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Why from love to hatred one step? Socionics without long tests

to understand the partner, the relatives, it is necessary to learn himself first of all. But who knows the social type? Who in general heard about socionics?

The Sotsionichesky type is only a way of the person to perceive, process and issue information. Types only 16. To define the type and to understand what relations connect you with your relatives, are enough to answer four questions. Irratsional or ratsionat


Irratsional differs from a ratsional in the fact that everything can do much at the same time, beginning one, postponing, beginning another, coming back to it. And the ratsional needs to work accurately and consistently. If you do not love surprises and prefer to act according to the plan, then you - ratsionat.

If you the person of rational type , then always wait for those who are not capable to arrive on time; waking up in the morning, you know how there will pass day, you make the schedule to which strictly you follow, and you come to confusion if something goes not according to the plan; you are able to classify everything and you cannot calm down before it is made; you like to finish even that business which can be postponed.

If you treat irrational type , then like to go unbeaten tracks - even if it is only a new way from work to the house; you do not count work volume in advance, and you act in compliance with circumstances; to finish work in time, unexpected explosion of activity is necessary for you; you do not like to connect yourself, preferring a freedom of choice.

Logician or Etik?

Head or heart, thoughts or feelings? You consider that it is more important to be right, than pleasant? You accept things such what they are, without estimating through a prism “it is good or bad“? If yes, that you are, most likely, the logician .

Sensorik or Intuitionalist?

Realist or dreamer? You feel here and now or are capable to glance in the future? You prefer to trust experience or the theory? What answer to the question “What Is the Time?“ seems to you preferable: “Three fifty two“ or “Nearly four“? If the first, then you are, most likely, sensorik .

Introvert or extrovert?

For the extrovert the outside world - a mirror on which it corrects an inner world, for the introvert - on the contrary. The extrovert spends energy, and the introvert preserves. At the same time the introvert can seem to more sociable. I am, for example, an extrovert - Stierlitz (Administrator), in conversation I prefer to listen, but not to speak (I collect information), and my Dual - Dostoyevsky (Humanist) - the introvert, and a mouth at it is practically not closed.

It is always more difficult to tipirovat introverts. They are very attentive to details and details therefore they find in themselves many lines from different types. As at Jerome K. Jerome heroes when reading the medical encyclopedia found at themselves symptoms of all diseases, excluding unless a maternity fever.

Therefore introverts often say that at them all gradually, and they cannot carry themselves to this or that type. As in a joke: that to me to become torn, perhaps, executing the command “clever on the left, beautiful to the right?“ . If you have difficulties with a tipirovaniye, then you, most likely, the introvert.

So, answer yourself these four questions. Be not fooled with long tests. Just listen to yourself and to the preferences.

A social type of your Duala -

- it is easy for i to define psychologically compatible partner, knowing the type. If you are rational, then look for a ratsional too. If are irrational, then yours duat in it just the same, as well as you. Other signs have to be opposite to yours. That is if you are a logician, yours duat - etik if you - sensorik, he is an intuitionalist, if you the extrovert, he is an introvert. Thus, ideal partners supplement each other on weak functions.

Be attentive! Be not mistaken! If all signs are opposite to yours, then your partner will be your konflikter. That is from love to hatred one step. In total - to change a navsy ratsional for an irratsional, and instead of favourite Duala before you there will be a hated konflikter.

Therefore the most important - is correct to define itself and the partner as ratsionat or irratsionat.

Rational is corresponding to reason, generated by reason, and irrational - corresponding to direct perception. Ratsionalov sometimes call decisive, and irratsional - perceiving. It is possible to tell that ratsionala live, proceeding from the made decisions, and an irratsionala, how there is a situation which they, actually, also perceive. To live and make decisions on a situation it is characteristic of irratsional. Ratsionala, on the contrary, seek to influence the developing circumstances to transform them according to the made decision, i.e. to arrive as solved, despite a situation.

Also be not mistaken, please, about the fact that the social type of the person can exchange over time. If you suddenly understood that you cast in the lot with a konflikter, it means only one - you were mistaken in definition of the or its social type and will not be able to reach mutual understanding, despite mutual efforts. You speak different languages and perceive everything absolutely variously. That is not he is your partner - suddenly changed to the worst, and not you. Just the veil of love fell from your eyes, and you saw everything such as it is. And the true love arises only at psychological compatibility.

Be happy! Love and be loved!