (forgive, “extreme“) to the instruction from the teacher.

Already the first ten people stand in a row, having been built on weight (that heavier jumped the first, and respectively, landed quicker). The instructor checks whether parachutes are correctly put on, jokes, but at the same time periodically reminds rules of a jump. Slowly we get into the plane, we fly up … It is necessary to roam a little because wind is stronger than 5 m/s and it is impossible to jump so far.

“It is not terrible yet, it seems.,“ - I reflect.

- The first went!

“And now it is not really terrible …“

- the Second! - the letting-out instructor shouts and a little bit pushes everyone before a jump.

I quickly approach edge, second I observe emptiness under myself and I jump!

“Dome!“ - I for myself note as learned. Naturally, forgot to lecture 5 seconds before it has to reveal. All right, I will surely improve next time.

Silence around, I as though hanged in air and I do not fall. It is unclear, how many passed already time … I level a parachute precisely to land in the place of disembarkation.

Now the earth comes nearer already quicker and quicker … legs together!... I already lie on the earth, to be exact drags me behind a parachute which I cannot “extinguish“ yet.

Hurrah!!! Jumped!!! I enjoy these unforgettable feeling... I flew, I cannot believe! Really!

“All - everything, is time to stack a parachute“, - I remember.

Happy - very satisfied, I come back to friends and needless to say, right there I declare - …

A you, probably, already and guessed …