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In what plus our desires?

U of each of us are desires. At someone it is such ordinary desires as: to go to bed earlier, to buy the book, to call the best friend or the girlfriend, to come earlier home, to prepare something special etc. At someone more serious desires: to buy giving, the washing machine, the computer, a table, etc. And, at times, each of us thinks of that:“ and that from the fact that I want? So not for long and crazy to go“. But all this delusions.

When the person wants something, it is for him the purpose to which he aspires and tries to make every day everything that quicker to reach it. Each of us noticed for himself more than once that when say to us that we will be allowed to go home earlier from work as soon as we finish it, we try to finish earlier and earlier, so, we have an incentive and this incentive - to go home rather. And often we perform that work which a weeks more two would not touch.

When we want something and we see that we will soon reach it, we turn up to hundred options of how to achieve the objectives even quicker in the head. And when we consider so many options, than it is not training for a brain and than it is not plus?

It is proved by long-term experience: the person who wants something - acts and leads more active lifestyle. Besides, agree that when we achieve the objectives and we receive what was so wanted - we are madly glad and happy.

Experiments and observations were made. The person who achieves the objectives more often or implementation of desire lives more happily and the mood is better than it, than at the others, he looks at the world more positively. Nobody demands from the person to set the unattainable purposes. It is enough to put at least some small and not especially significant purpose, such how, for example, to afford though for a couple of minutes to distract from all thoughts and not to go today at once home, and to come into shop and to buy ice cream... And after that you will see that your mood considerably will improve.

It is said that people who have no desires and people who want nothing - live aimlessly since they limit themselves even in small pleasure, so, themselves hurt. If to think of it, then it is possible to come to a conclusion that so it also is, more than once we met such people who said to us that they even envy us a little that we are able to afford to drink a coffee cup in cafe after work. So why just to take and to set for itself the small object - to drink a coffee cup after work and to derive not only pleasure, but also to lighten itself mood.

If so to think, then all our life consists of trifles and many trifles far not really pleasant and if to be exact, then everyone will agree - pleasant trifles much less, than unpleasant, so why itself to limit even in something small, but pleasant and lightening mood.

Practice shows that the person who wants something and dreams of something has more sweet dreams and even sometimes finds options of achievement of the purpose of which to Java he also did not think in a dream of people.

Even sometimes in minuses there are pluses. For example: you had to buy today the washing machine of a certain firm and when came for it in shop to you told that there are no washing machines of this firm any more, and remained another. Naturally you were upset, but bought it, and next day learned that washing machines of that brand which you wanted appeared with marriage. And I am sure that your mood will precisely improve. Apparently one more small plus.

And what bad that the person wanted something very long time and, at last, received it? This person is just madly happy and will be still happy very long time.

The person at whom is though some purpose desire and which faces failures, is not idle, at him is incentive and the purpose, so there will be also a good result which not only will facilitate life, in connection with acquisition something or achievement of a goal, but also will be brought by a large amount of positive emotions and good mood.