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how to prepare a car by spring?

we Prepare a car for spring

Spring - time it is changed. And, in everything. Here and motorists now strenuously prepare for the veseena - a summer season. We decided to help them with it and to glance in autoshop “… …“. Because here not only it is possible to find all necessary for “an iron horse“, but also to get sensible advice.

Porridge oil you will not spoil

Skilled car owners know that oil in the engine needs to be changed according to a season. If you go on all-weather, then all the same fill in new. The matter is that in the winter at cold start-up the engine wears out especially intensively. One such start-up is equated, statistically, to 500, and even to 1000 km (depending on a frost) additional run. Wear products in large numbers get to oil and the engine, collect in an oil filter. About need of change of the filter, fuel and air, and it is not necessary to speak because it is self-evident operation when replacing oil. You will find the Japanese and Korean oil, fuel and air filters, high-quality and available at the price, in shop “… ….“.

By the way, experts claim that it is better to change oil not on run, and on time: at least two times a year. Differences of temperatures (from - 20 in the morning to +95 in an operating mode) bring to wear of elastic elements of the engine. Plastic and rubber ― lose the properties: rubber dries and bursts, plastic bursts. All this leads to elasticity loss, and as a result, a leakage. Therefore in time the filled-in oils will help to avoid expensive repair of the engine.

In shop “… …. “ you can buy unique brands of oils of the Russian producers “Lukoil“, “Yarneft“, “Gazporm“, “multinational corporations“ advertized import - “MOBIL“, “CASTROL“, “ZIC“, company - “TOYOTA“, “NISSAN“, “MAZDA“ and oil No. 1 in Japan “ENEOS“. And, semi-synthetic oil “Lukoil - Super“ 10-W - 40 is on sale also on pouring, on 85 rubles for liter. Oils from America, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Korea, synthetic and semi-synthetic, motor and transmission. For all types and brands of cars, and also motor-equipment, multicultivators, lawn-mowers and boats.

Special, honourable, the place is taken by the engine oils “GT OIL“ of the Korean production: shop “… …“ - official representative of this brand in the city. They are a fine modern product which surpasses in quality of oil of low price range though itself more than it is available at the price, and a little in what concedes to so-called “top“ brands.

will help to Protect the engine of the car and transmission from wear also products of nanoceramics of “Forsan“. Thanks to them on surfaces of mechanisms the ceramic-metal layer which, filling all cracks, levels surfaces of details is created and reduces friction. Therefore now it is a high time to use this miracle of modern technologies. Especially as in shop “… ….“ it can be bought at the prices of the producer.

Is time to be recharged by

a Certain attention is required in the spring also by the accumulator. In the winter it worked in difficult service conditions: heavy start-up, big loading from headlights and an oven. Therefore that the battery worked long and reliably, it is necessary to check its charge. Be not too lazy, check electrolyte density if it is necessary, add the distilled water, recharge. By the way, the temperature on the street is higher, the more often I advise to check the electrolyte level as water will evaporate more intensively. You do not bring to emergence of dry plates and to an excessive discharge of the battery. In the summer launch of the motor requires not enough current, and motorists forget about need of a tension of a belt of the generator and in general about the accumulator. Many batteries are so due to negligence ruined. The new accumulator is necessary? Welcome to shop “… ….“. Available and under the order

Also you will find

spare parts in shop, including on VAZ, motor transportation, municipal and agricultural machinery, hydraulics, RTI, joint stock bank, tires, candles, collars, bulbs on all types of equipment, all necessary for checkup passing, tools and accessories. Was not necessary available, to you will bring under the order. And the prices will please you.

Having opened not so long ago, the shop “… …“ already got regular customers, not only individuals. Among them there is LLC … … …, LLC … …., LLC … …., GU WITH KK SRTSN “… ….“. Here work with the enterprises and the organizations for the contract and according to the clearing settlement.