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In life everything is not so bad,

As can seem,

Everything that you gave will return,

With change of winds …


Life did not teach me to submit implicitly to system, to be a diligent student, the law-abiding citizen, the good son, generally, it as all. Since the childhood it does not manage to me to look at the world through pink glasses, to treat people badly, to hate or humiliate them. I did not seize skill, popular and useful during all eras, to build the relations with people of reasons of benefit and a profit.

It is impossible to me to master the university training program in any way. And it is not complexity of material. And, I hope, not in my dullness. Just modern education turns the person into the standard battery feeding system.

accustom Us to strict discipline, preparing at the level of subconsciousness that all rest of days it is necessary to go to work with 9 to 17, to have a rest on days off, to watch TV series, to save for holiday. Impose opinion that each decent person has to gain the diploma, get a job, get in creditno - to fulfill mortgage servitude and all life borrowed. I for some reason do not accept this scheme of existence and intuitively I reject.

But, despite sighs and moaning of inhabitants on “what now terrible time, remained nothing sacred!“, life nevertheless taught me to several simple things.

“To love people and always to meet requirements of those who ask about the help“.

“Without regret to spend money, especially if it I can help the relatives and friends“.

“Law of a boomerang: to the person equally comes back and kindly, and which he radiated the evil to the world“.

“All problems are tests, some kind of examinations. Life presented a habit to often raise eyes to the sky and to thank the world for everything that I have“.

“The dearest people are parents and them it is necessary sincerely and is grateful to love. My friend Tolya whom I consider the brother, told me once: “There is only a love of mother to the child. All the rest - human relations, and in any way differently. Remember“ . I remembered.

“Some moments in my biography forced to respect the criminal code or, at least, accurately to address with it“.

Life - the strict teacher. On the mistakes I realized that it is never impossible to leave friends in trouble, to betray for the sake of own benefit, to hurt defenseless, to think much of money. I know that the world surrounding me - result of my thoughts. Also I try to watch what I think of.