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What is dream? And how to realize it?

== Shit life. ==
I will tell you. When you were thrown by the girlfriend, at heart it becomes bad, try to forget it, but it is impossible. Her sms still in your phone, and every time when you pass by its windows you remember it. There is a chance to remain with it just good friends. Also you can you will meet the girl who will be a hundred times better former, but in your memory there will be that darling and the nice girl with whom it was so good. You continue to look for further that one and only.

To find it is simple, difficult to hold. You ask what to hold? Likely love. Each girl on own is mysterious. When you do not know what will be, and each its whim will enrage you. And here, it seems, you with it have a good time, look after her, buy flowers, enter it into clubs and parks, write every time to it good morning and good night, fill up with compliments, tender words, and in response to all this she says that she loves you. You love it most on light.

When it is absent nearby, you miss it. Days, weeks, years all go and you are with it! What can be better than it, it that for the sake of which is ready for everything! And when you will tell a thread to it that you want marries it. She will answer yes yours offers. You marry, children will be born, then it is necessary to bring up them. You will find work, you will buy the house, the car and td.

And nevertheless you will be happy?

Understanding that such happiness at all people a miscellaneous. At least once ask yourself a question under what circumstances there will be no happiness and whether you will be sincerely happy? And in general why you live, exist? Happiness is not so far! It everywhere, your parents, grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers, sisters - all this parts of happiness. And the wife and children are only replacement to your family who died or died, or will die in the future, all of us will once die. You are rather happy if you found the place in this world. Without it: how many you will have no wives, children, cars, money and other - you will never be sincerely happy!

What is dream? And how to realize it? does not have

a limit to happiness, love, pleasure. In some sense dream - it is always unattainable. We are happy, but it is important to support this state. What will you do that the love and mutual understanding reigned in your family further? How you will support the dream? The dream is a process. It is not a stop.

All say that not all dreams come true. But actually any dreams, any can come true. If it is really necessary for the person, his dream comes true. But at the same time it is not necessary to hope only for the highest forces. The person himself can dispose of the destiny, the person himself in the answer for the dreams and for their execution in life.

Only the person who accurately knows what he wants, and knows that his dream is his dream, but not dream which to it was cast by others, only that person can achieve the. There are dreams which other people give us, but these dreams will never come true because it is dreams of other people. The dream only that which is ours comes true. That dream which there lives a person lives, can be since the childhood, there can be some certain interval of time, but it is dream personally it, and there is nobody - that another who gave this dream. But as a result foreign dream cannot be a symbol, a positive symbol, it can be only illusion. Your dream is that your soul wants that your heart wants.

Each step, each our thought, each our movement, each our act is a way to dream. Do not give up. Follow the dream

So what you dream now of? You want to have the house? Apartment? Family? To have children? To travel much? To buy the car or to live separately from parents? To enter to the prestigious UNIVERSITY? At each of us the list of what he wants. And here present: you have this car. You live in the house of the dream. You have a family, children, you travel … What you at the same time feel? Pleasure, enthusiasm, happiness, love? So of what you dream? About the car? Or your dream - to have these feelings? Or whom you wanted to become in the childhood? What attracted you in this profession? Also you became that whom wanted? Everyone has the treasured desire! To realize these desires it seems so easily on the one hand, and on the other hand, when that you will have in itself all these over time.

Can do it will be the godsend?

(C) Misha

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“Not important how many days in your life, are important how many lives in your days“. “It is not possible to

to improve the relations with the person to whom they are not necessary.“