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What autooil is better? You will not oil

, you will not go

among shops on the street Recently … …. there was a new shop “… …“. Having opened without special pomp, balloons and champagne, it right there plunged into labor everyday life. Still! Car owners waited for this event long ago. Now they should not go in … … or to travel about on all car markets in search of the necessary oils, antifreezes, brake fluids and other knowledge for the iron horses. Now all this is possible and many other things to buy here, and at the prices, below market.

Pass - excursion on the possession for the correspondent “….“ the director of shop Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov carried out.

- I worked many years in “… …“, almost all life driving therefore perfectly I know that it is necessary for the car owner. Put a rate on engine oils not incidentally. They for the car that blood for the person, feed all its iron organism. Therefore the choice at us rich. All production is certified, licensed and insured as we work directly with distributors.

Indeed, eyes run up. Here and unique brands of oils of the Russian producers “Lukoil“, “Yarneft“, “Gazporm“, “multinational corporations“, and advertized “MOBIL“, “CASTROL“, “ZIC“, and branded “TOYOTAS“, “NISSAN“, “MAZDA“, and oil No. 1 in Japan “VISCOENEOS“, - in total also you will not list. Oils from France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Korea. For all types and brands of cars.

Special, honourable, the place is taken by the engine oils “GT OIL“ of the Korean production. In - the first, because shop “… …. “ is the official representative of this brand in the city, and in - the second because according to expert data of the famous experts of automotive industry these oils are a fine modern product. They surpass oils of low price range though more than are available at the price, and a little in what concede to so-called “top“ brands. Here what is told about “GT OIL“ by mechanics of car service: “Disassembled the engine, and it pure inside! Well washes! And an oil film on details tenacious, a rag you wipe, all the same keeps, only by gasoline and it is cleaned off. For waste it is practically not spent even if the cursor is fairly shabby“. Secret of the success “GT OIL“ in the latest components, modern technologies and care of the producer of quality of a commodity product. As they say, when in oil what is necessary is necessary, it also works as it is necessary. Also you will find

in shop spare parts, filters, hydraulics, RTI, joint stock bank, tires, accumulators, lubricants cooling brake fluids and even a product of nanotechnologies of “Forsan“. To the word about the last. Many heard about it, but very few people tried it. And meanwhile “Forsan“ works real miracles. This product of new generation for a long time protects the engine from wear, treats old details, cuts fuel consumption to 15%, improves ecological characteristics, facilitates start of the engine in a frost. It is all about the thinnest nanokeromichesky layer which envelops the rubbing metal details of the engine, fills all smallest cracks and does not allow mechanisms to wear out. “Forsan“ this supermodern achievement of war industry which reached the ordinary consumer. His developer - the leading supplier of decisions in the field of a resource - energy saving of JSC NANOPROM. “Forsan“ - the product is not cheap, but in shop “… …“ it can be bought at the prices of the producer.

I at last, shop “… …“ works both on cash, and according to the clearing settlement with individuals and the enterprises.